Ramses’ Revenge

Ramses’ Revenge: Slot Overview

Relax Gaming don’t explicitly state this in the game, but the name Ramses usually refers to Ramses II, the third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty. He was also known as Ramses the Great on account of being considered the greatest Pharaoh of all time. In between hammering Syria and North Africa, the guy kept busy building some of the most incredible structures of ancient times. Statues of Ramses have survived remarkably intact down to modern times; his impressively goateed visage recreated countless times over.

ramses revenge slot
Ramses’ Revenge – free spins

This time he stars in Relax Gaming’s Egyptian themed slot Ramses’ Revenge. The mummified royal is seeking payback on a hapless explorer for ransacking his tomb. When you see the wee sprites populating the 5×5 grid, you might think the name is just a catchy title. However, Ramses’ Revenge is no walk in the park. It might appear sweet, but the game can bite, or in this case, get revenge. The saving grace is the free spins, which are a lot more potent than they might first appear.

On the topic of appearance, Ramses’ Revenge has a strongly familiar Relax Gaming look to it. Titles like Snake Arena and Marching Legions with its bird’s eye view of the action come to mind. In this case, the grid sits in a crumbing courtyard surrounded by columns, stone flooring, and smatterings of hieroglyphics. A sleepy Arabic soundtrack meanders away producing a relaxing feel, as the onscreen exploits unfold.

Ramses gets his revenge on any device, offering bets from 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin. While RTP is slightly above average on 96.15%, in the short term the high volatility ensures anything can happen. From base game grinds to bonus games that occasionally fire off a big one out of nowhere, the game can swing in all directions.

Relax made the agreeable choice of using a 4,096 win ways system for players to form combinations. Rows are irrelevant, so as long as three or more identical symbols are adjacent from the leftmost reel you’ve got a winner. In another nice touch, when symbols start to line up, they become indented by sinking into the floor, so you can see exactly which ones are winning or not. A small thing, but handy nonetheless and much cleaner than the way Red Tiger handle things for example, who completely clutter the screen with their payline count-ups.

The symbols used have a compact icon-y look reminiscent of collectable game tokens. There are eight regular pay symbols, split into four low pay patterns, and high pay gods. The high pays include Anubis, Sobek, Horus, and Ramses at the top. This four are worth payouts of 1.5 to 4 times the bet in combinations of six of a kind. Not huge, yet the pay mechanic helps, as do wild multipliers during the bonus.

Ramses’ Revenge: Slot Features

For the majority of the time, not a whole lot happens in regards to features. Mystery Sandstorms punctuate the base game, but the jewel of the Nile is far and away free spins with their roaming multiplier wilds.

On any base game spin, the Mystery Sandstorm feature may randomly trigger. If it does, 2-6 waves occur, where 1-4 mystery symbols per wave are dumped on the reels. All mystery symbols change to reveal the same matching symbol type.

The most exciting moments are reserved for the round of free spins. The explorer symbols are what you want here and it takes 2 in view trigger 6 free spins. Before free spins begin, two mummies wander out of the tomb and take the place of the two triggering explorers. These mummies are wild, replacing any other symbol to make a combination. Note that wilds only ever appear during free spins.

When new explorers wilds land, the closest mummy moves to take its place. In doing so, one extra spin is awarded, and the multiplier of the respective mummy increases by 1. If more explorers land than there are mummies in view, additional mummies are added to the reels. Also, if more than one mummy is used in a win, the values are multiplied rather than added. There can be, at most, four active mummies on the reels at once.

Players not in the mood to wait through the base game for the bonus to hit, may have the option to skip them altogether. Where available, Relax has bolted on feature buy functionality, costing 80 times the stake. When activated, two scatters land on the next spin, triggering the free spins feature. On a technical note, the RTP remains the same this way is as in the default mode.

Ramses’ Revenge: Slot Verdict

Ramses’ Revenge is a game that contains few surprises. The first is how rough the game can be, belying its cute sprite-based appearance. It can be tough going, requiring patience to get to the good parts, or you can leap into the bonus buy to fast track things along – though this is no guarantee of success.

Not a lot happened for the first 300 spins or so. There were a couple of circa 30x wins to help stay alive, yet the rest was pretty so-so for a while. The first bonus game was an eye-opener though. Even just two wandering multiplier wilds proved to be quite effective, providing they wandered into the right positions. Overall, bonus rounds proved to be as temperamental as the rest of the game. Some were weak; some were unexpectedly good. During one of our bonus buys, however, we managed to score a win of almost 1,000x.

What makes the free spins round particularly interesting is the way mummies multiply each other, giving it a strong resemblance to Jammin’ Jars in a strange way. An x4 and an x6 for example, in the midst of several high pays, can cause some serious mayhem. Drop a third wild multiplier in and things can really get hectic. This dynamic well suits the 4,096 ways to win system. Ramses’ Revenge can be unforgiving enough as it is, with fixed paylines, it might have been heart-breaking.

In some ways, Ramses’ Revenge ended up playing out like Relax Gaming’s Marching Legions. Like that one, free spins can go nuts, piling on multipliers and wins like there’s no tomorrow. Then again, it can be equally as frustrating. Ramses’ Revenge is an enjoyable game, a little different, provoking emotional responses which seem out of odds with its lightweight looks.

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