Reel Rush 2

Reel Rush 2 (NetEnt): Overview

If you thought that the original Reel Rush slot by NetEnt was a sweet candy feast of expanding win ways, symbols and extras, ‘you ain’t seen nothing’ as the saying goes. The updated version, Reel Rush 2, has so many extras bolted on that just reading them might seem like a tiring experience. The plus side is, that when you see them in action, they take fun to a whole new dimension.

If you haven’t played the original before, the look of the second is very similar. We get the same retro styling ported straight from a Super Nintendo game coupled with a Candy Crush like vibe. The result is a super bright, explosion of colour – don’t be quick to write it off as too cutesy though. Reel Rush 2 possesses bags of entertainment value to go with quite a high payout potential that makes learning the rules worthwhile.

The first obvious upgrade is the train tracks that run across the bottom of the reels. On each spin, a three carriage train comes to a halt bearing extra features that are launched into the game (see below). Speaking of reels, we get 5 of them along with a 1-3-5-3-1 row format. Blocks cover the remaining tiles and players reap rewards when they are removed. Re-spins and extras can remove unlock the blocks and expand the setup to a complete 5×5 grid, boosting win ways from 45 up to 3,125.

It all starts with choosing a bet level from 1 – 10 and a coin value from 0.01 to 0.5. This results in total wagers of 20p/c up to £/€100 per spin. Like varying bet levels, the RTP also swings from a slightly low 95.53% – 96.58% depending on your free spins strategy (more on that later). A bit less than the 97% RTP of the original, though both games share a medium variance mathematical design. Standalone symbol values are a mixed bag with coloured sweets representing the lower-value symbols while fruit candies make up the high value symbols worth from 0.5 to 8 times your stake. Part 2 also wins out in the payout category as it has a significantly higher top prize.

Reel Rush 2 (NetEnt): Features

reel rush 2
Reel Rush 2 free spins feature

Boy, where do we begin? Let’s start with the easy one – the standard Wild which appears on reels 2-5 and substitutes for all other symbols. The Wild is active during the base game, as well as the Free Spins, Super Free Spins, and Re-Spins.

Up to 3 Random Modifiers can be triggered on each spin from the train below the reels. There are 8 in total:

  • Multiplier Boost – increases the Progressive Multiplier Meter by 1. This can happen more than once on a spin.
  • Extra Super Tokens – between 3 and 15 tokens are deposited in the Super Token Meter.
  • Extra Free Spins – this can land during Free Spins or Super Free Spins and adds one to the total.
  • Symbol Upgrade – a symbol is randomly selected and upgraded to the one above it on the paytable. This applies to all of that type of symbol visible on the reels.
  • Symbol Multiplier – a symbol is selected randomly (barring the Wild) and receives a multiplier of x5, x10, x15, or x20 for all winners that include it. This can happen more than once and to more than one type of symbol.
  • Random Wilds – 1 to 3 Wilds are tossed at random onto the grid in an allowable spot (not on another Wild, a block, or on the first reel).
  • Block Breaker – a little gun turret fires on the grid removing 2 or 4 blocks to reveal the symbols beneath. If this manages to destroy the last few blocks and completely clear the grid it will trigger the Free Spins feature.
  • Second Chance – if no winner has landed this extra will trigger a re-spin.

Whenever a winning combination lands during the main game, it triggers a Re-Spin. This can occur up to 5 times at the most. With each extra spin, more bet ways are unlocked up to a total of 1,875 ways to win in the base game with all tiles unlocked. Unlock a block, and you receive 1-5 super tokens straight away. They can also be accumulated through the modifiers, by gambling them, or buying them.

On the right side of the screen is the Free Spins meter. Whenever two blocks are removed, one star is added to it. Fill the meter and remove all the blocks, and the action moves to the Free Spins screen. If you have collected 2000 Super Tokens, then the Super Free Spins are automatically launched. Otherwise, you have three choices – buy Super Tokens to reach 2000, gamble the tokens you have, or just launch the standard Free Spins section. Either way, you start with 8 Super/Standard Free Spins.

  • Standard Free Spins – played on a fully unlocked 3,125 ways to win reel set.
  • Super Free Spins – played on a fully unlocked 3,125 ways to win reel set with a progressive multiplier. The progressive multiplier increases each time a win occurs or when the multiplier boost random modifier is activated.

Reel Rush 2 (NetEnt): Verdict

Reel Rush 2 is a full smorgasbord of features. It has taken the best parts of the first game and rammed on a stack of extras. When developers take this approach there is always a danger of overloading players with details and complexity and bogging the game down. Fortunately this never happens with Reel Rush 2. Despite how much activity is going on, the pace is insane and the game is never in risk of getting bogged down. If anything, the extras fire the action up further and really make it fly.

The other danger in using this approach is coming off as a cheap attention grabber. Again, this never comes through while playing Reel Rush 2. Each part has been perfectly crafted to work with the other parts and no one single element overwhelms the other.

In short, Reel Rush 2 is a fun-filled slot that never lets up once the action begins. And with a top prize of 5,000 times your stake, this slot has the goods to attract jackpot hunters as well as video game enthusiasts.

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