Our Days

Our Days (Microgaming): Review

When it comes to terrible slots, and we don’t mean bad, mind you, but phenomenally grotesque slots, a disproportionately large number released in recent years have been sanctioned by Microgaming and released by its partnering studios. In fact, not even Microgaming themselves seem to remember how to create a decent slot anymore, something that has led the company to become utterly irrelevant and overrun by its contenders.

In an age where shaky Microgaming titles have become a sad norm, this latest offering entitled Our Days, makes most abysmal slots seem as polished as the floors of Versailles. With 5 reels and 243 ways to win, it’s playable in the barest sense of the word in those situations you might be stuck in a region with little to no other options at your disposal. Now, there are a few things that seem to suggest that this slot was initially developed for the Asian market, in which case the rather cheesy narrative could be a cultural thing that just doesn’t go down too well in our part of the world. Either way, Our Days is relatively speaking a low variance, low-risk game that accepts bets from 30 cents all the way up to a staggering 1,800€ per spin.

Visually, the game has a Japanese Anime theme and appears to be based on teenage romance. The story is told through soft visuals and gentle music, giving it an aura of innocence and young love although it ends up looking bland and generic. On the reels you’ll come across lower value love notes, scarves, diaries, jars full of stars and lunch boxes. The premium symbols, on the other hand, are represented by characters Joy, Nana, Lolita, Amber and Juliet, the latter being the most rewarding giving you 3 times your stake for 5 on a full payline. The Our Days logo represents the wild symbol and only appears in the base game for some strange reason. The wild is of the same value as the top standard symbol.

Our Days (Microgaming): Features

our days
Free spins game

Every time you land a winning combination, the Respin feature comes into play. When activated, all symbols that are part of a winning combination are held while reels without winning symbols respin – they will continue to do so as long as you keep landing winning combinations.

There’s a Free Spins game included as well which is played when you land 3 or more scatters simultaneously anywhere on the reels – 3, 4 or 5 will earn you 8, 10 or 12 free spins respectively. Once in, you’ll benefit from the removal of all lower value symbols, meaning bigger wins and significantly better odds of winning. Furthermore, the Respin feature is active here as well. Potentially, you could pocket up to 729 times your stake per spin should you land a full screen of the top symbol, although mostly you’ll have to suffer through dreary rounds where you collect a bunch of micro-wins.

Our Days (Microgaming): Verdict

Quite frankly, Our Days is one of the most tedious slots we’ve ever had to play and one that has nothing much going for it. While the theme might work in Asia (we doubt so), to most Europeans it will likely come across as odd and cheesy. Moreover, the game engine has a strange quirk to it as the Respin feature refuses to respin losing tiles that are on the same reels as winning tiles.

Overall, it’s just an incredibly bland, dull and boring slot that offers no excitement at all as the payouts are nonsensical, the respins excruciating to watch and the visual design thoroughly unimaginative. In fact, we’re left given the impression that it was created by people who are entierly disconnected from the gambling community. At the time of writing, we have no info on which one of all the Microgaming partners that’s responsible for this nonsense, nor are we interested in finding out. The fact that Microgaming allows games like this to pass its quality control is offensive enough.

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