Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots

Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots: Slot Overview

Players who simply cannot get enough ‘book of’ action in their lives might do well to take a look at what developer Blueprint Gaming has done in Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots. Not only does it deliver all the thrills this style is known for, it does so four times at once. Tomb of Dead bolsters Blueprint’s line of Power 4 Slots where instead of gazing at a one-game window while getting a ‘Ra’ fix, players can feast their eyes on four grids instead. Aside from that rather significant change, everything else operates pretty much as expected.

Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots

Don’t go into Tomb of Dead if you want to witness something new in a graphical sense. The logistics of running 4 x 5-reel, 10-payline grids takes up most of the screen space, leaving a few cracks at the periphery to snatch peeks of the tomb. Audio is a standard Egyptian number, although the bass guitar track is punchier than usual. There is little in the way of visceral shock other than the quad set up if this is a first time experience.

Setting your desired stake takes a bit more forward planning. Options range from 5 p/c to £/€10 per window, meaning total stakes cost 20 p/c to £/€40 per spin. Device choice makes a difference too, since at this level of detail the bigger the screen, the better, though mobile users don’t necessarily miss out. RTP is a highlight on 96.48%, while players should strap onto their camel for a highly volatile ride.

Core rules are the same, so wins hit when at least three low pays or two high pays land left to right on one of the 10 fixed paylines. Ra’s legacy remains alive in the symbols, where flowing 10-A icons make up the lows, whereas birds, Anubis, a pharaoh, and another Indiana Jones wannabe makes up the highs. On a per-window basis, full-line premium wins range from 150 to 1,000 times the stake. Once again, that amount is calculated against the per window stake, not the total.

Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots: Slot Features

Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots

Tomb of Dead’s features rely mainly on the standard expanding special symbols mechanic in free spins. However, the way they are triggered is a bit different. The key as ever is the scatter symbol which also doubles as wild. When 3, 4, or 5 scatters land in the same window, free spins are triggered. Two procedures take place before the bonus round starts. First, a segmented prize wheel rotates to award up to 10 free spins, and the starting number of game windows from 1 to 4. Next, one regular pay symbol is selected randomly to be the special expanding one during the feature.

When special symbols land, they expand to cover the full reel. Also, they pay from any position, meaning they don’t have to line up on a direct payline. Free spins are retriggered when 3 scatters appear in the same window, awarding 5 more spins. Each retrigger unlocks an additional window, up to a maximum of 4.

Tomb of Dead Power 4 Slots: Slot Verdict

Like their attempt to capture as much of the Megaways market as possible, Tomb of Dead continues Blueprint’s assault on the quad reel sector. Unlike Megaways, this one is more an acquired taste. There hasn’t been a breakthrough release possessing the sort of unmissable gameplay or features that harness the power of having four reel sets just yet. After playing Tomb of Dead, it’s unlikely something as commonplace as expanding special symbols a la ‘Ra’ will spark the revolution either. Using such a beloved feature guarantees a certain level of player interest, but it’s predictable as well. Here’s a quick litmus test; if the idea of having four ‘book of’ slots spinning simultaneously sounds tempting, then Tomb of Dead is just the ticket.

Picking bets and calculating symbol values is where things start to get muddy. On a positive note, five archaeologists are worth 1,000 time the individual window bet, which is a higher than normal return for this type of game. Seen from another perspective though, that equates to 250 times the total bet, dampening the thrill. Then again, you can argue it’s technically possible to hit wins on several grids at once, confusing the situation even further. Remember how much easier it all was when there was just one reel set to contend with?

There are certainly positive aspects balancing the scales. Potential could be a tiebreaker, but again, it gets tricky when you start analysing it as well. Blueprint boasts a figure of 50,000x the bet on the home screen. That’s a shed load more than normal and stats are great all around. Yet when you start working out how many consecutive free spins you’d need, landing full grid Indianas on all four windows at the same time, the odds quickly mount up. As to gameplay, Tomb of Dead is as reliable as this style gets, so there’s no need to delve much deeper. There’s a reason’ book of’ games are so prevalent, and Tomb of Dead does nothing to besmirch the tradition.

For many, the jury’s still out on the quad reels thing. For whatever reason, star pulling power perhaps, but so far, all Power 4 Slots have been a redo of older games. It can feel like developers split one reel set into four for no better reason than why not? If you’ve never played one before, there is a certain dime museum curiosity that is hard to look away from. However, if the whole quad concept doesn’t capture your imagination, the urge to condense everything back onto one regular reel set quickly arises.

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