Super Striker

Super Striker Slot: Overview

The next developer to take advantage of cup fever is none other than Swedish team NetEnt. Super Striker isn’t the first football-themed slot NetEnt have produced so far. There was Football: Champions Cup which was released in 2016 and is quite different to their latest project. This new one, Super Strike, takes a whole new direction and is not quite so drenched in the theme as its predecessor was. Gone are the free kicks and free spins tournament for one. In their place are several features ranging from one-off win multipliers in the base game to swarms of multipliers in the bonus game. So far Super Strike’s opponent in the battle for 2020 World Cup dominance is Yggdrasil’s Football Glory, which isn’t exactly the odds on favourite. Will Super Striker slide in and steal glory?

Like most football themed slots, Super Striker is located within the flood-lit confines of a stadium. For a touch of added realism, the player views the grid from the seating area as if they are there, with a foreground of the back of people’s heads. Graphically, Super Striker has an older video game look about it, not too old, but there is a retro dash going on. It works quite well too to create a simple charm which matches Super Striker’s uncomplicated setup and mechanics.

When the Bet Slip feature is activated it can feel like there are two games running side by side. Especially when it comes down to the wire and your pick is getting close. But, we are getting ahead of things, so let’s concern ourselves with the primary game which takes place on a 3×3 grid. Only combinations of three of a kind are possible, and there are just 5 paylines on which to do so.

Symbols are custom made and can be grouped into low, medium, and high pay batches. The low pays are the single Goal, double Goal, and triple Goal symbols. These symbols payout with three of a kind, or when three are mixed together. For example, 2 single Goals plus a triple Goal will pay out. The mids are a pair of standard boots, a golden boot version, and a player who is either celebrating or angry, it’s hard to tell. The high pay symbol is the golden player which is worth 100 times the stake – ten times more than the second symbol on the paytable.

Continuing with the numbers, the first concern is stakes which can be set from 10 p/c to £/€75 per spin. Due to the Bet Slip, RTP can vary. On default mode, it has been clocked at 96.04% which is already a pretty good start. However, when the Bet Slip feature is activated, it increases the RTP to 96.06%-96.93%, depending on which bet is selected. Volatility is also rather high, which can mean a lot of empty spins at times, though when features are triggered, they can quickly turn a dry run around.

Super Striker Slot: Features

super striker netent
Free spins feature splash screen

Super Striker does not possess a wild symbol, but it has a couple of scatters to keep an eye out for. These are the Gold Scatter and the Football Scatter. The Gold Scatter can land anywhere, and when it does during the base game, it reveals an instant x10 or x20 multiplier which is applied to the total bet.

During the main game, only 1 Golden Scatter can land at a time, and if it lands with 2 Football Scatters (or when 3 Football Scatters land), they trigger the bonus game. In free spins, there are 5 different levels with an increasing multiplier. Each level comes with an increasing win multiplier, with levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 having round multipliers of x1, x2, x3, x5, x10 respectively.

Now, during free spins, only Golden Scatter symbols can appear on the reels. Each Golden Scatter symbol landing on the reels in free spins is assigned a random multiplier between x1 and x50 (think Donuts if you’ve ever played that game). When the entire play area is filled with Golden Scatter symbols, you advance to the next level whilst also collecting a win equal to the sum of the multipliers assigned to all Golden Scatter on the reels  multiplied by the multiplier of the current level multiplied by the bet. It sounds super confusing in writing, but is not that bad once you get to try it yourself. The starting number of spins is 3. One or more Golden Scatter symbols landing on the reels in free spins resets the number to 3.

The next feature is like a side game, and cleverly improves the engagement with the base game. This is the Bet Slip feature which NetEnt put to good use previously in Scudamore’s Super Stakes. The Bet Slip allows players to bet on the frequency of a particular symbol appearing within a set number of spins. First, you pick the symbol, then the number of spins from 10 – 100 and place your bet. Stakes vary, but at the high end, going for 55 of the high pay symbols in 100 spins costs €1,200 and returns an eye-watering €978,000. Players can set much lower bets than that, of course, and it makes quite a good accompaniment to the base game. If the bonus game is triggered in the middle then the Bet Slip is paused, and resumes when the feature finishes.

Super Striker Slot: Verdict

Super Striker is a pretty entertaining game in a basic way and makes a suitable accompaniment to the football season. The base game is so-so, nothing special, though decent symbol values are on offer. What helps is having a sneaky punt on the Bet Slip to give you something to look forward to while waiting for the bonus game to trigger. Random Golden Scatters with their x10 and x20 multipliers help in that regard too. In combination, these two features make a positive difference to what could be a tedious base game.

As always, it’s the bonus game you really want, and Super Striker’s is surprisingly effective and can rack up substantial wins surprisingly fast. It helps that each Golden Scatter can come with up to x50 each, and potential is enhanced further when progressing up the levels. Manage to do that, and sizeable wins are not only possible but quite achievable. At full power, players can look at banking potential wins of over 5,000 times the stake.

So far Super Striker is looking like the footy themed slot to beat in the World Cup stakes. It’s early days though, and ultimately its simplicity might hold it back from being the champ. Still, that doesn’t stop Super Striker from providing some solid gaming, with a decent bonus game, and cheeky Bet Slip options waiting on the bench like trusty reserves.

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