Trillionaire: Slot Overview

One of NetEnt’s big announcements at the 2020 London ICE conference was their bringing together iGaming and FashionTV. The branded slot was planned as part of a trio including Street Fighter II which came to fruition, as well as Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. Speaking of materialism, it doesn’t get much more materialistic than FashionTV showcasing things like walk-in wardrobes, hot handbags, and what shoes you should wear, for people who like to keep up with trends. There is a lot of them too as the channel is broadcast to an audience of over two billion people.

trillionaire slot

At first, NetEnt seemed pretty keen to crack into this market, in their words by ‘adding a touch of glamour and bling to our industry-leading portfolio.’ However, interest appeared to cool mere moments after the announcement was made. For whatever reason, NetEnt palmed the project off onto sibling studio Red Tiger who took over the reins. With that, if you’re up for some bling, join us down the fashion rabbit hole while we try not to be too self-conscious about our choice of attire.

Players expecting glitz and glamour with a name like Trillionaire won’t be disappointed. The action takes place on a 5-reel, 20 payline grid, bathed in diamonds, gold trim, and loads of sparkling stuff. A house track grooves from time to time in the background, breaking into a song called ‘I Want to be a Trillionaire’ by Anja at certain moments. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel like you’re no longer hip. Aside from the Poker Face sounding track being played on the FashionTV channel, it’s not exactly a billboard hit. For your viewing pleasure, five supermodels present varying degrees of cleavage or leg in fashionable dresses as the high pay symbols. Trillionaire’s has one of those divisive look you’ll either be down with or despise.

Hardcore gamblers who also happen to be into fashion will feel deflated after perusing Trillionaire’s stats, well, potential really, which we’ll get to. Until then, the game has a default RTP of 95.75% coupled with high volatility and a hit rate rated 2/5. If it all sounds Gucci by the end, Trillionaire may be played on any device where bets of 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin can be set.

Accessories are the name of the game when it comes to symbols. Low pays are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, shaped out of multifaceted diamonds worth 0.8 to 1 times the stake for five of a kind. That was the bling, now for five supermodel symbols which are 1×4 in size, landing fully or partially in view. Land five of these ladies in a line to pick up a reward of 3.5 to 7.5 times the stake. Or, 150x at the most for a full screen of the black dressed one.

The ladies also possess a trick up their sleeves. When they fully cover a reel, they turn wild and substitute for all paying symbols. It’s also possible reels may randomly nudge a partially visible supermodel until she is fully in view. Wilds are worth more than regular symbols as well, at 200x the bet for a full screen.

Trillionaire: Slot Features

trillionaire slot
Trillionaire – free spins with only high pays

Getting the most out of Trillionaire requires triggering its Fashion Wheel or free spins. Landing 3 scatter symbols on the reels award 8 free spins. All low pays are removed for the free spins round, and before it begins, players pick their favourite supermodel symbol. This one will always nudge if when partially in view.

Next we have the Fashion Wheel, triggered when wheel symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Fashion Wheel consists of 4 concentric circles, holding bet multipliers or arrows:

  • First Circle – awards wins of 5x or arrow to the second circle.
  • Second Circle – awards wins of 10x, 30x, or arrow to the third circle.
  • Third Circle – awards wins of 50x, 100x, or arrow to the fourth circle.
  • Fourth circle – awards the 1,000x Mega Win.

Trillionaire: Slot Verdict

Like a pair of Bad Bunny x Crocs (hey, they glow in the dark), you either get this one, or you don’t. It’s easy to picture fashionistas setting Trillionaire to auto-spin while FashionTV blasts away in the background. That’s cool, but for others who don’t buy into the scene, the game comes across as a hollow endeavour.

We could speculate all day long as to why NetEnt passed this over to their partner, yet whatever the reason Red Tiger seems to have reluctantly slipped it on like last season’s Louboutins. Red Tiger is to be commended for capturing the FashionTV channel’s spirit, but the look can only be hot or horrendous, depending on your personal view. They’ve even tastefully used the ‘I Want to be a Trillionaire’ song, mercifully drip-feeding snatches of it here and there rather than leaving it on repeat. Trillionaire would have been more palatable if it had been backed by decent pays. Since it’s not, it may suffer the same fate as Microgaming’s deadmau5 and quickly fall into oblivion.

Putting theme to one side, the biggest killer is potential. You’d be hard-pressed to find many people who wouldn’t want to be a Trillionaire, though none of them has a hope in heck of becoming one playing this. Maybe a thousandaire if they’re lucky. Technically, if you hit the Mega Win a billion times you would indeed be a Trillionaire (at one credit bets).

Players into fashion, style, beauty, and looking good above all else, could very well roll up to Trillionaire to enjoy the eye candy. Otherwise, it’ll be hard not to loathe everything Trillionaire stands for. The studio has done a phenomenal job with the theme from an audio-visual standpoint – yet when everything’s factored it comes across as the slot version of a Wonderbra.

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