Sweet Success Megaways

Sweet Success Megaways (Blueprint Gaming): Overview

Remember being a kid, and poring over a wide range of sweets and tying to select as many as you could for the pocket change you’d been given. Fast forward to being an adult and players now get a similar chance with the features on Sweet Success Megaways. Eagle-eyed readers might be able to spot that Sweet Success Megaways shares many similarities with Deal or No Deal Megaways – a slot mostly aimed at the UK market (and other English speaking nations). It must have worked so well that Blueprint couldn’t resist tempting players of other countries with the format. For whatever reason, they have gone with a sweets theme to carry the action. Has it worked as well as before?

When it comes to looks, the two slots couldn’t be further apart. Gone is the intensity of being in the game show spotlight. Now the game takes place in the bright, colourful world of sugary delights. Megaways brings 6 reels with up to 7 symbols on each, and 117,649 maximum win ways. Looks and sounds are jolly thanks to the theme, and the intensity, to begin with, is a little less than with DOND. That changes quickly though, and the two games can be just as exciting. Stakes start from 20 c/p per spin and go as high as £/€10. Interestingly, the RTP is higher than it was last time on 96.06% and both share a medium/high volatility.

Cascade wins are back which means chain reactions of winners are possible from one spin. This is accomplished by removing winning symbols to let new ones fall into the gaps. No prizes for guessing what symbols make up the paytable. In ascending order are 9 – A royals followed by a green, blue, and red sweets. Payouts are low due to cascading wins, and three or more are needed to form a winner. The exception is the Logo symbol which only needs 2 of a kind and is worth 50 times the stake for six of a kind.

Sweet Success Megaways (Blueprint Gaming): Features

sweet success megaways
Free spins feature in action

As before, there are a lot of features to contend with. Let’s begin with the wild which appears on the row above the main reels. It substitutes for any of the regular pay symbols. Next up is the Super Sweet icon, which is the Mystery Symbol and can appear on any reel. When mystery symbols land, they all transform to reveal the same symbol, which can be anything except the wild or the scatter.

Like DOND, the cascading system doesn’t just rack up wins, it is also how the bonus game is activated. The number of consecutive wins that chain together fill up a meter to the left of the reels and affects the outcome as such:

  • 4 consecutive cascades activates the Pick’N’Mix feature.
  • 5 consecutive cascades activates the Super Pick’N’Mix feature.
  • 6 or more consecutive cascades activates the Mega Pick’N’Mix feature.

The difference between the standard, Super, and Mega Pick ‘N’ Mix features is that prizes increase in value. When triggered, the game shifts to a different screen with cash prizes lining the left side of the screen, free spin values on the right, and one unopened sweet which sits at the bottom. The middle of the screen gets covered with sweets and players select a certain number of them one at a time. Each picked sweet pops to reveal a value which is removed from the free spins and prize lists. The ‘banker’ then offers a cash prize which players can ‘pick’ to accept, or ‘mix’ to reject and continue the choosing. If a player ‘picks’ the offer, the Bonus Train can randomly appear and award 5 free spins to go with the prize money.

The Pick’N’Mix process continues until the player has accepted offer or has just one sweet left. Then the last choice is to open that final sweet or the original sweet from the beginning of the round. The result could be a cash prize, or free spins which are then launched.

The Free Spins game is pretty standard and come with an Unlimited Win Multiplier that increases by +1 with every cascade. There is also a much greater chance of landing Mystery Symbols which are added to the reels Bonus symbols continue to land, and 4 or 5 of them award 5 or 10 extra free spins.

Sweet Success Megaways (Blueprint Gaming): Verdict

Sweet Success Megaways is a rather standard Megaways title from Blueprint Gaming with few surprises on offer. We also can’t help but feel a bit disappointed about the fact that it’s a clone. Having said that, this is not a bad game. The number of extras ensure that there is always something happening, or just around the bend. The format might have been a more appropriate fit for DOND, but it works just as well with the sweet theme too.

The picking feature, in particular, is a good one with a nice long duration that can result in decent cash prizes or numbers of free spins. The trick to Sweet Success Megaways is, of course, getting that unlimited multiplier cranking in conjunction with chain reaction wins. Get a good roll on and some satisfying payouts are up for grabs. As with DOND, the potential is rather high, with wins from single games capped at 10,000 times the stake or £250,000, whichever comes first.

Yes, cloning games is a cheap and somewhat lazy approach that many players despise, but with DOND being such a culturally distinctive thing, it sort of makes sense offering a more generic alternative to players who have no emotional connection to the game show.

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