Miss Wildfire

Miss Wildfire: Slot Overview

Movie goers take note, Miss Wildfire from ELK Studios bears no relation to the Robin Williams film where he dresses up as a nanny to spend more time with his kids. But, the game wouldn’t be a whole lot stranger even if it was. Fortunately, there is a story, a sad one, to tee up the scene. After a life spent studying the arcane art of alchemy and failing, Edgar Woodart realised he has squandered his time. Somehow, his introspection births the spritely Miss Wildfire from his roaring fireplace – his only friend. Like a good thriller, a question hangs in the air. Is Miss Wildfire real, or the product of a tortured mind teetering on the brink of catatonic despair?

miss wildfire slot

What we do know is that Miss Wildfire is played on a setup comprised of 6 reels, 4 rows and 466 ways to win. The alchemical activity occurs in Woodart’s lab, though it’s hard to see much of it. The symbols are huge, taking up most of the view, but we get glimpses of various scientific paraphernalia littered about the place. What provides much of the excitement, especially in free spins, is the audio. It’s a real blend of vocals, metal guitar and banging EDM. For example, to generate anticipation when scatters are landing, the audio switches to a rave buildup effect like when a strobe light is going mental, and punters are frantically huffing nitrous oxide. Free spins are like a Eurovision mash-up between DJ Bobo and Lordi, while respins come across as Bar Mitzvah inspired. Sounds weird but it works.

Learning the secrets of alchemy takes place on any device, providing stakes of 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. Reading the stats would suggest Miss Wildfire leans toward general consumption rather than dedicated gamblers. RTP should satisfy most with its 96.1% value, though perhaps not its medium volatility, rated 6 out of 10. Hits land at a rate of more than 1 in 5 spins (22.9%) – features proved to be far less frequent, though quite effective since that’s where Miss Wildfires disparate elements have a chance to work together.

One of those elements is symbols, in particular the smiling log of wood. Interestingly, the wood log is the lowest paying symbol on the table, but as you’ll see in the features section, it plays a critical role. After logs, from low to high are 10-A icons, a prism object, a cuboid holding a flower and a red gem. These latter three symbols are the high pays, delivering rewards of 2.5 to 10x the stake for six of a kind.

Miss Wildfire: Slot Features

miss wildfire slot elk
Miss Wildfire – paytable features presentation

One foible in Miss Wildfire is that its lowest paying symbol can also lead to some of its best wins. To explain, the regular wild symbol is a flame which spreads wildfire when it lands. Wildfire spreads horizontally and vertically to adjacent log symbols, thereby turning them wild as well.

The Miss Wildfire symbol is also wild and comes with a walking feature. When Miss Wildfire lands in the base game, she triggers a respin and walks one reel to the left. Respins continue to be awarded until Miss Wildfire symbols drop off the left side of the reels. Miss Wildfire symbols also set fire to adjacent log symbols, turning them wild. Be on the lookout for a Super Miss Wildfire variation. This one has the additional benefit of making non-burning log symbols sticky while she is active in respins. In addition, when Miss Wildfires are in view, any reels holding scatter symbols are locked to improve your chance of triggering bonus mode.

Landing 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatters in the base game triggers free spins with an extra set of 1, 2, 3, or 4 Miss Wildfires symbols respectively. These symbols start on the rightmost reel and walk one reel to the left on each free spin. Free spins continue to play as long as Miss Wildfires, or Super Miss Wildfire symbols are in view on the reels. Moreover, whenever log symbols land, they are collected in a gauge meter on the right side of the screen. At set levels on the collection gauge, low pay symbols are transformed into log symbols. When upgrades occur, a new set of Miss Wildfire symbols are added to the rightmost reel. Logs stop being collected when the final low pay Ace symbol has been transformed.

Miss Wildfire: Slot Verdict

Miss Wildfire is a rather idiosyncratic game, having a sort of Quickspin vibe that allows ELK to present a different side. In some ways, it’s like the designers, just for a laugh, mixed a bunch of ideas, sprites and features into a hat, picked a few out at random then ran with the mix. However, Miss Wildfire has an overall coherency (reading the story helps), so it doesn’t feel like ELK was trying to be weird for the sake of it. The game won’t be everyone’s cup of orange mocha Frappuccino, but there are moments during features when good things happen.

What will largely determine whether you like the game, aside from theme, is triggering one or more of the features early on. We were fortunate enough to quickly win free spins, thereby getting to experience what Miss Wildfire is capable of which was enjoyable. The collection system fired through symbol transformations, adding more Miss Wildfires to the board, flooding it with logs – that was fun. It led to loads of burning wood wilds, some decent wins and a satisfyingly lengthy bonus round. The second session wasn’t so rosy, and it took an age for even walking wild features to appear. In that case, the game did drag a bit, which can happen in any slot really, it’s not exclusive to Miss Wildfire of course.

You can’t help but feel that any game utilizing a 6×4 set up should have used a 4096 win-all-ways approach when it’s paylines are limited. Why else bother with an extended reel set? Potential is solid though, and upping it to 5,000x from their old 2,500x standard it seems as though ELK has listened to some of the feedback. All up, Miss Wildfire is an oddity worth sampling if you’re longing for something quirky, if nothing else to experience Woodart’s eclectic playlist.

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