Syncronite Splitz

Syncronite Splitz: Slot Overview

Syncronite is the third slot so far to utilise Yggdrasil Gaming’s Splitz dynamic, the other two being Temple Stacks and Neon Rush Splitz. This feature provides an expanded reel function, of sorts, which is pretty big at the moment, popularized by Big Time Gaming and their highly unique Megaways engine. How does Syncronite fare against the growing competition?

syncronite splitz slot

So far, each of the three Splitz slots has been completely different from the last. The first, Temple Stacks Splitz used the South American jungle thing; the next, Neon Rush Splitz was a Tron inspired stab of nostalgia – now we’ve got Syncronite. It’s hard to tell from the title, but Yggdrasil has gone for chic sophistication, along with a dab of Art Deco, like entering a dark casino with thick shag walls. One where a big burly bouncer wears an earpiece and uses a cordon to let in the dignitaries and keep out the scrubs. Whatever the case, the visual design is phenomenal, making it the one of the better looking slots in the ‘synced reels’ genre.

If you manage to make it inside, you’ll find a slightly unusual set up made up of 6 reels, 3 rows, and 729 ways to win – initially. A nice bronzy gold trim lines everything, while the background possesses a basic deep purple velvet draping of some sort. While there’s style, the look is unlikely to blow anyone away.

Adjusting the coin value provides total stakes ranging from 10 p/c to £/€10 per spin. That might not sound like a lot for those who like to go large and it’s far less than what you might be used to from Yggdrasil. However, the potential is big, so Yggdrasil has kept a handle on exposure by limiting the max bet. The game’s high volatility in combination with the powerful Splitz mechanic means the game can technically go ballistic, though an RTP rating of 96.0% pulls it back to earth in the long run. Players certainly aren’t sitting fiddling with their chips while this is going on either. A hit rate of 27.34% means a win less than every four spins, theoretically.

Getting a win is straightforward, but the game does some interesting things to enhance their values. There are no paylines as such, so as long as identical symbols sit adjacently to each other, from the first reel, you’ve got a winner. Three of a kind is required for all symbols except the diamond, which needs only two.

It’s familiar symbols all the way through the paytable, starting with clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts printed on a bunch of casino chips as the low pays. Four premiums follow – dice, cherries, bells, and the aforementioned diamonds. Values aren’t huge, but as you’ll see in the features section, they do get a kick or two. Land 6 of a kind from the premium section to pick up payouts of 1 to 10 times the stake.

Syncronite Splitz: Slot Features

A lack of any bonus game prevents Syncronite Splitz being a feature-rich game as such. Yet, what it does have can be very effective when given the right push. The focus is on the Splitz feature working alongside Synced Reels.

The Splitz feature may come into play on any spin when 2 to 6 Splitz symbols land on the reels. These are the full reel golden lion icons. When they land, they all split into up to 8 of the same pay symbol.

Synced Reels, meanwhile, pretty much do what they say on the tin. This feature synchronises 2-6 reels, mirroring each other on the spin. It is possible for Splitz Symbols to land on Synched Reels. As the game blurb says, ‘the more sync – the bigger the wins.’

Syncronite Splitz: Slot Verdict

A little interesting Syncronite Splitz dropped around the same time as another eagerly awaited title to use synchronised reels – Twin Spin Megaways. Coincidence? Most likely, but it’s curious nonetheless that two slots appear at the same time with such similar features and classic appearances. Where NetEnt’s game relies on Megaways to provide the extra thrills, Syncronite adds the extra dimension via Splitz Symbols which proves its versatility as a feature.

As well as the similarities to NetEnt’s slot, Syncronite Splitz also has a strong resemblance to ELK’s The Grand Galore. Both studios have taken a high-class casino approach, sprinkling in plenty of Art Deco stylings. The Grand Galore is possibly glitzier, certainly gaudier, while Syncronite feels the more refined establishment. It’s got a touch more elegance going on. As to the gameplay, Syncronite might be second when it comes to win ways, but annihilates ELK’s game in the payout stakes.

Without a bonus game or the jackpot of Neon Rush, Syncronite becomes a case of crossing your fingers for the best result on every spin. Get the lion symbols splitting up a storm, and it’s technically possible to score a payout of up to 64,800 times the stake. It’s worth emphasising this – that’s 64k xbet on a single spin which is pretty mental. Some of Yggdrasil’s partners such as Avatar UX have been posting some outsized figures, so it seems the boss is looking to steal some thunder back. They’ve done it in style too. Syncronite looks simple yet possesses a touch of class all the same.

Despite having features which possess a certain level of sophistication, Syncronite Splitz is a straight forward game. It’s a case of smashing the play button and hoping for the best. You just might get the one lucky spin that changes everything, or more likely, better luck next time.

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