Wild Frames

Wild Frames (Play’n GO): Overview

Wild Frames is the latest addition to Play’n GO’s collection of grid slots. This one combines the modern features and gameplay we have come to expect from the series with a classic fruit slot vibe and symbols. Previous grid slots from Play’n GO had the ability to get some great rolls on when the cluster system did its thing with the cascading wins mechanic. Mix in a bunch of features and modifiers such as the Charge Meter and the volatility is matched only by the payout potential. Wild Frames might look and feel different, but fans will be relieved to hear that, at its core, it retains everything that made previous grid slots so successful. On paper this is a promising prospect indeed, let’s see how it plays out.

Graphically, Wild Frames is not quite as instantly appealing as previous versions such as Honey Rush or Black Mamba. Its 7×7 grid is full of classic slot symbols which sit against a fairly plain background made up of various purple tones and geometric shapes. It’s pleasing, in a minimalist way, but once the action kicks off in earnest you won’t even notice it. The horizontal bar along the bottom lets players select bet levels from 20 p/c up to £/€100 per spin, and like other similar slots, there aren’t paylines as such. Instead, winning combinations are formed when similar symbols land next to each other horizontally or vertically in clusters.

Key stats include volatility which is as high is it gets with a 10/10 rating from Play’n GO. Slots providers have some control over the RTP which can vary from casino to casino, but will usually be set to either 94.5% or 96.5%. This being the case, make sure to check the paytable at your local online casino to find out which one you are using for best value.

As mentioned, symbols come straight out of the old school fruit slots play book. There are 8 base game symbols – big bright card suits, diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, followed by equally bold bells, stars, diamonds and lucky 7’s. At least 5 of a kind in a cluster are needed to spark a payout, and when they do, they vanish off the screen. New symbols tumble into the gaps which can spark of cascades of clusters and wins from a single spin. This is a common enough mechanic at the moment and one that suits this 7×7 grid style perfectly. The most valuable pay symbol is the ‘7’ – get 30 or more of them in a cluster and you’ve scored a solid 500 times the stake right there.

Wild Frames (Play’n GO): Features

Helping with the rollercoaster gameplay are several features that work off of each other. The first is the glitzy golden ‘W’ Wild symbol. The game isn’t called Wild Frames for nothing, and the Wild is a critical element of the game. When Wilds turn up they create a sticky frame on that specific position. If they land where there is already an existing frame they upgrade it with a Progressive Multiplier that starts at x1 and goes up to x9. Keep in mind that all of these frames build up but they remain inactive until the Wild Frames feature is triggered. Another key point, is that after a non-winning spin, 4-6 Wild symbols can be randomly added to the grid.

Like other Play n’ Go grid slots we get a Charge Meter next to the play area. Whenever a winning symbol lands it adds 1 charge to the meter. When the meter hits 20, 40, or 60 charges, then each of these levels triggers the Transform, Wildcard, and Shatter features respectively. They modify the grid like so:

  • Transform changes all high pay symbols (the non-card suits) into one common high pay symbol.
  • Wildcard sprinkles 3-6 Wilds onto the grid at random.
  • Shatter removes all the card suit symbols from the grid.

If the Charge Meter reaches the full 80 charges then the Wild Frames feature is triggered. Now all frames on the grid are activated, including multiplier frames, and symbols that were sitting in one become wild. When winning clusters with multiplier frames form, the highest multiplier will be applied to it. For every 10 charges over 80, 2 additional frames are randomly added to the grid. The Wild Frames feature ends when no more winning clusters fall.

Wild Frames (Play’n GO): Verdict

Visually, Wild Frames is not all that exciting although its well put together. The theme is generic and not nearly as original as some of the other grid slot offerings from Play’n GO. From a marketing point of view, the classic look might of course win some new fans over that are otherwise put off by this type of ‘modern’ gameplay. Mechanically, on the other hand, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from these grid slots.

To get the most out of Wild Frames you will need the game to prolong cascades as long as possible. Strike it lucky and a major snowballing effect occurs. The Charge meter fills up, more features are unleashed on the grid, and more frames are added. Hit the main Wild Frame feature when the 80 symbols clear and some insane wins can pop along – there are plenty of online videos demonstrating this phenomenon with previous grid slots. There is plenty at to play for too, with the ability to hit up to 7,000 times the stake. Not as much as Honey Rush perhaps, but still one of the studios highest potential games ever released.

Overall, the game is well balanced in spite of the high volatility, but can still punish or reward in equal measure. In such a situation, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster and bankrolls that can vanish or skyrocket in an instant. At the end of the day, grid slots is where Play’n GO excels and Wild Frames is no exception. The theme may not be as exciting as some of the other offerings, but if you like grid slots, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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