Sabertooth (WMS): Overview

Originally, it was believed that sabertooth tigers died out long before humans came onto the scene. However, scientists have recently uncovered evidence that suggests these some of these beasts were still around when our early ancestors dragged themselves onto two feet. It’s a terrifying thought and one that still echoes down through the years. Imagine then, a slot full of danger, the thrill of the hunt, the primal force and awesome power of nature. Now, erase all of that energy and what is left over is the Sabertooth slot.

First impressions are quite good. The background is lush and lively, and the 5 reels and 4 rows are populated with some well-drawn symbols. Pick a bet between 50 p/c and £/€500 and hit spin. That’s when things start to slide back to the prehistoric era with glacial speed animation. Turbo spins would have a fabulous addition to stave off the impatience that starts to creep in. The game plays a little jingle while the reels spin, but other than that it remains mostly silent. Sabertooth’s look and vibe instantly bring to mind a land-based slot machine. Understandable, since Sabertooth is a remake of a physical slot from WMS’s extensive back catalogue.

The symbols here are well-drawn, but the value is quite poor. Wagers are divided by the 50 paylines and wins are calculated against the line bet. At the bottom level are pears, plums, oranges, and cherries worth up to 2x the line bet. Mid-level symbols are watermelons, spearheads, and necklaces for 0.2 – 2x the line bet. The more desirable symbols are the rodent, dodo, rhino, and mammoth for 0.3 – 10x the line bet. In other words, not quite enough to win you over.

Impatience quickly turns to irritability over a disappointing RTP rating of 95.92% coupled with medium volatility. To get anywhere near hitting Sabertooth’s top prize will require betting at max level, but being £/€500 a pop puts that out of reach of most players.

Sabertooth (WMS): Features

sabertooth slot
Free spins feature in action

To get the most out of the game you need the Sabertooth character to intervene as much as possible. He appears on two symbols:

  • Sabertooth tiger face symbol – appears on the first reel as a wild which can sub for any symbol except the scatter.
  • The full-body sabertooth tiger symbol – appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 subs for the pay symbols.

When the Face Wild lands on reel 1 and the body wilds on any of the other reels the Sabertooth Nudge Bonus is activated with a slashing animation. The reel, or reels, with the body wild on them, shift so that the whole reel becomes wild.

The campfire symbol is the scatter which can appear anywhere on the gird. If 3 or more land on adjacent reels, starting at reel 1, then they trigger 8 Free Spins as well as paying out from 2x to 50x the total bet. During free spins, the background and symbols shift into Ice Age mode, though their values remain the same. During this feature, 8 more free spins can be unlocked in the manner mentioned above.

Sabertooth (WMS): Verdict

WMS is a well-established slot provider that has dropped a few unique slots over its many years in the business. Sadly, Sabertooth is far from being one of them. If you are in the mood for a nature-themed slot from WMS, then the classic Raging Rhino, or the more recently released Raging Rhino Megaways with its 10,000x+ top prize, is a far more enticing prospect than Sabertooth.

What lets Sabertooth down is the slow pace of its action, a relatively high minimum bet size (will deter most low-rollers), the bland medium variance gameplay, and low RTP. The top prize of 500x will come from landing a full screen wilds or mammoth’s, but even that is going to be quite a task to ever reach. And at the game’s speed, we’ll probably be halfway into the next ice age before it drops.

So why play here when there are better options elsewhere? Aside from the theoretical jackpot, prehistory buffs or nature lovers might be tempted to have a crack, other than that not much. Maybe players who want to pretend they are playing the land-based version at home? Yes, we are clutching at straws now. The fact is that Sabertooth theme slots might be rare, but they have been done to a higher standard before. Indeed one could argue that Sabretooth is simply an annoying copy of Quickspin’s Razortooth.

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes Sabertooth such a dull experience. It lacks excitement and passion, there is no x-factor that makes you want to hit the spin button or a thrill that should come with doing so. Sabertooth Tigers were meant to be huge raging beasts that stalked and terrified their prey. It’s a shame then that a bit more of that angst was not channeled into Sabertooth the slot.

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Sabertooth (WMS): Overview Originally, it was believed that sabertooth tigers died out long before humans came onto the scene. However, scientists have recently uncovered evidence…