Realm of Legends

Realm of Legends: Slot Overview

Developer Blueprint Gaming edge deeper into grid slot territory with a mythologically themed game called Realm of Legends. So far when it comes to grid slots, Blueprint seems to swing between fantasy and candy, with Realm of Legends firmly in the former category. Centered around four beasts symbolizing the game’s four modifiers, Realm of Legends is played on a 7×7 sized grid, dropping 49 symbols on each new spin. The game world looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings, where misty mountains loom over valleys, woodland areas, and waterfalls. Blueprint calls it a ‘realm of might and magic‘ which is as good a description as any. The soundtrack is certainly dramatic, made up of an orchestral piece with a bunch of chanting going on over the top.

realm of legends slot

Players take on the titans in Realm of Legends on any device, picking bets from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. Officially noted as medium volatile by Blueprint Gaming, the game was as unpredictable as it gets during testing. From metaphorically trudging through Mordor, to sleeping in Elven tree houses, Realm of Legends was all over the place while we played it. It did settle into a semi-rhythm eventually and possess a quite high RTP rating of 96.46%. In Realms of Legend, wins are paid when clusters of matching symbols land. They must connect vertically or horizontally and sit in groups of 5 or more to count. When a winning cluster forms, it is removed from the grid, allowing symbols to fall into the empty spaces, so more winners may occur. When there are no more wins in a sequence, the next spin takes place.

Players make clusters out of 8 different pay symbols. Four are low pay circles coloured green, blue, red, and yellow worth the same amount when they pay. Next are four picture symbols representing the quartet of beasts – Medusa, the Minotaur, a Firefly, and the Cyclops worth 100x to 1,000x the stake for a cluster made up of 25+ symbols. The wild also pays out 1,00x the stake, but only for a 25+ size cluster so good luck with that one. It also helps form wins by substituting for anything except the scatter.

Realm of Legends: Slot Features

In the spirit of grid slots like Reactoonz, modifiers are triggered when a certain number of winning symbols are collected. There is a difference in that free spins require bonus symbols to unlock.

Whenever a cluster forms, the number of symbols involved in the win is collected in the symbol bank located to the top left of the screen. Once a specified number of symbols are collected, then a respective modifier is awarded. If enough symbols are collected to trigger more than one modifier, then they play out one at a time, in this order;

  • 20 symbols collected unleashes Medusa who removes all paying symbols except for her own from the grid which is then refilled with new symbols.
  • 40 symbols collected awards the Minotaur who places wilds on the grid. It’s possible some wilds will have multipliers attached.
  • 60 symbols collected activate the Fire Sprite who burns away all low pay symbols, leaving the highs. The highs all drop to the bottom before the rest of the grid is filled only with new wilds or high pays.
  • 80 symbols in the pot lets the Cyclops loose. This guy upgrades one higher-paying symbol type to the Cyclops symbol.

If 5 scatter symbols appear on the board, free spins are activated. Once triggered, 7 Legend Falls are awarded. During free spins, it takes half the amount of collected symbols to win the four beasts covered above, meaning more modifier activity on the grid. Bonus symbols continue to land, so five collected adds 7 more Legend Spins to the remaining amount.

Realm of Legends: Slot Verdict

Realm of Legends was a game that took a while to reveal what it could do. At first, we must have struck a rough patch where the wins were few, far between, and the game moved at a sluggish pace. It lacked the kind of flow you could just cast off and go with. Modifiers didn’t trigger as often as they do in other grid slots meaning the pace was turgid at best. Dead spins, minimal wins, or getting close took up a significant chunk of the playing time which didn’t add up to a bunch of fun. For a while, it chugged along in a clunky stop, start type way.

Yet catch it when it’s in the mood and Realm of Legends has the ability to provide a fair amount of entertainment. The modifiers can be quite useful, especially the cyclops. If you make it all the way to the one-eyed brute, something pretty decent will usually come your way. As you’d expect, free spins are a lot more thrill-inducing. Needing a lower number of symbols to trigger the four extras makes a big difference. It can lead to nice long win chains where modifier after modifier leaps onto the board. If you’re lucky and get the right symbols in the right place, maybe toss in a multiplier wild of two then valuable clusters are on the cards.

Like the rest of the game, free spins are highly temperamental as well. Testing turned up 500x+ payouts down to loose change wins, and everything in between from them. Max wins are capped at 50,000 times the stake as they are in many Blueprint games, so take that with a big grain of salt rather than aim to achieve it.

To sum up, Realm of Legends has the goods to provide hearty, entertaining gaming, and the theme is alright, though it’s nothing super intriguing overall. For a mythologically themed grid slot, it’s an okay option, but as far these types of games go there are others that rate higher.

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