Poke The Guy

Is it a slot? Is it a mistake? Is it a dumb joke? What is it? It’s hard to wrap ones head around Microgaming’s Poke The Guy. Not only does it look like something designed in 1989, the whole thing will also make you question your sense of reality. The sales pitch tagline here goes “simple, stupid fun” – and yes, it might make you giggle a bit at first, but eventually all that is left is stupid. As most will have noticed, Microgaming has been growing increasingly irrelevant as they’ve taken a step back to let partnering studios do most of the work. With that in mind, Poke The Guy comes as no surprise.

Poke The Guy screenshot

Poke The Guy – Slot Overview

This is certainly not a traditional slot, but more something that resembles a digital scratch card of sorts. There aren’t any traditional features involved, just a whole bunch of confusing nothing really. Players start off by choosing their bet size, ranging from €0,05 to €30.

Now, each bet size has a different item assigned to it and as you click the slingshot (spin button), the objective is to try and hit the ridiculous looking ape wearing a one-piece that’s moving in an annoying pattern across the map. There is, of course, no level of skill involved, it all just happens randomly. If whatever item that is thrown at the ugly bastard hits him in the face, the player is awarded a cash prize of 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x, or 500x. That’s it. The game really makes no sense at all and you will have to be extremely bored, or easily entertained to keep going at it.

It only took around 30 seconds of testing before we started to feel the urge to rip our eye-balls out, and still 30 minutes later of constant sling-shooting we couldn’t hit anything better than 12x. Beware, not only is it likely to deplete your balance in no time, it may also lead to nightmares and trigger a psychosis.

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