Nitro Circus

The Nitro Jump feature is activated by collecting 5 vehicles as stated above or by landing all the ‘N I T R O’ letters in 1 spin. If this feature is triggered by collecting NITRO, the player can then choose one of the following vehicles – FMX Bike, BMW Bike or Kick Bike.

The Nitro Jump feature is made up of 3 stunt jumps and 1 final Boost Jump.
The 3 stunt jumps are scored by judges and awarded 5-625 coins depending on the tricks performed. Players can also collect 0-6 of the following features in the 3 stunt jumps.

  • 25 coin prize
  • Speed boost for the final jump
  • Final Jump Multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins

After completing the 3 stunt jumps, the rider approaches the final Nitro Boost jump. During the approach, players can add manual speed boost which will result in a better landing multiplier. However, adding manual boost increases the chance of the rider crashing out and losing all multipliers. The vehicle’s built-in boost and the boost collected during the 3 stunts does not influence the chance of landing the final Jump.

Nitro Circus Conclusion

Nitro Circus is undoubtedly an ambitious project and a massive undertaking. However, Yggdrasil might have overcomplicated things here, unfortunately. Until you start to know the game, which might take a few sessions and some reading, it comes across as a bit of mess, and we’re not convinced that players will have the patience required. To be fair though, reading about it here does make it seem even more complicated than it really is.

Moreover, we understand that, just like the show, it’s supposed to be action-packed and crazy, but when converted to an online slot it just feels too stressful. The busy action might appeal to fans of the show, but for the rest of us it might be somewhat of an annoyance. Also, what’s up with the Nitro Jump feature? Is it a video game or an online slot? Hard to tell really. Some might like it but we don’t. We prefer our slots to appeal to adults rather than kids.

We can picture how Yggdrasil wanted this slot to be a true representation of the All-American entertainment that Nitro Circus is and in that sense they didn’t disappoint. But as an online slot, we can’t help to feel it’s all over the place, confusing and over-complicated which ultimately is a turn-off for us at least.

There is a 2000 times the stake max win potential in the game which can be achieved with the help of collecting some multipliers and retriggers in the free spins or by having a really good run in the Nitro Jump feature. While the free spins feature seemed a bit harder to trigger, the Nitro Jump featured was dropping quite often for us during our test session. The payouts, however, were abysmal.

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