Mega Cash Stack Slot

Mega Cash Stack Slot

Mega Cash Stack Slot Overview

Mega Cash Stack is a new casino slot from Bulletproof Games with stacked currency symbols of the dollar, pound, euro, and yen. It has a progressive free spins feature, where every win pays more than the previous one. The player can start with up to 15 spins and win more within the feature. There’s also a Gamble feature that lets the player do all-or nothing gambling to triple the win or land a free spin session. If you love bonus features, you can use the Golden Bet to raise the chances of activating the free spins from 1 in 192 spins to just 1 in 92 spins. Come with us, and we will tell you all about what this money machine offers.

Base game

Mega Cash Stack is a video slot from Bulletproof Games with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 paylines. The in this currency world is 0.20 and the is 100. The standard game has an RTP of exactly 96% by default, but players can also come across three other versions with lower RTP (94%, 90.5% and 86%). The game has medium/high volatility, and the max win is 2500X the bet. On average, 1 in 8 spins is a win with a hit frequency of 12.5%.

This stacked cash game comes with several beneficial features to score the big bucks. The features are Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Golden Bet, Gamble, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy.

Mega Cash Stack Slot Information

The look of Mega Cash Stack is luxurious, with a background that could be made out of velvet in different red shades. Straight away, the player is told that this is all about money, making games such as Super Cash Drop and Cash ‘N Riches Megaways look pretty modest. The reels also have a velvet-looking background, and they’re separated from each other with golden frames. The Mega Cash Stack logo sits on top of the reels, and next to it are dollar bills falling from stacks of bills. The regular buttons are placed to the right, and to the left are three feature buttons: Buy A Bonus, Gamble 5X Stake, and Golden Bet. When you start spinning the reels, you’ll realize that the symbols land in stacks, meaning that the same symbol type often covers an entire reel. The game has 25 paylines, and you need to land at least 3 of the same symbols on any of those paylines to make a win. The win also must start on the first reel to the left. You can play Mega Cash Stack on all devices such as desktops, notepads, and mobile phones.

The symbols in this game make everything smell like money. The lower-paying ones are the slot world’s most loyal symbols, the card deck suits. Landing 5 clubs, spades, hearts, or diamonds will give the player 0.8X the bet. The 4 higher-paying symbols are all currency signs: euro (€), pound (£), yen (¥), and dollar ($). The dollar is the most valuable of them by default, but if you’re playing the game in a territory using any of the other currencies, that currency will be your best-paying currency symbol. It’s probably good that the players aren’t paid in the currency the symbols represent since you actually need more than 120 Japanese yen to make one dollar.

The higher-paying symbols pay from 0.16X-0.32X the bet for 3 and 1.6X-3.2X the bet for a winning line of 5 symbols. There’s one super symbol that pays more than double the others. It’s the game’s logo, paying 8X the bet for 5 on a payline. The Wild Symbol substitutes all mentioned symbols and also pays on its own, the same amount as the logo. Last is a Scatter Symbol. Landing 3 scatters anywhere triggers the free spins.

Mega Cash Stack Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Mega Cash Stack?

You can win up to 2500X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Mega Cash Stack?

The features are Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Golden Bet, Gamble, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy.

Free Spins

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is a picture with a room full of cash saying “wild.” It substitutes all symbols except the Scatter Symbol and also pays on its own.

Scatter Symbol

This symbol says “bonus” and is also surrounded by piles of cash. Landing 3 scatters anywhere on the grid will award the player between 5 and 15 progressive free spins.

Golden Bet

Just press the Golden Bet Button to the left of the grids, and you have more than doubled the chances of triggering the Free Spins from 1 in 192 to 1 in 92. This feature doesn’t affect the RTP.



The Gamble feature of Mega Cash Stack is more advanced than most gamble features. You can turn the feature on, off, or Gamble 5X stake. If you go for the last option, the gamble feature will trigger every time you make a win of at least 5X the bet, but not on smaller wins than that. When the feature starts, the player is presented with two cash stacks with red coins at the bottom and golden coins on top. The left stack gives the player a chance to increase the cash win, and the right stack gives an opportunity to win free spins. The stacks give the player a hint of the odds of winning; the higher the chance, the more golden coins. A cash win can be gambled in an all-or-nothing way, increasing the win by a third, double it, or triple it. The RTP is 100%, meaning that the odds for tripling a win are exactly 1 of 3.

The Free Spins stack to the right has the same golden and red coins, showing the odds for a successful win. Next to it is a counter telling you how many free spins are at stake, and you can increase the chances of winning by lowering the number of spins on the counter or decrease the winning chance by adding more spins on the counter. The Gamble feature can result in cash wins up to 2500X the bet and up to 15 free spins. The feature ends if any of those numbers are reached. The feature also ends if the player loses a gambling round, and all money from the winning line goes back to the bank.

Free Spins Wheel

Free Spins

The progressive free spins feature means that every spin will pay more than the previous one, making every spin more and more valuable. You end up here after landing 3 scatter symbols, and the feature starts with a wheel determining if the player wins 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, or 15 free spins. The progressive spins can be retriggered. The feature is over when the player runs out of spins.

Bonus Buy

You know the deal by now, although this feature isn’t available in some jurisdictions. Simply pay 100X the bet, and the game will grant you a free spins session of 5-15 spins.

Mega Cash Stack Slot Conclusion

If you’ve got nothing but cash on your mind, you’re probably not going to have anything else than Mega Cash Stack on your mind after giving this casino slot some spins. The 4 different currency symbols work great as higher-paying symbols, and we appreciate that the symbols land in stacks. Stacked symbols usually result in fewer wins, and so is the case even here with a hit frequency of 12.5% – meaning that 7 of 8 spins are losses. The good thing is that the insignificant wins are few, meaning that you usually score decent wins every time you get some winning lines.

The game looks good, and the subtle velvet background works great with the theme. Mega Cash Stack doesn’t offer an explosion of cool graphics but delivers a solid gaming experience. The Gamble feature feels fresh, with the opportunity to win both cash and free spins. When you land the free spins, you’re going to notice how they just become more exciting for every spin, thanks to the progressive wins. If you start with the maximum amount of 15 spins and trigger some free spins on that, the sky is the limit. Okay, maybe not the sky, but at least the max win of 2500X the bet. For being a medium/high volatile game, we could have wished for a somewhat higher max win. The RTP of 96% is also a little low, landing under the average casino slot. And watch out, so you don’t end up playing any of the other versions, with the worst offering an RTP of only 86%.

Mega Cash Stack from Bulletproof Games has a progressive free spins feature that makes every spin more valuable and a gamble feature where the player can win free spins.

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