Rise of the Genie Slot

Rise of the Genie Slot

Rise of the Genie Slot Overview

Rise of the Genie is a new casino slot from iSoftBet where we get to collect wins on three ladders, making them more and more valuable. You better watch your back all the time though, because the evil Genie can appear and steal all your wins that you haven’t cashed out. Do you have the courage to climb the ladders all the way with the possibility of winning 500X the bet, or will you opt-out before that to save your money from the Genie?

Base game

Rise of the Genie is a video slot from iSoftBet with 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines. Players can choose to bet from the Min.bet of 0.20 to the Max.bet of 20. The RTP is 96.46% for players who never collect their money from the ladders and 95.08% if the wins are always collected. Rise of the Genie has medium volatility and a max win of 500X the bet. The hit frequency of 24.8% means that about every fourth spin is a win.

This game is all about avoiding the evil Genie from stealing your money. This mystical world offers some helpful tools in the features Wild Symbol, Prize Ladders, Cash Pot, Instant Pays, and Evil Genie.

Rise of the Genie Slot Information

This slot doesn’t look like the regular slot, and a big reason for that is the gamified win ladders that let the player choose to either collect the money and start over from the beginning or continue climbing the ladders risking that the Genie will turn up and steal it all. The 3×3 grid is placed to the left of the screen. It has a glimmering golden frame, and we can glimpse some ancient desert town in the background. Let’s just assume that we’re in Egypt; it is a common destination for casino slots.

To the right of the grid are the 3 prize ladders, displaying how much every step pays. The game has 3 different symbols in 3 different colors. To make a win, you’ll need to land 2 or 3 of the same symbols with the same color on any of the 5 paylines. Three of the paylines run horizontally from left to right, and the other two run diagonally, from the top left corner to the bottom right and from the bottom left corner to the upper right. Every win on any of the three prize ladders is added together in a cash pot that the player can choose to collect at any time. Climbing the ladders will result in bigger and bigger wins, but if the Genie turns up on a spin, he will steal all the money in the cash pot. All prize ladders will be reset whenever the player collects the cash pot.

The 3 ladders pay different amounts, with the left one being the least valuable, paying up to 50X the bet. The right ladder can pay up to 120X the bet, and the middle one can pay up to 500X the bet. The lower-paying symbol in Rise of the Genie is a flower that can give you 1-4 steps on the left ladder, depending on its color and if you landed 2 or 3. The medium-paying symbol is a book that can give you 1-4 steps on the right ladder, and the high-paying symbol is the Genie’s lamp, giving 1-4 steps on the middle ladder.

All the symbols come in green, blue, or red, with the green ones being least valuable and the red ones most valuable. This is how many steps on each ladder each winning combination will result in.

2 green symbols = 1 step

2 blue symbols = 2 steps

2 red symbols = 3 steps

3 green symbols = 2 steps

3 blue symbols = 3 steps

3 red symbols = 4 steps

There’s also a wild symbol that can land on the middle reel.

Rise of the Genie Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Rise of the Genie?

You can win up to 500X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Rise of the Genie?

The features are Wild Symbol, Prize Ladders, Cash Pot, Instant Pays, and Evil Genie.


Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is purple and golden. It substitutes all symbols and can only appear on the second reel.

Prize Ladders

The left and the right prize ladders have 8 steps, while the middle one has 12. This is how much each step on the ladder pays.

The max win on each ladder is 50X the bet on the left one, 120X the bet on the right one, and 500X the bet on the one in the middle. Those wins can be obtained in the Instant Pays feature.

Cash Pot

The Cash Pot is displayed below the ladders. The sum of the pot is the total value of all the three ladders. The money belongs to the player, but remember that none of it is safe until you have pressed the collect button next to the Cash Pot. Whenever the Cash Pot is collected, all three ladders are being reset, and you’ll start climbing on them from the bottom again. If you climb all the way to the top on one of the ladders, you’ll activate the Instant Pays feature.

Instant Pays

Instant Pays

The Instant Pays become active when you reach the top of any of the ladders. The prize is displayed in the Instant Pay panel, and the player must collect the Instant Pays prize before spinning again. If the player collects the Cash Pot at the same time, all ladders are being reset. If the player only collects the Instant Pays, the ladder will stay on top with the possibility of landing a new Instant Pays prize. For every step you win on an already full ladder, the Instant Pays will pay 2.5X, 6X, and 25X, respectively. Landing the same symbol in red on all positions will award 20 steps, meaning that the max win for each ladder is 50X, 120X, and 500X the bet.

Evil Genie

Evil Genie

There’s no other word than evil for this Genie. If you’re familiar with the Middle-Eastern folktale Aladdin, portrayed in movies by Disney, you probably consider the Genie to be a good guy. This one doesn’t grant any wishes though. The Genie in Rise of the Genie triggers randomly on any spin. When it happens, the Genie steals all the money in the cash pot, and the player has to start over from scratch on the Prize Ladders. Sometimes, the Genie flashes through on a spin without appearing again. It is when he appears completely after a spin that he will steal the money while laughing.

Rise of the Genie Slot Conclusion

A 3X3 slot may sound like something very basic, especially considering this game doesn’t have a free spins feature. The gamified setup that lets the player take control over the game and decide to continue gambling with the risk of meeting the Genie or baling out and taking the win makes Rise of the Genie far from basic. It’s like playing a constant gamble feature that makes you stay alert all the time. Sometimes, the Genie can give the player a smaller heart attack by flashing through without appearing at the end. The game demands more attention from the player than the usual casino slot, and it’s therefore not possible to play it with auto-spins.

According to the statistics, it’s in general better to play risky and do the gambling than collect the wins. If you never collect a win (more than the Instant Pays that you must collect), the RTP is 96.46%. That is a pretty good RTP, a bit above the average slot RTP. If you, on the other hand, always collect the Cash Pot, the RTP drops to 95.08%. Rise of the Genie has medium volatility, which suits the game perfectly. There’s a constant excitement, with the risk of the Genie turning up on every spin, that makes the gaming experience great. The max win of 500X the bet also feels reasonable, taking that in mind. If you’re looking for another slot based on a folktale with higher volatility, iSoftBet recently released Merlin’s Revenge Megaways with a max win of 28988X the bet and the Musketeer Megaways with an even higher max win of 33980X the bet.

Rise of the Genie from iSoftBet lets the player climb on prize ladders that can bring bigger and bigger wins until the evil Genie turns up and steals it all from the player.

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