Reel Lucky King Megaways

Reel Lucky King Megaways: Slot Overview

The good old Reel King is back in Inspired Gaming’s third slot to use the regal chap in a Megaways game. This one recycles a bunch of features from the previous two outings Reel King Megaways and Christmas version Santa King Megaways, and runs it through one of the least original, yet always dependable themes – a jolly Irish one. The result does feel a little forced, a little unnecessary since there isn’t much here we haven’t experienced before. And yet, it’s not for nothing the unstoppable Reel King franchise rolls on with scant regard to cutting edge originality.

reel lucky king megaways
Reel Lucky King Megaways – base game

Well, you know you’re in Ireland thanks to the rainbow and jolly tune jigging away in the background. Other than a few peripherals, Reel Lucky King Megaways doesn’t have a huge Irish feel. That could either be a good or bad thing depending on whether you want your Irish slots to be a raging Celtic exposé or a something a little more subtle. Either way, you know you’ve latched onto the Reel King wagon due to things like lit reels, symbols, dings, and of course, the cheerful chap popping up all over the place.

Highly volatile and playable from 20 p/c to £/€20, the action takes place on a Megaways powered grid comprised of 6 reels of up to 7 symbols each as well as a 4-position reel spinning horizontally up top. Megaways means a different number of symbols on each spin, producing 324 to 117,649 ways to win. For Reel Lucky King Megaways, players get the same 95.56% RTP found on the Christmas version – a drop of 0.67% compared to the first.

Symbols used here have a familiar Reel King ring to them, not only in appearance but also in their unorthodox hierarchy. From bottom to top we find cherries, plums, watermelons, then 9-A royals, capped by a pot of gold. A line of six royals will get you 1 – 7.5 times your stake, trumped by the top premium worth 50x. Not only does the pot of gold pay the most, it also pays a smaller amount for a two of a kind combination as well. Horseshoes have a reputation for good luck, and in Reel Lucky King Megaways they are used as the wild, substituting for any normal pay symbol.

Reel Lucky King Megaways: Slot Features

reel lucky king megaways
Reel Lucky King Megaways – free spins

You’re never short of things to look out for while playing Reel Lucky King Megaways which comes packed with cascades, Lit Reels, a Reel Lucky King feature, free spins, and a Spin Chance.

As with most Megaways slots, Cascades are central to the action and occur after every win, removing the winning symbols so new ones can fall into the spaces. Cascades continue to line up wins, until no new winning combinations appear. When maxed out, number of ways can reach up to 117,649.

Lit reels are a classic feature, where during the base game up to six reels turn yellow, accompanied by a ‘Ding!’ effect. Dings occur left to right, and one extra reel is lit yellow for each subsequent cascade. Turning all 6 yellow triggers the Reel King feature, then one more cascade awards the Super King feature, or even one more to get the Lucky King feature rolling. Alternatively, 6 consecutive cascades in a sequence are enough to enter the feature as well.

When the feature is active special Reel Kings with mini slots overlay the reels while a free spins trail appears at the top. The number of each depends on the level triggered:

  • Reel King – 1 to 2 Reel Kings + 8 to 15 free spins.
  • Super King – 2 to 3 Reel Kings + 8 to 20 free spins.
  • Lucky King – 3 to 6 Reel Kings + 8 to 25 free spins.

Each Reel King spins its own mini slot which awards cash prizes up to 10x the bet, or moves players along the free spin trail. When a Reel King lands a losing combination and has less than three lit reels it disappears from the reels. When all Reel Kings disappear, the feature ends. If free spins have been activated on the trail, play moves to them next. Otherwise, it’s back to the base game.

If players have won less than 25 free spins, they have the chance to gamble to win more, or gamble their coin wins from the Reel King slots for the chance to win 6 free spins. The free spins feature starts with an x1 win multiplier which increases by +1 following each cascade. Also, reels light up red, left to right following cascades as well. When all six are lit, the Reel King appears to increase the win multiplier by up to +3 to add up to 3 free spins.

The final extra is the Spin Chance. If your balance drops below the current spin cost, you get one more chance to play – provided you win a gamble feature involving a wheel of fortune type device with red and green segments.

Reel Lucky King Megaways: Slot Verdict

Thanks to the star power of Megaways, Reel Lucky King Megaways is a game that has a broader appeal than a typical Reel King slot while still serving up the old school charm a fan might go for. In that sense, you can see why Inspired is firing these off at a steady rate. The King is one of those iconic figures, a slots celebrity if you will, with a readily formed crowd of enthusiastic players keen to spin whatever comes their way.

Yet, is Inspired pushing loyalty too far since Reel Lucky King Megaways is basically Reel King Megaways with some Irish-ness and less appealing stats? One key difference is the RTP drop, making it a less enticing option for those who like to inspect figures before having a bash. Others might not be so bothered by a less than 1% reduction. For them, Megaways plus the King in an Irish setting might be just what they were looking for.

So yeah, you can see Inspired’s point from a financial perspective, but it doesn’t really make for super compelling gaming. Perhaps if there was the slightest twist it might make Reel Lucky King Megaways a must-see for certain players. Even the theme’s pretty lifeless, with just a rainbow and some admittedly jolly Irish music to provide a cultural experience. Unless you have insane levels of FOMO in regards to anything with the words Reel King in the title, you won’t miss anything by sidestepping this one.

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