Wild O’Clock

Wild O’Clock: Overview

Creative types go through patches where the proverbial writer’s block sinks in. They sit down at their keyboard, or notepads, or whiteboards, or whatever it is to get the creative juices flowing, then… nothing. Other times, ideas are popping up left right and centre, as a geyser of creativity pours forth in an unstoppable tidal wave of expression. This seems to be the case with Red Tiger at the moment, releasing a floodgate of slots that is tough to keep up with at times.

Coincidentally, time is the very essence of this review. While some claim time is merely an illusion, Wild O’Clock is built around the handy device used for measuring the stuff – the humble clock. It’s ticking mechanism not only provides the theme but drives the tempo of the game. Some physicists argue time could just as easily have moved backwards as forward, yet since we are stuck with the latter, let’s move on and delve into the abstract world of Wild O’Clock.

The action takes place on a 6-reel, 4-row slot with 30 paylines to land winners on. If you’ve played these sorts of Red Tiger games before it will feel familiar immediately. There is plenty of gold trim, and the spacious grid is full of nice-looking symbols. The location of the game appears to be the inside of a clock or a clock maker’s studio perhaps? It’s not super obvious, but it’s mysterious wherever it is. Adding to the scene is a music box soundtrack adding an extra layer of mystery.

Players take part by selecting stakes from 10 p/c to £/€40 per spin, on any device. As noted in the Lord of the Wilds review, RTP appears to be on a downward creep in these Red Tiger fillers. In Wild O’Clock, players get a default rate of 95.69%, coupled with medium/high volatility. As is often the case, this can lead to extended bouts of base game naval-gazing before the slot deems you worthy of entry to the bonus. Like an exclusive club event, you haven’t got an invite to.

Before reaching the inner sanctum, here are a few base game rules. Number one, winning combinations are formed of three to six matching symbols on a payline, starting at the first reel. The symbols involved in the game are neatly designed for the most part. They start with jewel-like clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts where six of a kind is worth 0.6x to 1.2x the stake. Next are five rather intricate timepieces, including pocket watches and sundials. Land six of a kind from this group for payouts of 2.5x to 10x the stake.

The standard wild looks pretty neat too, designed as an esoteric sun and moon worth the same as the highest paying symbol. There are two wilds; this one appears on any reel in 1×1 size to substitute for all paying symbols.

Wild O’Clock: Features

wild o'clock slot
Wild O’Clock – free spins

Wild O’Clock doesn’t have a ton of features, but the way they are set up means something regularly happens, like, um, clockwork. This is chiefly due to the Lucky O’Clock feature, but Multiplier Wilds also pop up, while the game climaxes during the triggered batch of Clock Spins.

Just as there are 12 hours on a clock, every 12 spins the Lucky O’Clock feature kicks in. A clock mechanism displayed above the reels increases by one hour on each spin. When it strikes 12 a random number of Super Wilds are added to the reels. Super Wilds are 1×4 sized wilds that always cover a full reel, substituting for all pay symbols. Up to 6 Super Wilds may appear for a full-screen win of 300x the stake.

When wild symbols participate in a win, there is a chance they randomly become Multiplier Wilds. If they do, a multiplier of up to x8 appears and is applied to any combos on the win line.

The coup de grace is the round of Clock Spins, triggered when 3 clock spins scatters are in view – 12 bonus spins are awarded with a global multiplier that is applied to all wins. Every time a wild is used in a win, it reveals a value which is added to the global multiplier. On the 12th Clock Spin, a random number of Super Wilds are added to the reels for a potentially final big win. If the added Super Wilds do not produce a win, there is a chance the feature may trigger again to make it a win.

Wild O’Clock: Verdict

Once again Red Tiger has crafted another slot that does what it does quite well, but could have been better. There are positives, such as the pleasing graphics and a base game made more appetizing by the Lucky O’Clock feature kicking in every 12 spins. This feature makes it easier to wait for Clock Spins, causing time to travel a little faster than normal. Still, when you study the stats, goodwill starts to eke away like sands in an hourglass as it often does in a Red Tiger filler.

The bonus round isn’t a bad one either, though it can be as temperamental as the rest of the game. Some bonuses were a let-down; others went well as long as the global multiplier grew steadily throughout the feature. The best result during testing was an x14 multiplier on the final spin which coughed up a handy win of around 700x the stake. Not bad, until you consider it is almost 1/3 of the game’s maximum potential of 2,079 times the bet.

To sum it up, Wild O’Clock is a competent enough slot, which has its moments, yet its limitations make it hard for the game to progress further than so-so status.

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