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Whole Lotta Love Slot: Overview

Whole Lotta Love has arrived a few weeks late to cash in on the Valentines season, but that’s no major issue for a couple of reasons. One, it’s just a minor date on the calendar really, and anyway, shouldn’t we treat our partners like every day is Valentine’s Day? On to the second and more realistic reason, Whole Lotta Love isn’t about being romantic, unrequited or not; it’s all about cold hard cash and big wins. This is due to Whole Lotta Love’s inclusion in Blueprint Gaming’s Jackpot King network of slots. Of course, not everyone is going to achieve the dream, so is there any point to playing the game otherwise?

Let’s be honest right off the bat, without the three Jackpots ticking upwards, Whole Lotta Love probably wouldn’t pop up on any gamblers ‘to play’ list. Despite that, the game is sure to draw jackpot hunters regardless of what else it has to offer. To have a crack, stakes must first be set which start at 0.20 c/p and goes all the way up to €/£100. Along with the major prizes, the other stats aren’t bad either for a progressive jackpot. First up is the RTP, which when you include the jackpot and reserve contributions comes to 95%, which is quite good for this style of slot. Volatility has been set to medium which will probably help widen its appeal.

What’s not so good is an unimaginative paytable which is made up of 10-A royals, and just one premium symbol – the Logo. Values are pretty low across the board with the Logo worth the most at 12.5 times the sake for five of a kind. The Logo pays out when only two of a kind line up, whereas the royals need at least three to form a winner. The game uses a conventional format comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, which is held in a temple frame surrounded by columns and Greco-Roman styling. It’s a pleasant environment in which to spin for massive sums of money, so let’s look at how the jackpots can be won.

Whole Lotta Love Slot: Features

whole lotta love
Free spins feature

There are quite a few slots hooked up to the growing Jackpot King network which offers three progressive prizes in ascending order – the Regal, Royal, and the Jackpot King. To get in on this action, players need 5 Jackpot King Deluxe overlay symbols to land on reels 1 to 5. When that happens, these Crown symbols are locked in place while the remaining positions spin to reveal either more Crowns or empty tiles. After each spin, players choose an icon which results in either ‘Spin Again’, ‘Collect Winnings’, or ‘Wheel King’. This last one sends players to the Wheel King round, which can also happen if 15+ Crown symbols land.

The Wheel King round involves a spinning tombola like device that rewards either multiplier cash rewards, or one of the three jackpots. The two smaller jackpots must be won before hitting a set amount, then they are reset to a seed level.

Coming in at double the value of the Logo is the big red heart wild. Not only is it the most lucrative at 25 times the stake for five across a full payline, but it also substitutes for all other symbols except the scatters. There are three different scatters and each one triggers a different bonus game:

  • Mystery Win Bonus – select one of the Mystery Win bonus symbols to reveal a multiplier that is applied to the total bet.
  • Cupid Trail Bonus – this game has two parts. The first has players accumulating hearts to increase a total bet multiplier. Reveal ‘Collect’, and the feature comes to an end, ‘Love Dash’ makes the trail move faster. If you make it to the end then you choose larger hearts to win a Big Money Multiplier.
  • Big Money – The Cash Clouds spin and players choose hearts until ‘Collect’ is revealed and the bonus win amount is awarded.

Whole Lotta Love Slot: Verdict

They say love is blind, and you’ll need some of that attitude to enjoy Whole Lotta Love because it’s a little bland. As if, bolting on jackpots was the priority and everything else is more of an afterthought. It’s not terrible mind you, but less thought and imagination has been poured into the rest of the game. As far as Jackpot King slots go, it’s okay, but who cares about the theme and gameplay? It’s all about that multi-digit number in the middle of the frame that keeps rising until someone is lucky enough to get hit by fortunes arrow.

Players have picked up wins in the millions from the Jackpot King, one from a 20p bet. That is more than enough motivation to paint a target on your back for cupid to aim at. Even the other two jackpots aren’t bad. They aren’t exactly life-changing, but they’re something to play for while crossing your fingers for the Jackpot King.

So how does the rest of the game stack up? Is it worth drifting up to cupid’s domain for some lazy spinning in the clouds? Nah, not really. The base game isn’t terribly exciting, though things do pick up during the bonus rounds as they usually do. None of the features are particularly original, but they can be fun when they go your way. They aren’t super profitable though with up to 500 times the stake available in best case scenarios. Sure, that’s better than a kick in the teeth with a golf shoe, but it isn’t amazing. But again, that’s irrelevant. Whole Lotta Love isn’t a slot that the multitude will fire up unless they are tracking down the Jackpot King and its immense pot of coins.



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Whole Lotta Love is a run-of-the-mill slot, but a tolerable one if you feel the urge to go for a jackpot hunt.

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