Wonderland Protector

wonderland protector slot
Wonderland Protector – base game

Wonderland Protector: Overview

Swedish provider NetEnt continues their penetration of the Asian market with a remake of their chicken-filled guardian game Wild Worlds. Wild Worlds saw three fowlish friends saving the world from alien invaders in battles that took place during free spins.

The fantasy-themed clone, Wonderland Protector, keeps everything but the outer wrapping. This time, its three female wizards, in a cartoon fantasy land, saving the world from vicious beasts as players attempt to pile up treasures in the process.

Load up the game and the layout remains similar, aside from a few visual shifts. The grid remains on one side of the screen, while the three cartoon witches mince around a cauldron in the middle of a pentagram. The overall look instantly brought to mind Nintendo‘s iconic The Legend of Zelda; it’s got that sort of vibe to it. Zelda is massive in Asia, so it makes sense to use visuals that gamers can relate to.

Casting regents into the cauldron starts by selecting bets. There is a huge range of options, from 20 p/c on the low side, up to a heroic £/€400 on the high side. Heroics may be needed in this slot which involves battling beasts. Before getting to the tussles though, let’s have a look at the mechanics powering the game.

On each new spin, 25 symbols tumble into the 5×5 grid, where clusters of 3 to 5 matching symbols in a line (vertically or horizontally) create a winner. Thanks to the Avalanche mechanic, the winning line pops off the grid allowing symbols to tumble into the gaps. Multiple wins can appear on a single spin since Avalanches continue to pop and tumble until no new winners appear. When that happens all wins in the sequence are tallied up.

The symbols used in the game are a collection of gems of various shapes and colours. The three heroes have gems associated with their general colours – red, blue, or green which will make sense when we deal to the features. Symbols may be plain or adorned in simple patterns such as skulls, flowers, or snowflakes. As to value, five symbol lines return up to 100 times the stake for a line of the purple star gems. The wild is worth the same (100x) and can substitute for any regular symbol to help form lines.

Being a bona fide clone, the math model driving Wonderland Protector is the same one players got in Wild Worlds. That means an above-average RTP of 96.47%, alongside a medium volatile math model. Both work to produce a modest potential, though Wonderland Protector isn’t a game you play for massive wins. It’s all about the video game stylings and battles around here.

Wonderland Protector: Features

wonderland protector slot
Wonderland Protector – feature triggered

If you’ve already saved the world using chickens in Wild World, you’ll be up to speed with what happens in Wonderland Protector. If not, here are the extras to look forward to, starting with modifiers.

Every time you land a winning combination of 3 mid-pay hero symbols, all other common symbols on the board turn wild for the spin sequence currently in play. This is called the Hero Wilds feature, available during both base game and free spins.

The second modifier is the Random Destroy feature which may trigger at random after any non-winning base game spin. This feature selects one of the witches and keeps her associated symbols on the grid while destroying everything else expect wilds or scatters. This allows a bunch of new symbols to avalanche into the empty positions, offering additional chances to win.

Modifiers can be fun, but pale in significance when compared to the free spins round. Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers 8 free spins, which can be lengthy should the three witches prove good at fighting. They’ll need every ounce of magic to overcome nine captains and three bosses, spread out over three different worlds. One of the worlds is selected from Dark Forest, Fire Lands, or Ice Worlds, where the action can begin.

Each time low or mid-value hero symbols make a winner, the respective hero’s meter fills, letting them attack whichever baddy they are facing. Heroes can make attacks or super attacks, depending on their power meter, which causes 1-4 damage points. It won’t be easy though since captains have 15 health points, and bosses 105.

Just like a regular video game, defeating captains leads to bosses. Defeating bosses means taking on the next world while triggering 8 more free spins. Each world offers extra wilds each time a Captain is eliminated, arranged in certain patterns.

The Dark Forest offers Spreading Wilds where wilds appear in random positions. The Fire Lands arrange 2 to 4 single wilds are arranged in random positions, while The Ice World stacks double wilds in random positions. All the while players are battling their way through the three worlds, wins accumulate.

Wonderland Protector: Verdict

Like NetEnt’s other recent carbon copy, Trollpot 5000, Wonderland Protector is a clone of a slot which wasn’t super well received. Still, you can kind of see why they choose this one in their effort to steamroll the Asian market.

Wonderland Protector just looks like a video game made for a Nintendo console. Seen as a video game, Wonderland’s theme gels with the gameplay seamlessly – particularly the battle scenes. On the whole, the visuals and theme make more sense than Wilds World did.

So, will Wonderland Protector catch fire in the East? Who knows, it seems like NetEnt is throwing everything at them to see what sticks. Everything, except brand new slots that is. For some medium volatility gaming with modest potential at 2,500 times the stake, it might suit players who like a bit of video game stylings in their gambling. In that case, Street Fighter II, also from NetEnt, might be a better option.



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In Wonderland Protector, an older NetEnt release receives a reskin treatment for the Asian market, turning it into a Zelda lookalike where witches fight baddies for modest rewards.

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