Super 7s

Super 7s (Pragmatic Play): Overview

Have you ever seen those videos of commuters during a Tokyo rush hour? It is difficult to fathom the crowd and crush that millions of people there endure on their way to work every single day. Platform guards forcefully push people onto trains with batons to fill every possible millimeter of carriage space to make room for the next wave. That’s kind of how the bloated fruit slot category feels. Like a packed train, Pragmatic Play is ramming one more bright, fruity themed slot into the writhing mass to not miss the next ride.

But let’s not be too hasty to write Super 7s off. Some fruit slots are known to hide a trick or two up their sleeves to drop on unsuspecting players. Take Joker Millions as an example. It might look pretty innocuous on the cover, but beneath the fruity exterior lurks a potentially devastating right hook ready to strike. Super 7s doesn’t have a jackpot like that one does, but let’s give it thorough dissection anyway before passing judgement.

First impressions are a little underwhelming unless this type of game is your jam. Symbols we’ll leave aside for now, to concentrate on the background image. What is it? A fogged-up bathroom mirror, a cold sweaty bottle of water, the game is so hot it makes you perspire? The pic is so realistic it could be a photo. It’s certainly more than a little baffling. The soundtrack brings it back to earth though with a funky 70s track. Like the real disco fad, it’s fun to begin with, but after a while, you might find your hand drifting towards the mute button to shut it down.

Game wise, Pragmatic has stuck with a typical 5×3 formula. Paylines are a lot lower than usual though with just 5 built into the game. It certainly makes it easy to keep track of winning combinations which are formed by three or more matching symbols. There are no second guesses what the symbols might be. The name and genre are a dead giveaway. Open up the paytable, and we find a grocery bag full of the healthy stuff. Starting off the table are plums, followed by pears, oranges, grapes, cherries, and bells. The top dog is the fiery ‘7’ symbol where five of a kind return a healthy 1,000 times the stake – the game’s main draw.

To get the fruit flying, players select bets from 5 p/c per spin up to £/€100 each. This time around, Pragmatic has toned down the volatility to a ‘mere’ 3.5 lightning bolts, which is still a medium/high level. That setting, along with an RTP of 96.5% drives a math model that does little to add any sort of excitement to the generic theme and gameplay. Wins may fall rather frequently, though the overall potential isn’t as high as usual either so there is a trade-off.

Super 7s (Pragmatic Play): Features

super 7s
1,000x max win triggered

This section will be pretty brief as there isn’t much in the way of features – just a scatter really. We could have mentioned that in the previous section as it doesn’t do anything particularly special. But, then there would be tumbleweeds blowing through as there is nothing else going on.

The special thing about the scatter is that it forms winning combinations no matter where it lands. Paylines have no effect so it pays out on three of a kind or more in any position. Super 7s’ USP is that players can win 1,000 times their stake on a single spin, yet it’s not the scatter that achieves this. Five will net you 250 times the stake, which isn’t bad, but it is a little unorthodox having a scatter that isn’t the game’s main event. Still, 3 or 4 of a kind are worth 10x and 50x the stake which provides a useful boost to the bankroll when they appear.

Super 7s (Pragmatic Play): Verdict

Truthfully speaking, the game doesn’t even try. It unselfconsciously does its thing, and if you didn’t think fruit slots couldn’t get any more generic, well. You almost have to admire the lack of effort that it puts into trying to impress or do anything remotely complicated, or interesting.

With that said, Super 7s is one of those games where players can breeze through 100s of spins and still have their bankroll sitting about where it started. Quite a departure from the last few Pragmatic Play slots we have played recently of which high volatile beasts like Release the Kraken or Aladdin and the Sorcerer spring to mind. Those two are slots with much higher potential, but where bankrolls can evaporate under math models that take no prisoners.

Super 7s is not like that at all, nor does it try to be. Pragmatic Play has no doubt built Super 7s for a very specific audience and players in that crowd will likely lap it right up in spite of its generic looks and feel. It has everything a fruit fanatic could ever ask for – super simple gameplay, a fast pace, no new-fangled features getting in the way – check. The paytable is lean, and you can win 1,000 times the stake for a line of ‘7s’. The volatility fits it like a glove, and the result is a slot that does what it sets out to do rather well actually – and absolutely nothing else. Players will love it or hate it without having to hit the spin button once.

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