Reactoonz (Play’n GO): Review

Reactoonz is a 7×7 cluster pays slot with cascading symbols. Symbols drop down onto the grid to form winning combinations whilst wins are achieved by landing five or more symbols in a connected cluster – horizontally and/or vertically. Winning symbols are removed and new symbols drop in to fill the grid. The game continues to cascade until no new winning combinations can be created.

All wins during a game round contribute to increasing the Quantum Leap charge meters one by one. When a charge meter is fully charged, one of the following quantum feature is added to the queue randomly:

  • Implosion: Transforms 3 to 6 symbols into wild symbols, while also destroying all adjacent symbols
  • Alteration: Chooses 1 random one-eyed symbol, and all matching symbols turn into another symbol. In case if there are no one-eyed symbols on the grid, feature can choose any available symbol
  • Demolition: Destroys all one-eyed symbols and all matching symbols
  • Incision: Cuts a wild symbol into the centre, and creates two intersecting diagonal lines through the grid. Both lines will show the same random symbol.


When all five meters are fully charged, the Gargantoon feature is added to the queue. The Gargantoon first adds a 3×3 wild symbol to the grid in a random position. If no more cascades are possible, it first becomes two 2×2 wild symbols before finally ending up as nine 1×1 wild symbols.

New symbols drop down from the top to fill the grid before each move. If no more cascades are possible, the Quantum features in the queue are triggered. The game round continues normally, allowing the charge meters to charge up for more effects, possibly creating additional wins. Charge meters reset only at the end of the game round, if there are no more winning combinations present.

On any initial non-winning spin, there is a chance for the Gargantoon to drop 4 to 8 wild symbols onto the grid. 4 matching normal symbols adjacent to each other in a square shape automatically form Giantoonz. Wins are doubled in any winning combinations if one or more Giantoonz are part of it. One random one-eyed symbol type is marked as fluctuating symbol in each spin. If any of the marked symbols are part of a winning combination, they leave 2 wild symbols behind. Wilds substitute for all normal symbols.

Reactoonz (Play’n GO): Verdict

Initially, Reactoonz may come across as a bit confusing and complicated so you just have to sort of go with it and see what happens until you start to get the hang of it. Play’n GO have specialized in these types of cluster slots which have become extremely popular. The potential is certainly there and the main game allows for a lot of action and tension while trying to charge the meters. The game engine is outstanding as is the mathematical model which is well balanced in spite of its volatile nature.

Beware though, Reactoonz can be extremely tilting. It’s not uncommon to reach the 3rd or 4th bar just to see the progress vanish in a heartbeat. Moreover, expect the Gargantoon to position itself in the worst possible place on the grid as well. Overall, however, Reactoonz is not only one of Play’n GO’s finest cluster slots, it’s also one of their best games ever released to date.

Don’t Miss…

Some three years following the release of the original Reactoonz, Play’n GO finally launched a sequel. Simply titled Reactoonz 2, it comes with slightly higher win potential and a whole new set of modifiers. There’s also a Gigantoonz slot which takes the story of the Toonz even further, you might want to have a look at that one as well.

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