Panther’s Reign

Panther’s Reign Slot (Quickspin): Overview

’Welcome to the jungle!’ So goes the catchphrase of Quickspin’s latest slot Panther’s Reign. This nature themed game has the king of the Amazon, the panther, in the driver seat as players spin their way through the lush romanticised jungle. The real jungle isn’t quite so romantic. Anthony Kiedis, the singer for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, famously got a headache when a bug crawled into his ear and was followed up by a bout of dengue fever. His utopian visions of ‘dancing among exotic flowers’ gave way to the nightmarish reality, as he put it. Fortunately, there is none of that with Quickspin’s version. It might not be as cartoonish as Wild Tome of the Woods, but it’s a warm, dry, bug-free version of nature none the less. Not to mention full of life and features, so is it time for a trek through the rainforest? Let’s check it out.

Graphically, Quickspin has done quite a good job, which comes as no surprise since they’re known to consistently produce great looking slots. Their stated goal was to ‘create an animal-focused game, something with more realistic looking animals than you’d normally find in our slots.’ Firing up the game will confirm this has certainly been achieved. When it comes to symbols, the low pays are made up of card suits – diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades in a solid stone style. Things leap to life with the well-crafted high pay symbols which include a frog, parrot, monkey, and jaguar. As you’d expect, the panther is the king of the paytable as well. Helping increase the hit frequency is the wild symbol. This comes in the form of a panther scratched golden symbol which can substitute for any other regular pay symbol in the game.

The reel set up is a little unconventional with a 5 reel, 4 row arrangement that uses 50 paylines. It’s unclear why some developers insist on limiting the win ways like this instead of just going for a more popular 1,204 win all ways configuration, but each to their own. To slash into the jungly action, the appropriate stake must first be selected. These can be changed and adjusted on the menu bar below the reels and start at 10 p/c and go as high as £/€100 per spin. Quickspin has designed the game for mobile and desktop use and looks good whatever the device. Being a slot based on the wild nature of its cast and setting, Quickspin has powered the game with a volatility rated 5/5, so pretty much as high as it gets from the developer. The other key stat, RTP, comes out at 96.25% when the base and bonus rounds have been factored in.

Panther’s Reign Slot (Quickspin): Features

panther's reign slot
Free spins game in action

Complementing the matching symbol payouts are a pack of features that randomly turn up at any point during the game or need to be triggered. The most common extra is the Wild Spray feature which can appear at any moment – either base or bonus. When active, it sprays 3-10 wilds over the reels in random positions during a base game spin. Or, on a free spin, it sprays up to 7 wilds into the game to boost the chance of landing winners.

Panther Reign’s Free Spins round is where things come it a head and is unlocked by the scatter. The serpent like symbol is the scatter and 3 on the reels award 5 free spins. Any additional scatter in view adds an extra free spin up to a maximum of 22. Five free spins might not sound like a lot, but they can provide better value due to the Respin feature present during the bonus round. How it works is that any winning combination automatically triggers a Respin. The symbols that were used in the combo are locked in place while the remaining positions spin. If more winning symbols land they are also locked while the reels Respin again. The Respins feature will continue until no new winning symbols land.

Panther’s Reign Slot (Quickspin): Verdict

The Amazon Jungle is often in the news for all the wrong reasons including, fires, deforestation, and so on. Quickspin’s stated aim was to bring attention to this part of the world and highlight what’s there and what’s in it. It’s unlikely that Panther’s Reign will put an end to the raging flames, or stop farmers and industry clearing the land, but who knows the effect that playing alongside our animal brethren could have? Imagine a game like Panther’s Reign attracting enough players to alter the collective consciousness enough to accomplish major world change. Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but that’s not to say this is a bad slot at all. Quickspin has accomplished what they set out to with Panther’s Reign, and it’s a fine game, if not a really good one.

One possible cause for concern is the limitation of the paylines which seems a bit outdated and which might turn some veteran gamers off. Not a complete deal-breaker, but a win all ways configuration would undoubtedly have been more exciting. Moreover, while the 5,202 times the stake max potential is a decent number, it was only hit once in a simulation of 1 billion spins so don’t get your hopes up. In fact, the mathematical models used by Quickspin in their high variance offerings have been so and so.

Panther’s Reign does its thing without drawing a lot of attention to itself. It doesn’t have any one aspect that stands out as innovative or fresh. Overall, it’s a competent slot, but one that is doomed to a short shelf-life.

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