Rising Royals

Rising Royals : Overview

Just for the Win’s new slot continues their tradition of making gorgeous looking games that belie a medium volatility with low returns. Royal themed slots pop up from time to time but aren’t all that common. There is an opportunity there for developers to make a big impact and stake a claim in a fairly sparse category. Competition includes slots such as the LeoVegas original Royal Family from Yggdrasil and Play n’ GO’s Royal Masquerade. So, how does Rising Royals measure up?

First is the royal theme which has a lot of promise due to the rich, overblown imagery that could be used. Where Royal Masquerade was based around the Italian upper classes, Rising Royals focuses on 18th Century France. As we know, the French Aristocracy famously came to a sticky end during the Revolution. The lower classes, tired of being oppressed by their self-proclaimed betters, rose up and took back control in a sea of blood and executions. In a way, Rising Royals has managed to capture the spirit of the age quite accurately in this new slot. After a few spins, players will get a glimpse of how an exploited French worker back then might have felt.

The 18th-century upper class lived unbelievable lives of luxury. We are talking bling that continues to amaze even today. The huge palace on load screen is an example of such ostentatiousness. When the 5×3, 20-payline reel set, flanked by shimmering chandeliers grace the screen, it’s hard not to produce an involuntary gasp. The graphics, typical of Just for the Win, are pretty indeed – bright and rich in colour. But don’t let them dazzle you. There is less to this game than initially meets the eye.

The first let down occurs when you visit the paytable. For starters, there aren’t many symbols, and their values are pitiful. The low pay J – A symbols start things off with 0.8x to 3x the stake. There are four high pay symbols comprised of a curly-haired lesser noble, a duchess, a duke and the game’s logo. Payouts for these symbols start at 1x and go as high as 15 times your stake for five of the logo. Not exactly the princely sum you would expect from the cashed-up aristocratic set.

Bets start at 10 c/p and can be set as high as £/€250 per spin. For that, players get a decent RTP of 96.01% and medium volatility. The game does tend to payout frequently, but wins are frustratingly low – even when locking in a good number of the high pay symbols. Usually, in this situation, you could count on a bundle of extra features to come swooping in to save the day, alas…

Rising Royals : Features

rising royals
Respins feature in action

Rising Royals is surprisingly light on features. There are two that work in tandem – a Respin feature which can also trigger a symbol upgrade. How it works is that when a combination of high pay symbols land, they are locked in place and trigger a respin. If another high pay combination or more symbols from the first combo land, they are locked into place as well. This process repeats until no more appropriate symbols land, or the reels are covered in locked symbols, then the player is paid out.

In addition, each time there is a symbol lock the chandelier meter on the side of the reels lights up. There are three sections, and when they are all lit, the locked symbols get Upgraded to the next highest on the paytable. The process can be repeated. So if the meter is filled again then the symbols are upgraded once more to the next highest level.

As far as features go it works quite well. In combination with a multiplier, or higher value symbols, it could have been pretty potent. As it is, it does get a tad repetitive, and the returns just aren’t enough to keep you hitting the spin button. It’s not mandatory that a game offers a wild or scatter of course, and slots can achieve greatness without them. But, in the case of Royals Rising they would not have gone amiss.

Rising Royals: Verdict

Once again Just for the Win has produced another pretty yet unexciting low-value slot. It begs the question, who is playing these games? Because there must be a lot of satisfied punters lapping these games up to justify the steady stream that are churned out. The answer must be recreational gamers happy with regular low value wins to keep the spins ticking over.

Low symbol values aren’t necessarily a cause for concern – as long as a slot’s features are able to work with them to create decent wins. Sadly, that is missing, and Rising Royal’s features don’t come anywhere close to providing much intensity. With a top prize of around 300 times your stake why bother? The respins/upgrade feature is okay, but the game is screaming out for more. Multipliers, free spins, or a wild at the least could have provided more thrills. But, the French Aristocracy was never known for its generosity, so let them eat cake we guess. In that way you could say Just for the Win have captured the essence of 18th Century French Aristocracy nicely.

In the royal/aristocrat slot category, Rising Royals has come up short against the competition. Royal Masquerade, for example, keeps things to the point with a solid top prize and extreme volatility, not to mention a lot more extra features. The bottom line is if you are in the mood for gambling with royalty, there are better options out there.

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