Path of Destiny

Path of Destiny: Slot Overview

Considering the size of the country, not to mention its long and varied history, it’s surprising there aren’t more slots to use Indian themes. Asian, that is to say, Chinese imagery abounds, but its cross Himalayan neighbours aren’t quite so populous. Red Tiger and partner studio R7 take on the challenge of doing Hindu culture some justice in their slot Path of Destiny. To quicken the process, they appear to have taken the bare bones of an older, ahem, Chinese themed slot, Dragon’s Luck and played around with a few things. One main change is the inclusion of free spins which adds a new dimension, as well as increasing the potential.

path of destiny slot

The game is set in some sort of Maharaja’s palace, or Indian themed casino, it’s a little hard to tell. It’s not super gaudy, so respect goes to the team for showing restraint with a theme that could have seen them go nuts. Then again, if you’ve watched a full-blown Bollywood operatic, an explosion of life and colour might have been more appropriate. As it is, we get a 5-reel, 20-payline slot, with a lot of gold and burgundy trim. The music is nicely in theme too, adding to the overall atmosphere.

Path of Destiny can be played on any device, offering bets from 10 p/c to £/€40 per spin. Fans of high rolling Dragon’s Luck will notice the max bet has dropped by twenty quid, and that’s not the only thing to have taken a hit. RTP is down from its Dragony cousin, from 96.24% to a default setting of 95.71%. Volatility tends to the medium+ side, so it’s not exactly a fight through New Delhi traffic on your device.

Getting a win requires landing three or more matching symbols anywhere on a payline. As long as they are adjacent, they can land in the middle, or from either side of the reels, it doesn’t matter. As for the paytable, we find nine regular pays split into five low 10-A royals and four high pays. These are lotus flowers, pots, some kind of ornament, plus an elaborate looking mask worth from 9.4 to 69 times the stake. Symbol values are denoted in coins where a lot of ‘8s’ appear. A hangover from their use in the Asian game, though the number doesn’t have the same auspiciousness in Indian culture. Quite the opposite actually, with many considering it an unlucky number, particularly in the south.

There is one minor matter to clear up. The hooked digit which looks like a ‘7’ is actually a ‘1’. At first, the stated potential on the home screen looks pretty impressive, until the 10 symbol clears away the initial thrill by several orders of magnitude. Finally, there are no wild symbols to be found in Path of Destiny.

Path of Destiny: Slot Features

Distancing itself from its predecessor, Path of Destiny has dropped the Dragon’s Help feature, replacing it with a batch of free spins. The bonus game is joined by Ganesha Coins, and Ganesha Mega Coins.

The elephant-headed Ganesha Coins may land on any reel in random numbers at any time. They then spin to reveal a matching symbol. Ganesha may randomly trigger one more coin spin, guaranteeing a win when he does so.

The Free spins round, or Lucky Spins as they are called, are triggered when 3 Lucky Spin symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5. This awards 10 free spins, which is extended by 5 if two Lucky Spin symbols land on the first and last reel. Here you’ll benefit from Mega Ganesha Coins, a 3×3 sized Super Symbol which divides into multiple Ganesha Coins for a guaranteed win.

Path of Destiny: Slot Verdict

It might be similar to older Red Tiger creations, but the choice of theme is more original. Asian slots primarily mean China, or Japan at a stretch, while the vast Indian land is less well frequented. It feels like a missed opportunity when you consider the size of the population and the popularity of gambling in India. With a population of over one billion, you’d expect developers to target them more than they do. Maybe Red Tiger/R7 has formed the vanguard, the first pioneering incursion into the sub-continent. As well as the sheer size of the market, the culture is an ancient one, full of legends, gods, heroes, and imagery, just ripe to be used by studios for slot development.

Red Tiger/R7 has done a pretty good job too, bringing some of it into Path of Destiny, and overall, the theme is quite well handled. The stand out is the banging soundtrack that works itself into a right frenzy during the larger count ups. You can see why the Beatles wanted to jam with these guys back in their experimental phase.

Except don’t expect too big a count up. Swapping the Dragon’s Help feature for free spins seems like a decent trade, as it has led to higher potential, though not a heck of a lot more. The most you can possibly win here is a modest 2,253.7 times your stake. Symbols land stacked, so full screens of the mask symbol are worth 1,380x which isn’t bad – helped in free spins by the Mega Ganesha Coins symbol, or the base game by standard Ganesha Coin. Still, it’s not exactly a max wins, max thrills type of game.

If you played Dragon’s Luck, then whatever your judgements of it are likely to cross over to Path of Destiny. In some ways, this is a superior slot. For one, the theme offers a greater level of originality, the potential is up, and there are free spins. If Path of Destiny blows up in any way, should we expect to see a Megaways version like its Dragon’s Luck cousin?

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