Super StarTurns

Super StarTurns: Review

Looking for something to sink our teeth into, we accidentally stumbled upon Super StarTurns. Having tried a few spins, we quickly abandoned it and vowed never to go back ever again. Yet here we are, morbidly curious like passersby rubbernecking at the scene of an accident. So, despite the disorientating looks, as if someone just allowed a five-year-old kid to go crazy with a pack of crayons, and the extremely banal gameplay, we decided to head back for another round.

Developed by Barcrest and powered by SG Digital, Super StarTurns is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 40 paylines. With a vibrant colour palette and taking inspiration from classic television game shows, it comes with Big Bet options and bonus wheels that can deliver multiplier wins as well as free spins. You can play it for as little as 10 cents per spin and all the way up to 500 Euros if you’re a high roller.

The design is a confusing mess we have to say. The game window looks crowded and is literally plastered with buttons and flashing lights. It’s possible that it was intentionally made to look vulgar in order to convey the feel of a tacky old game show. If that is the case, we certainly missed the joke. On the reels you will see A, K and Q royals of lower value alongside cocktail drinks, champagne bottles and wads of cash. It is the red Ferarri that is the most rewarding, however. Land a 5 of them on a full payline and you’ll win 5 times your stake. The wild performs all the regular substituting actions and will give you 250 times your stake if you get 5 on a payline.

Super StarTurns: Features

super starturns
Free spins

Not a very exciting slot up to this point, but things get slightly more interesting when you trigger the Super StarTurns Bonus feature. To do just that, you will have to land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels simultaneously. Your reward is decided by the wheel, with the following prizes on offer:

  • Green Lucky Wheel – this is the wheel lowest in value where you can win 4 to 8 free spins or an upgrade to the next wheel.
  • Blue Lucky Wheel – the medium value wheel, here you can win 8 to 12 free spins, cash prizes of 20 and 50 times your stake or an upgrade to the top wheel.
  • Red Lucky Wheel – if you’ve arrived at the high-value wheel, there’s a chance to win between 25 and 50 free spins or a cash prize of between 250 and 500 times your total stake.

If you get to play the Free Spins you’ll play on a different set of reels containing high-value symbols only (this means no A, K and Q royals). Furthermore, each scatter symbol appearing on reel 5 will award an additional spin.

As is often the case when it comes to Barcrest, Super StarTurns gives you the opportunity to up your stakes and take it on in Big Bet Mode. There are three options available if you decide to go for it:

  • 20€ big bet – 5 spins, all scatters are double height symbols for better bonus frequency.
  • 30€ big bet – 5 spins, includes the awards of the 20€ bet plus increased awards for Super StarTurns wheel bonus.
  • €50 big bet – 5 spins, includes the awards of the 30€ bet plus further increased awards for Super StarTurns wheel bonus.

In the main game, you’re up against a miserable 94% RTP. Activate the Big Bet Mode, however, and you’ll benefit from an increase in RTP that reaches all the way up to 98% which is far above standard.

Super StarTurns: Verdict

Super StarTurns is what we imagine a bad acid trip to be like. Not only does it look like a fun house for kids, it’s also frustratingly slow and choppy to play. The count-ups are so sluggish and annoying that we literally started to wish for dead spins in order to avoid a mental breakdown. When you add the ridiculous 500x max win potential to the equation, gruelingly insipid is what comes to mind when thinking of words to summarise the game. Unless you’re Monty Brewster from the 1985 American comedy film Brewster’s Millions, with a mission to burn $30 million in 30 days, there is no need to even think about playing Super StarTurns.

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