Multiplier Riches

Multiplier Riches: Overview

Developer Red Tiger transports players back in time to the turn of the 20th century in the richly decorated slot Multiplier Riches. Partnering the old school theme is old school gameplay via a 3-reel setup, and 1, count ‘em, 1 payline. This might be music to the ears of some, zzznore inducing to others. Give it a chance though, Multiplier Riches has a few flourishes that provide a more dynamic experience than you might expect.

Loading the game is like opening the door to the Gatsby residence and walking into one of his legendary parties. We are talking the Leo Dicaprio rendition of course, rather than the original Fitzgerald novel. Red Tiger has done a great job on the graphics to conjure up the flair of the era, though the twangy guitar-heavy soundtrack is more 90s adult film than 1920s glam.

The black decor and angular gold trim visuals hearken back to the seemingly carefree 1920s – an era when the hardest thing in life seemed to be deciding what cocktail to kick the night off. At least that’s how it often seems in pop culture. The not so tough choice for players is what bet to select with a range of options from 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin.

As is often the case with Red Tiger releases, the default RTP is slightly down, not a deal-breaker, but still a little less than average on 95.72%. The game is highly volatile which, when combined with pacey gameplay and decent potential, can result in some pretty intense moments.

The game mechanic might be somewhat of a litmus test for some players. This is because Multiplier Riches has just 1 payline on its 3×3 grid to land winners. The way symbols appear can be frustrating as they often land partially in view, but unless they are bang on the payline, they don’t count.

The symbols involved are all beloved or despised (depending on your viewpoint) classic icons. In ascending order, we get Cherries, Single Bars, Double Bars, Triple Bars, Bells, and Lucky Sevens. All symbols need three on the line to win, except cherries which payout whether one, two or three land in view.

Also, three of any Bar type on the line will pay out, though less than a pure combination of a common Bar type. As to rewards, payouts vary from x1 for one cherry up to 80x for a line of sevens. The game offers fairly decent values, given an extra kick thanks to the features.

Multiplier Riches: Features

multiplier riches
Multiplier Riches – locked wilds and multiplier

Living up to its name, Multiplier Riches dishes up a fair share of multipliers, as well as some pretty nifty wild action on the side. In keeping with the spirit of the game, there is nothing complicated about how the multipliers work.

When a non-paying x2, x3, or x5 symbol lands, it is stored on the Rising Multiplier sitting above the reels. The reel on which it appeared then gets nudged up or down revealing a symbol which may or may not result in a win. The multiplier remains in place until the next line win occurs where it is applied. More multipliers can appear in the meantime which are added to the Rising Multiplier until the next line win.

Keep an eye of for the wild. Styled as a big, sparkly diamond, it plays a central role and is highly desirable. For one, it can substitute for all paying symbols – though it does not substitute for a single cherry payout if you were wondering. Of course, one wild + one cherry pays the value of two cherries.

On top of substituting, whenever a wild lands on the win line, it is locked in position and remains there until it participates in a win. While waiting, it is possible for another to land and lock as well. Wilds are the most valuable symbol in the game, where a line of 3 is worth 500 times the stake.

Multiplier Riches: Verdict

The basic one line, three-reel dynamic might be perceived as an inherently limited format, at first glance. However, Red Tiger has done some interesting things with it, making Multiplier Riches one of the better slots they have developed recently. Its beauty lies in the way it is both simple, yet full of clever touches that keep engagement levels higher than they might have been.

Mainly, this has been achieved by including a symbol (the cherry) which pays when just one or two appear in view. This is assisted by the fact that the cheery doesn’t have to land on the first reel onwards. This simple twist keeps the game chugging along a lot more smoothly. Also, making wilds sticky until they generate a win is another deft touch, subtle yet effective.

The slot feels well thought out, as if Red Tiger went back to the basics, nailed them, producing a well-oiled game that seamlessly melds old and new. The art deco styling is the just icing on top. The only gripe, a small one, is a soundtrack that feels out of place. No biggie though.

As to the question of potential, the answer is a surprisingly positive one. While it will never break records, Multiplier Riches is capable of hitting wins of up to 5,000 times the stake which isn’t bad at all off the back of one payline. Breaking out the calculator makes it clear you’ll need to combine some generous multiplier action with a line of wilds to hit those heights.

Okay, it won’t win everyone’s heart, but in the right hands, Multiplier Riches is bound to entertain some. It’s a solid one payline option offering a couple of features that don’t clutter up the gameplay, along with some decent potential lurking in the background.

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