Sylvan Spirits

Sylvan Spirits: Slot Overview

Sylvan is one of those Shakespearean sounding words you don’t stumble across every day, which means something associated with groves, forests, or woods. Others use the word to refer to a feeling of harmony experienced when you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Developer Red Tiger has added a dash of the mystical to make it extra special in the 5-reel, 1,024 payline slot Sylvan Spirits. Deep in this wood players come into contact with animals, runes, a bit of magic, plus a rather busty lady of the forest as they spin for multipliers, free spins, and a decent max win.

sylvan spirits slot

The action takes place in an overgrown glade full of mossy trees, grazing deer, reflective pools, and mysterious floating rocks. It brings to mind NetEnt’s iconic Secret of the Stones, not because Red Tiger has copied the appearance or anything, simply because the two share a similar druidic theme. Sylvan Spirits has much more attractive graphics, evoking a strangely magical feel. They’ve even done away with their traditional payline highlighter they do when wins land, opting for a blue lighting effect instead. This has as much to do with the theme as the fact Sylvan Spirits doesn’t use paylines, but a pay-all-ways win system instead. The music and sound effects have an almost Asian touch to them at points, yet the overall sensory experience is quite enchanting, making a good first impression.

Players can enter this grove on any device, selecting bets from 10 p/c to £/€10 per spin. The way the features function means you don’t get to see them a whole lot of the time; they really make or break the session. For most of the game, wins are unimpressive mainly because of the low symbol value. Hit rate is high, so they do turn over often, as is volatility which Red Tiger rates as 5 out of 5. As to RTP, the game possesses the familiar default figure of 95.77%. It’s interesting how many Red Tiger games come with this rating as if it has some intrinsic mathematical significance.

Winning combinations in Sylvan Spirits occurs when 3 or more identical symbols land left to right from the first reel, regardless of row. In the bonus game, this leads to cascades, while nothing special happens in the base game. Ten to Ace card royals make up the numbers at the lower end of the paytable, followed by a host of woodland creatures such as rabbits, owls, deer, and foxes. Landing five of the premium symbols rewards players the not so princely sum of 0.9x to 1.5x the bet. You’ll need the multiplier feature to kick in to get value out of Sylvan Spirits.

Sylvan Spirits: Slot Features

sylvan spirits slot
Free spins

The lady symbol is called the Mega Mystic Wild, appearing anywhere in 2×2 tile size. When it lands, which is rare, it guarantees a win. She can substitute for any pay symbol to pull together a winning combination. What is even more helpful is that any symbol used in the wild win is gifted a multiplier. This multiplier is stored above the reels where a row of all pay symbols are displayed. The next time the respective symbol creates a winning combination, the multiplier associated with it is applied to the amount. In the base game, the used multiplier then disappears. However, if the next win included another Mega Mystic Wild, an extra multiplier is added to the original one for use next time. Symbol win multipliers can get as high as x99.

Things get even more generous when free spins are activated. This occurs when 3 scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels. In free spins, any winning combination increases the corresponding Symbol Win Multiplier, even if a Mega Mystic Wild was not involved. Even better, multipliers do not reset after a win. In one final piece of good news, winning symbols are removed from the grid triggering a respin as new symbols fall into the gaps. Cascades continue while new wins keep landing.

Sylvan Spirits: Slot Verdict

Sylvan Spirits is an interesting experience, one which does enough to lift it out of filler status that a fair amount of Red Tiger slots tend to fall into. For one, the team has done a great job with the theme, producing an attractive rural scene to try your luck in. There’s a pleasing balance of nature and magic, enacted through the animations, cute creatures, not to mention the fiery lady herself, though the sounds are a little out of place at times.

The gameplay doesn’t always come across as quite so balanced. Because the symbol values are low, for the majority of the time, the base game isn’t super exciting due to the meagre payouts. Around every 100 spins or so in testing the Mega Mystic Wild would appear, grant a win, and add the all-important multiplier to the selected symbols. In this way, the account was kept in check, to an extent, to continue the battle.

Sylvan Spirits completely upends itself during free spins due to the two structural changes. Adding multipliers on every win is appreciated, as is the use of cascades. Of course, you’re not guaranteed a big win should you make it to free spins, but that’s where Sylvan Spirits’ impressive potential of 7,656 times the stake can be found.

Clearly, rewards are there for those who find the ladies favour in Sylvan Spirits. It might take a fair amount of gritting your teeth through the low-value downtimes to get there though. If you’re feeling patient, lucky, and up for a bit of druidism then Sylvan Spirits could be the trick.

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