Om Nom

Om Nom (Hacksaw Gaming): Overview

The oddly named Om Nom is Hacksaw Gaming’s second slot in their Pocketz Series optimized for mobile devices. The last one, Stick ‘Em, was released not long ago and went on to become a minor hit in the gaming community. The company famous for producing online scratch cards turned out a fiendishly simple slot that was very hard to put down. Having a surprise hit on their hands might have made other companies feel like they had to try something bold and adventurous, not Hacksaw Gaming. They have stuck to an unpretentious formula that has a basic but pleasant look to it, and gameplay that is every bit as good as the first, perhaps better.

The theme might have changed, but the game looks and feels similar. That is not a bad thing at all; it produces a nice comfortably familiar feel – the mark of a good sequel. While Stick ‘Em was a bit of a mash-up of different symbols and imagery, Om Nom has a more coherent theme. It is all about junk food now, or comfort food as it is often called, with more than a little touch of Candy Crush to it. The name makes more sense when you see all that spinning food.

The design is even more spartan that Stick ‘Em was with a plain diamond-patterned two-tone background. Hacksaw stuck with 4 reels and 4 rows, but there have been several tweaks made under the hood. Win ways have been trimmed to 256, while volatility has been turned up to put it in the medium/high category. RTP is also slightly higher at 96.28%, which is always appreciated, but nothing compared to the increase in payout potential which is almost double Stick ‘Em. So what we are dealing with is the same outer layer, the charm and playability, but a much gruntier engine humming away behind the scenes.

Winning combinations are formed by landing 3 or more of the same symbols on adjacent reels from right to left. Each symbol is fresh from the designer and custom-built for the game, which is makes a refreshing change. There aren’t really high or low pay symbols as such because there isn’t a huge difference in value. The paytable has 8 base game symbols in total, made up of a cupcake, chocolate bar, iced lolly, popcorn, hamburger, fries, pizza slice, and an anthropomorphised doughnut dude. This last one is worth 2 times the stake for 4 of a kind. That doesn’t sound like much, but multiple combinations at once, and extra features can strike out of nowhere to dramatically improve the results.

Om Nom (Hacksaw Gaming): Features

om nom
Free spins round in action

Hacksaw has gone with few but effective when it comes to features, and there is a good mix of base and bonus game action. First up is the Multiplier feature which can launch at any time. On each spin, the game randomly selects a symbol which is displayed in the Om Nom logo above the grid. This is the Mystery Symbol, and if it matches winning symbols on the grid for that spin, then a chart next to it called the multiplier spinner comes to life. Each flipped page of the multiplier spinner has a number, and when it comes to a stop, that number is multiplied to the winning total. The multiplier spinner starts at x2 and can go as high as x100.

The second feature is the Free Spins bonus which is triggered when 3 free spins symbols land. The mystery symbol/multiplier spinner stays in the game, but wilds are now introduced to the reels, which increases the chances of forming combinations and utilising the multiplier.

Om Nom (Hacksaw Gaming): Verdict

Hacksaw Gaming has hit on just the right formula for crafting a successful follow-up slot. Keep the bits that everyone enjoyed and modify just enough elements to make it feel new. Like its predecessor, Om Nom has a great look to it and plenty of charm. Its symbols resemble modern smartphone icons, and the experience is like a compelling game from the app store. The soundtrack is spot on too with a jazzy infectious groove that helps you settle into the action. The overall effect is a slot that is both relaxing and exciting at the same time.

We were curious to see where Hacksaw would go after the success of Stick ‘Em. Fans will be glad to see that they have stuck with the minimalist graphics and extras, so they don’t get in the way of the pacey gameplay. Along with those positive aspects is the potential which has almost doubled this time round. Pretty much every other stat in the game might be held low, but potential bucks that trend by offering up to 4,800 times the stake. A figure that looks at odds with its cute innocent nature.

Om Nom proves yet again that slots don’t have to overflow with features, graphics, and extras to provide a good time. Simple, straight forward gameplay can be just as captivating. Om Nom is the perfect alternative to all the mega slots floating around. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a place and time for those as well and sometimes the mood strikes to go large and heroic. Yet, there are times for switching off and having some light hearted action that doesn’t involve too much brainpower and isn’t a clichéd 3×3 fruit slot.

No it’s not an epic gaming experience, but for a slot, you can easily dip in and out of at any time, it is hard to beat. Fans of Stick ‘Em, as well as newcomers, will find plenty to like about Om Nom – despite the whacky name. It’s just a shame old Canny the Can is absent this time around.

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