Mega Rise

Mega Rise (Red Tiger): Overview

While Mega Rise obviously oozes nostalgia, bearing many of the hallmarks of classic fruit machines, it has one foot solidly planted in the modern age of online slots. Don’t expect anything too far out, though. Even if there’s a modern aspect involved, the designers have remained true to the old-school format by keeping things basic and straightforward. Played using a 3 by 3 reel set in combination with 5 paylines, Mega Rise is more or less all about the Rising Multiplier feature which has the potential to boost your payouts by up to 100x. You can play this high variance offering on all devices, including iOS and Android, from as little as 20 cents to 40€ per spin.

Granted, as a take on the classic fruit machine, the rather basic visual appearance comes as no surprise. When you boot up Mega Rise for the first time it’s certainly not the uninspiring backdrop, recycled music or generic symbols that will catch your interest. Instead, most players will want to know more about the mysterious multiplier bar positioned to the right of the reels, which is the only thing to really set it apart from similar slots.

Taking a look at the paytable is as confusing as ever. Instead of just displaying the payouts relative to your current bet, Red Tiger keeps insisting on showing numbers that require you to bring up the calculator to make some sense of it. The trick in this case is to multiply the symbol multiplier by your total stake and then divide it by 5 (paylines) to get the total win value of a line hit. Either way, on the reels you will see typical fruit slot symbols which, in order of value, are represented by cherries, lemons, grapes, watermelons, silver stars, bells and lucky sevens. The latter is the most rewarding with three on a payline giving you 15 times your stake. There’s no wild symbol or scatter included but a couple of special symbols that we will cover below.

Mega Rise (Red Tiger): Features

Mega Rise
Mega Rise Chip feature in action

That intriguing looking multiplier bar we mentioned earlier, it forms part of the Rising Multiplier feature and comes into play every time you land a winning combination. When you do, the winning symbol enters the bottom of the bar and its multiplier value is increased by 1x. This multiplier will continue to grow if you land more wins with that symbol. Now, there will always be three symbols visible in the multiplier bar, but if a new symbol is entered, the top one will fall out and its multiplier will be reset.

Keep an eye out for the Mega Rise Chip symbols. These can land on any spin and comes in two versions :

  • Standard Mega Rise Chip – will either boost the multiplier value of a random symbol in the bar by up to 3x or lock a random symbol until a winning combination appears in view.
  • Golden Mega Rise Chip – will either boost the multiplier value of a random symbol in the bar by up to 7x or lock a random symbol with two locks until a winning combination appears in view.

Mega Rise (Red Tiger): Verdict

At its heart, Mega Rise really feels like it was designed for a niche market and as such, it’s obviously not a slot that will ever reach a wider audience or become a trend-setter. While some might enjoy the grind of building up the multipliers and get a kick out of the tension that comes with having a beast of a multiplier dangling on the edge of the multiplier bar, others will find it to be sadistic, evil or just flat out boring since there’s no traditional bonus feature to trigger or any real surprise elements to keep you on your toes.

Mega Rise is another run-of-the-mill release from Red Tiger, but can still be worth a try if you don’t mind the basic layout and if you’re ok with the all-or-nothing mathematical design. If anything, the 6375 times your stake potential is good enough reason to give it a spin or two, especially since we’ve seen that Red Tiger potential is a real thing.

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