Regal Beasts

Regal Beasts: Slot Overview

Players get the chance to pledge their fealty to a house banner in developer Red Tiger’s medieval flavoured slot Regal Beasts. Using sleight of hand tricks, full line winning combinations can be anywhere from 5 to 15 symbols long. This Symbols Strength mechanic is joined by Regal Wilds and Regal Spins which might not produce much overall potential, but full-screen wins can be high when the right elements converge.

Understated isn’t a bad word to describe Regal Beasts’ look where a 5-reel, 10-payline game area sits against a heraldic backdrop image. Red Tiger does like their Au, so you’ll find plenty of gold making up the trim alongside flowing blue and crimson ribbons. It’s a simple, yet elegant design, suiting the regal theme Red Tiger has used. There is a Game of Thrones vibe going on here too, which is a little hard to avoid when going for the heraldic angle. Martin’s books were full of medieval pageantry, tying whole populations to lords, kings, and banners.

regal beasts slot

Regal Beasts can be played on any device, offering stake options of 10 p/c to £/€40 per spin. When you read the numbers, you get the feeling this coat of arms was made for one of the minor principalities rather than a vast kingdom. Volatility has been rated 4 out of 5, or medium-high, while RTP has a default value of 95.73%. What makes the game feel more like house Tarly rather than Lannister is its potential, which we’ll get to in the verdict.

Heraldic imagery first came into widespread use amongst the European nobility around the 12th century. The concept quickly caught on, adding next level gravitas to the lowliest noble, or wannabe lord. Eventually, it seems everyone above the level of commoner had to have one or risk being left out, leading to an explosion in coats of arms. As such, they often display the most random imagery, such as unicorns, dodos, and dudes with snake neckties to be unique. Red Tiger keeps the coats of arms in Regal Beasts relatable by using commonplace creatures.

The beasts in the title appear as the four high paying symbols so look out for lions, dragons, Cerberus, and eagles. Expressing values is a little more complicated than usual due to the Symbol Strength feature. As an indicator, five premiums are worth 2 to 4 times the stake. However, landing 15 of a kind improves that amount up to 80-160 times the stake. Finishing off the table are 10 to A card royals making up the lows.

Symbols can land stacked so full-screen wins are certainly on the cards. A full grid of single symbols isn’t exciting, the highest pays out just 40x the bet in this scenario, but symbols can be upgraded via the Symbol Strength feature, drastically altering their value. There are three forms – a single, a double and a triple version. A double counts as two symbols, and a triple counts as three. If you are wondering, in the case of triple symbols, landing just one will result in a payline win.

Regal Beasts: Slot Features

As well as the symbol strength mechanic, player are helped by Regal Wilds in the base and bonus game as well as Regal Spins which, when retriggered, leads to some of the game’s adrenaline-filled moments.

During base game play, keep an eye on the golden orb located beneath the reels which may randomly activate on any spin. When it does, a number of Regal Wilds are added to the reels, thus increasing the hit rate significantly.

Just like regular symbols, the scatter comes in single, double, and triple forms. When the equivalent of 3 single scatters land, 9 Regal Spins are awarded. If you land more than 3, then each extra additional single scatter is worth +3 free spins, up to a maximum of 45. On the first trigger, all single symbols are upgraded to doubles. Should Regal Spins be retriggered, then regular symbols and wilds are all upgraded to triple symbols. Moreover, in free spins, the golden orb activates on every spin where Regal Wilds are upgraded to doubles at the minimum.

Regal Beasts: Slot Verdict

Regal Beasts is an attractive slot from Red Tiger with a theme you don’t see every day, bundled with a few sweet features. NetEnt did the double symbol thing way back in 2013 in Flowers, so it’s not exactly a new concept though finding triple symbols in a game is less common. It means landing just one triple symbol triggers a payout, and full lines of them produce a neat thrill. Singles morphing to doubles then to triples looks nice too since the images become statelier as they progress. This squeezing more symbols into the same position is a little like Megaclusters, though in a dialled back form.

Where Regal Beasts falls short is when we turn to the topic of max win. So much so, it’ll no doubt be a deciding factor for some players, in particular the hardcore crowd. Modest wins cut through most phases of the game, unless you manage to pull in a load of triple upgraded symbols, then it can be quite exciting. Regal Beasts max win is 2,078x the bet, but full screens can produce juicy wins when triple symbols light up the board. When that happens, a grid of triple premiums is worth 800 to 1600 times the bet. Wilds are worth even more (2,000x) yet a full screen of triple wilds feels pretty darn unlikely to occur very often. Until then, the base game benefits from the odd Regal Wild or two, though it struggles to keep up at times.

Regal Beasts is another good looking Red Tiger game, boasting a pretty neat Symbol Strength feature that’s worth checking out to see if it’s your thing. The low max win might be a deal-breaker, but single spin wins can be impressive, especially if you manage to retrigger free spins.

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