Wild Joker Stacks

Wild Joker Stacks Slot: Overview

What Boomerang Games has managed to pull off with Wild Joker Stacks is no mean feat. It’s a seemingly basic looking fruit slot which is actually quite complicated when you delve into all of the facts and figures. Still, it is easy to ignore all of that and simply pick the configuration that you like. But absorbing the intricacies of the rules and stats was like trying to learn Javascript Recursion. You think you’ve got it, then it gets stuck in some infinite loop and your laptop starts smoking. Not to worry, let’s put on a brave face and dive into a most complicated simple game.

Visually, the background is a pleasing swirl like cosmos, with constellations and the like. That bit is well done; it’s the rest that hurts the eyes. But, is it trying to be retro or is it just bad? One tip for mobile users, play it in landscape mode because in portrait you can barely read the numbers or see the symbols – either way, it still looks bad. Anyway, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and roll with it for now.

Opening up the paytable reveals a swag of clichéd symbols from the genre. On the low side is a single BAR, double BAR, and triple BAR. The mids are made up of fruit such as a watermelon slice, a strawberry, a lemon, and cherries. Finally, the two high pays are a bell and a big pink ‘7’. The low and mid symbols need at least three of a kind to form a winning combo, while the high pays need only two. Five ‘7’ symbols offer the best return at 8 times the lowest configuration stake. Landing combos is made easy by the win ways setup which utilises 99, 178, or 259 connecta ways as they like to call it. How this works is that as long as matching symbols touch on consecutive reels from left to right, you have a winner. It makes spotting win lines easier that way.

How much it costs to take part in the fruity fun is a little unclear at this stage. Testing the game, everything is stated in coin value, but there was no indication what coin options will be available. Making it more confusing is that players can choose how many rows they would like to use, and the value of the wild multiplier. Let’s break it down. There are 5 reels, and players have the choice of using 3, 4, or 5 rows which can be changed at any time.

Also, wild multipliers can be changed from x2, to x3, or x4. Setting the wild value allows the volatility to change between Low-Med, Med, or Med-High, respectively. These options also impact the RTP, with the lowest configuration (3 rows + x2 wilds) at 95.6%, up to an excellent 97.78% with five rows and x4 wilds in play. You pay for the privilege naturally with the lowest, most basic option costing from 25 – 3,125 coins per spin. At the upper-end the cost is from 120 to 15,000 coins. Whether these are just random place holder values for now or actual coins is a little unclear, but you get the gist, hopefully.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot: Features

wild joker stacks
Gameplay settings

Well at least this part is easy. The most desirable symbol in the game is the scatter. For one, 5 of them are worth 100 times the stake. Secondly, 3 or more trigger the bonus game and 9 Free Spins. What makes free spins special is that the wild multiplier is doubled. So x2 becomes x4, x3 becomes x6, and x4 becomes x8. This free game round can be retriggered.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot: Verdict

Wild Joker Stacks is a real head-scratcher. How can a Vegas Style slot that makes it supposed simplicity a selling point be so darn complicated? And it’s not just the rules. The whole gaming experience is weird and confusing. From the horrendous UI and grid/symbols to the sublime background and soundtrack, from the low symbol values to the stratospheric potential, it’s a study in the surreal. This is the slot Dali, Buñuel, and Man Ray would’ve teamed up to make in the 1920s if they had the technology available to baffle people.

There are a lot of different configurations, but despite that, there are probably only two that will mainly be used. That is full power with 5 rows and an x4 wild which costs more but provides far better RTP and rewards. Or, the 3 row, x2 combo, and in that case, why bother? Then you’re just playing a badly produced run of the mill 5×3 fruit thing.

On top of that, annoyances start to stack up. For one, you can’t touch the screen to hurry along wins as the numbers clock up. In most games, after a win, you can either do a victory lap while the win amount ticks over like the US debt clock. Or, you can tap the screen and skip the count to bask in the final total. Wild Joker Stacks doesn’t have that luxury; there is no shortcut. You sit through every single win count. Yes, a first world problem for sure, but it gets annoying.

When you consider the five million other Vegas/fruit slots to choose from, then the little details like that count. Why wade through the annoyances and late 90s visuals and pick Wild Joker Stacks? Well, the upper end RTP is impressive and it does possess a super-sized carrot in the form of 28,200 times the stake potential. But can you imagine how long it would take to count out that many coins on screen? By the time you get to collect, inflation will have wiped out the profit.

Perhaps Boomerang Games has transcended what we thought we knew about slots with Wild Joker Stacks? Maybe it’s art? Or perhaps it’s just an ugly and annoying fruit slot with big potential? The debate rages on.

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