Twisted Turbine

Twisted Turbine: Overview

Developer Fantasma Games likes to use unusual themes as we’ve seen previously in titles like Flower Fortunes Megaways and even more so in Desert Shark. Their futuristic themed slot Twisted Turbine is no exception and has been matched with some equally unusual mechanics. Along with a unique grid layout are several features that need to be played through to fully grasp how they work. The paytable is super detailed, packing in a ton of rules, so let’s pick them apart to get to Twisted Turbine’s gist.

The last few Fantasma slots have been heavily fantasy-based, yet Twisted Turbine heads in the other direction – the future. The 5-reel grid area is set in an industrial complex, like a factory, or lab, full of robots. Gadgets and monitors litter the place while the grid itself spins on a giant rotating turbine. The robots themselves seem heavily inspired by The Iron Giant, a 1999 American animated science fiction action film produced by Warner Bros. If you haven’t seen that one, take a break from the slots and go watch it.

The grid layout is a bit different from what you may have seen before and is laid out in a 5-3-1-3-5 formation. In normal circumstances, having one symbol on the middle reel would seriously retard the chances of landing winning combinations. To compensate, Twisted Turbine uses a win-all-ways system which provides 225 ways to win. Here a hit occurs when three or more identical symbols land on consecutive reels, starting from any reel.

Playable from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, the game offers solid potential which mixes well with the high volatility and an RTP rating of 96.51%. The way features build-up does mean there can be a lot of dead spinning going on – something to be aware of.

Another thing you’ll automatically spot is that symbols come in one of two colours, red or blue. There are four in each colour group – bolts, batteries, fire/electricity, and robots. Since only one symbol can land on the middle reel, only one set of coloured symbols can win per spin.

Five of a kind values range from 0.5 to 2 times the stake, so they aren’t particularly valuable in one-off wins. Helping matters is the golden ‘W’ wild which can substitute for any regular symbol to make a winning combination.

Twisted Turbine: Features

twisted turbine slot
Twisted Turbine – free spins

Hold on to your hats peeps because Twisted Turbine is pretty complicated. When you’ve played it for a while, the rules become clearer. Until then, trying to explain the process on paper might be tricky, but here we go.

It starts with the Avalanche feature where symbols in winning combinations payout, then disappear. New symbols fall down to create more opportunities to win – a classic cascade mechanic in other word.

The Twisted Robot Credit win has a lot of details so let’s take a high-level look at it. Every two wins with the same coloured symbol fills a corresponding Turbine Robot meter. It also accumulates a credit win of 1x the stake which is added to the Robot’s display. When the Turbine Robot meter at the bottom is filled, the Twisted Turbine feature rotates the grid by 180 degrees. When the grid spins, it increases a rotation multiplier, up to x20 in the base game.

At the end of an avalanche sequence the multiplier is applied to whatever has been accumulated in the Robots’ displays. Multipliers reset to x1 at the beginning of every base game spin.

The blue/orange power icon is the scatter. When 3, 4, or 5 scatters are in view at the end of an avalanche, they award 10, 15, or 20 free spins respectively. During free spins, the Turbine Robot meters and displays do not reset between free spins. In addition, the multiplier increases up to x50. Players can keep the fun flowing by landing 3 or 4 scatters during the feature to win 10 or 15 additional free spins.

Twisted Turbine: Verdict

The features section might not have made a whole lot a sense. Basically, you want avalanches to draw out as long as possible. In this way, they build up prizes in the Robot’s displays and win multipliers along the way. This procedure gets a kick during free spins because they do not reset. The longer, the better too, since the game carries an impressive potential of 9,500 times the stake if you can get the turbine rotating like there is no tomorrow.

It might require a fair amount of patience to do so though. Twisted Turbine can be slow going at times. If you like your slots moving at a steady pace, then Twisted Turbines probably isn’t for you. It’s more complicated. You don’t need a degree in engineering to grasp how it all goes, though it might shorten the learning curve.

Twisted Turbine is a slot that sits firmly in the snowball variety of games. One spin is all it takes to kick start a chain of events that can get quite lengthy at times, building up decent Twisted Robot Credits and multipliers as it goes. You’ll need them too, to counteract the downtime which can be significant, but, is the price you pay when spinning this type of slot.

When you weigh everything up, Fantasma Games has done a clever job of integrating an original reel setup, with a win-all-ways system, and several intricate features. For the most part, Twisted Turbine balances out quite well and doesn’t get too weighed down by all of the disparate elements. If you like spins to turn into long drawn out sequences of events, Twisted Turbine might be worth a look.

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