Vikings Go To Hell

Level 1 Free Spin mode

This Free Spin mode is triggered by collecting 3+ Free Spin symbols or winning a Free Spin trigger in the base game treasure chest. In this Free Spin mode all Viking symbols that appear on the reels will fight a demon. If they win the fight they will award 1 Rage point each and will turn into a wild. All wild symbols in the Free Spin mode are sticky. There are no Free Spin symbols in any of the Free Spin modes.

The Lord of Chains

The Lord of Chains appears at the end of each spin where at least 1 Viking symbol is present (Until he is defeated by getting 3 hits). He chooses a random Viking to fight. If the Viking gets a hit on the Lord of Chains, the Viking turns into a sticky wild and 1 health bar is removed from the Lord of Chains. Defeating the Lord of Chains awards level 2 Free Spins which are played at the end of the level 1 Free Spin mode. For the remaining Free Spins the player receives 2 random wilds and all Vikings win their fights with the regular demon.

The number of level 1 Free Spin symbols are awarded in the following way:

  • 3 Free Spin symbols award 7 Free Spins
  • 4 Free Spin symbols award 12 Free Spins
  • 5 Free Spin symbols award 16 Free Spins.

Berzerk Free Spins mode

Berzerk Free Spins are the same as Level 1 Free Spins except only 7 spins can be awarded and they can only be triggered by collecting 300 rage points on one Viking. The Viking that triggered Berzerk Free Spins always wins against the regular demon but does not collect rage points. The coin value for this Free Spin session is the average of all spins where rage points were collected.

Level 2 Free Spin mode

When entering Level 2 Free Spins, all sticky wilds from level 1 Free Spins are reset and the player receives 7 Free Spins. If there is a Viking in Berzerk mode he continues to be in Berzerk mode. At the end of each level 2 Free Spin, 1 Viking is chosen to fight Lucifix. Each hit on Lucifix awards 2 random sticky wilds.


Lucifix appears at the end of each Level 2 Free Spin where at least 1 Viking symbol is present (Until he is defeated by getting 3 hits). He chooses a random Viking to fight. If the Viking gets a hit on Lucifix, the Viking turns into a sticky wild, 2 extra sticky wilds are placed randomly on the reels and 1 health bar is removed from Lucifix. Defeating Lucifix awards a 3x multiplier on the entire Free Spin session and all Vikings win their fights with the regular demon for the remaining Free Spins.

Free Spin Treasure Chest

The treasure Chest only appears on the 5th Reel and can award an Epic or Good tablet with the prizes below.

Epic Tablet

  • 3 Extra Free Spins
  • 1 Wild Reel (reels 1-4 only)

Good Tablet

  • 2 Extra Free Spins
  • 2 random Wilds

Vikings Go To Hell: Conclusion

Vikings Go To Hell is a medium to high volatile slot with an RTP of 96.1% and a max win potential of around 3,000 times the stake. It looks fantastic and it’s safe to say it comes with the best intro in any online slot we’ve ever seen!

But when it comes to slot games, visuals mean nothing if the maths are bad. When trying it out the first time we actually managed to land a 800x win, but since then it has completely drained the balance every single time. To get anything out of it, the player needs to get to the second level bonus, and even if so happens, the final boss needs to be taken out to trigger the multiplier which is where the best potential is.

This is a busy slot with many features and it’s likely to keep you occupied and interested for a while. We soon noticed however that we didn’t really get much out of it. The chests kept rewarding us with the same old coin wins, the scatter demon fights feature kept rewarding us with wilds that never connected, and bonuses were few and far between.

We have no doubt that it will be played a lot and that we’ll see some good wins, but to be honest, the potential is not as great as it should be in our opinion and this game is much more likely to annihilate your balance than to allow you to be ahead of the game.

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