Seven 7’s

Seven 7’s (Crazy Tooth Studio): Overview

If you like them fast and easy then Crazy Tooth Studio’s latest slot might be the one for you. Like we mentioned in the review of The Incredible Balloon Machine, this is a developer who isn’t afraid to produce the ‘unique, innovative’ slots they claim to dream up. Loads of developers state things like that, but Crazy Tooth Studio is one that delivers the goods. At least this time around we actually get reels. They certainly like to live out on the edge and try new things these Crazy Tooth people. Trailblazers run the risk of getting too far ahead of the crowd and having to wait for the rest to catch up. That, or their experiment fizzles into a dud. Any bets on what Seven 7’s will be? Let’s take a look.

It’s a lush looking game, you have to give it that. When it comes to theme, there’s talk about ocean, nautical, pirates, sailing, and mermaids. Themes can be subjective though, because it didn’t feel that way to us. The setting is like an old stately theater, all curtains and ropes, chrome and bronze. It has a 19th-century vibe to it that’s intriguing. Like one of those old traveling shows where curious members of the public could pay a penny for a peek behind the curtain. What first greets the curious player is one, yes one, reel with a single giant symbol on it. Beneath it is the jackpot, the value of which depends on the stake. Bet menu sits off to the side where players select stakes from 20 p/c to £/€10 per spin. Auto spins are a possibility as are turbo spins. The UI is small, unobtrusive and designed to stay clear of the main event which is the steampunk-ish graphics and atmosphere.

The paytable is super short and sweet. There are just three symbols involved – a Bar, a 2x, and the ‘7’. The bar is basically a placeholder, a blank space that results in dead spins. The seven is the star of the show and combinations of two or more return a payout. The 2x substitutes for the 7 and also doubles the prize amount. That’s it – hit spin, and away you go. Volatility is suitably high, given the potential jackpot on offer, and the RTP is a healthy 96.6%. With so little going on, there is a real danger of getting bored quickly, but a hit rate of 20.83% is there to help ensure just enough wins to keep players interested. With no extra features to speak of the game relies heavily on its looks, vibe, and hit rate to drum up interest.

Seven 7’s (Crazy Tooth Studio): Features

seven 7s
The Continuwin engine in action

The key to the game, the only rule really, is to land consecutive 7 symbols. The game mechanic is called the Continuwin and works like this; When a 7 lands, then another reel is added, and the game triggers a re-spin. If another 7 lands, another reel is added. This process repeats until no more 7’s land or up to seven of them do, in which case the jackpot is won. Prizes are awarded as so:

  • 2 of a kind pays 2x the stake.
  • 3 of a kind pays 10x the stake.
  • 4 of a kind pays 25x the stake.
  • 5 of a kind pays 75x the stake.
  • 6 of a kind pays 250x the stake.
  • 7 of a kind pays the 25,000x jackpot.

Once a win is paid out, then the game resets back to one reel. The only sort of extra is the 2x symbol, which is the Wild Multiplier. When it lands, it substitutes for a 7 symbol and also doubles the potential prizes. More than one can land in a sequence which again, doubles the prize each time. It can only land on reels 2, 3, 5, and 6, and does not increase the size of the jackpot.

Seven 7’s (Crazy Tooth Studio): Verdict

Seven 7’s is another experimental slot from Crazy Tooth Studio that needs to be experienced first-hand. It’s so different that there’s no other way of really telling if you will like this format or not. It is something of a shock at first with just one reel, one symbol, and one payline on the screen. The visual impact helps draw you in initially, with all the nice graphics, the zooming in and out and the interesting atmosphere. Get a few quick wins in, and you might want to stick around and see how far you can push it. Seven 7’s relies heavily on its pace to latch onto potential punters because there isn’t anything else to it. No bonus game to cross your fingers for, nothing but Bars, and 7’s and 2x symbols.

So it’s not a game that players are likely to play long term, but it has its moments. Its simplicity might appeal to the instant gratification players who like it hard and fast. With its volatility and decent jackpot, there are rewards there. Crazy Tooth Studio expects 7 of a kind symbols to land and trigger the 25,000 times the stake jackpot around once every 1 million spins. Compared to the number of spins required by some other slots to hit their max potential it is a reasonable enough figure.

Yet, after a solid test run there was little motivation to play the game again. There’s just not enough going on to pull you back. Still, it’s significantly more engaging than The Incredible Balloon Machine was and a great step forward for the provider. At least this time it feels like you are playing an actual slot rather than just inflating balloons and watching them pop. If you’re ever in a mood when a 3×3 fruit slot feels like a hassle, Seven 7’s might fit the bill. Slots don’t get much more streamlined and no-frills than this.

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