Mask of Amun

Mask of Amun Slot Overview

Mask of Amun is a new casino slot from Fortune Factory Studios taking the player to ancient Egypt. Everyone familiar with the slot word has probably heard of the primordial deity Amun before. However, he doesn’t appear as frequently as the sun god Ra, who is the main character in games such as Rise of Ra, Book of Ra Deluxe, and Wings of Ra. The fact is though that the air god Amun one day merged with Ra to become the even more divine Amun-Ra. In the Mask of Amun, the player can chase riches in several different ways. There’s a collect feature, collecting cash prizes straight from the grid, awarding jackpots up to 2500X the bet. There are also two types of free spins that can award the player with up to 5000X the bet. Come on; the Egyptian god awaits you.

Base game

Mask of Amun is a video slot from Fortune Factory Studios with 6 reels and 4 rows. Every combination of three symbols on any of the first three reels equals a win, meaning that the player has 4096 ways to win. The in this Egyptian story is 0.20, and the is 50. The player can expect high volatility and an RTP of exactly 96%. Playing the bonus buy feature raises the RTP to 96.25%. The best spin possible will give the player the max win of 5000X the bet.

In the ancient divine Egyptian world, there are several tricks to find treasures. To make the most of this adventure, the player should look out for features such as Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Cash Symbol, Jackpot Symbol, Collect Symbol, Collect Feature, Free Spins Selection, Free Spins, Gold Blitz, and Bonus Buy.

Mask of Amun Slot Information

Mask of Amun is a good title for this game, considering that the background of the slot is a giant mask of Amun, painted in blue and yellow. For some reason, it seems that at least every other slot player is an Egyptologist considering the massive number of Egyptian themed games that keep on being released. It may seem that our friend Amun was a nonsense god, being king of the air, but remember that no creature exists without it. In the 16th century BC, Amun suddenly achieved great importance when he magically merged with the sun god Ra, becoming Amun-Ra. The Mask of Amun has 6 reels and 4 rows, sitting in the middle of the screen, covering pretty much everything below the eyes of the main character. To the left is a display of the three jackpots, and all buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen. To make a win, you need to land at least 3 of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel to the left. This means that any symbol appearing anywhere on reels 1, 2, and 3 awards a win. You can play the game on desktop, notepad, and mobile phones.

The lower-paying symbols in Ancient Egypt are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Landing 6 of them will give you 1X to 1.5X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are an Ankh cross, a scarab, the cat goddess Bastet, the falcon-headed god Horus, and the Mask of Amun. They pay from 2X to 5X the bet for landing 6. The Mask of Amun lands in stacks, many times covering a reel completely. The wild symbol, depicted by a pyramid, substitutes for all mentioned symbols, but not the scatter, cash, jackpot, or collect symbol. Wilds appear on all reels except the first one in the main game, and on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the free spins. The scatter symbol can activate the free spins and pay a cash prize. The cash, jackpot, and collect symbols are all used in the Collect Feature, and the free spins feature Gold Blitz.

Mask of Amun Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Mask of Amun?

You can win up to 5000X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Mask of Amun?

The features are Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Cash Symbol, Jackpot Symbol, Collect Symbol, Collect Feature, Free Spins Selection, Free Spins, Gold Blitz, and Bonus Buy.

Free Spins

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is a picture of an Egyptian landscape with the sun setting over a pyramid and a couple of palm trees on the sides. The symbol substitutes all regular paying symbols, but not the cash, jackpot, or collect symbol. It can appear on all reels except the first one in the main game and reels 2, 3, and 4 in the free spins.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol is depicted by a bird with the text “bonus.” Land 3 or more scatters anywhere on the grid to activate the Free Spins Selection, which will give you the option to choose either the Free Spins or the Gold Blitz feature. The scatter also pays a cash prize if you land 3 or more.

3 Scatter Symbols = 8 Free Spins or 2 Gold Blitz spins + cash prize of 1X the bet.

4 Scatter Symbols = 12 Free Spins or 3 Gold Blitz spins + cash prize of 2X the bet.

5 Scatter Symbols = 20 Free Spins or 5 Gold Blitz spins + cash prize of 3X the bet.

6 Scatter Symbols = 30 Free Spins or 7 Gold Blitz spins + cash prize of 5X the bet.

The Scatter Symbols award the same number of spins within the free spins feature and also give the player 5 new spins for a combination of 2 symbols.

Cash Symbol

The Cash Symbol is golden with a blue bar, revealing a cash value. It can land on any spin in the base game but is only of value if the Collect Feature is activated. All cash symbols are collected at least once in the Gold Blitz feature.

Jackpot Symbol

The Jackpot Symbol looks like the Cash Symbol, but instead of a number, it has the name of one of the three jackpots Minor, Major, and Mega. The Jackpot symbols are, just like the Cash Symbols, only of interest in the Collect Feature. It can appear on any reel in the base game and the Gold Blitz. This is how much the jackpots pay.

Minor Jackpot = 25X

Major Jackpot = 250X

Mega Jackpot = 2500X

Collect Symbol

The Collect Symbol is a star with the Eye of Horus in the middle. Fortune Factory Studios claims that it’s the Eye of Ra, but all of us Egyptologists know by now that the Eye of Ra should be turned the other way, like a mirror reflection of the Eye of Horus. The Collect Symbol can land on reels 1 and 6 in the main game and the Gold Blitz, automatically activating the Collect Feature.

Collect Feature

As soon as a Collect Symbol hit the first or sixt reel, the Collect Feature is on. Every Cash and Jackpot symbol on the grid is collected as an instant cash prize. If 2 Collect Symbols hit the grid, all Cash and Jackpot symbols are collected twice.

Free Spins Selection

This is a sweet but complex selection. You can either go for the regular Free Spins, or the Gold Blitz spins. Depending on how many scatter symbols you landed, you can choose between 8-30 free spins or 2-7 Blitz spins. Just press any of the two buttons, and off you go!

Free Spins

This is a kind of classic free spins feature, with some extra help from the wild symbols. Every time a win is made containing a wild symbol, it will be multiplied by 2X, 3X, or 5X. If several wilds appear on a win line, they will all have their own multiplier. Landing 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols will award 5, 8, 12, 20, or 30 extra free spins. The feature is over when the player has used all the spins.

Gold Blitz

Gold Blitz

This is a form of free spins feature on steroids. The Collect Symbol is guaranteed to land on the first reel, and apart from that are only Cash Symbols, Jackpot Symbols, or blanks available on the other positions. Or wait, the collect symbol can actually turn up on the sixth reel too, making the feature collect all visible prizes twice. Every spin has a win guarantee, and the feature is over when the player is out of spins. Since there aren’t any scatter symbols in this feature, it’s impossible to activate more spins.

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy

The last feature is for everyone who can’t wait to land enough scatter symbols to activate the bonus features. You can buy a spin that guarantees 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols for 75X, 120X, or 150X the bet. You then choose between the regular free spins feature or the Gold Blitz.

Mask of Amun Slot Conclusion

Mask of Amun is pleasant for the eye, although it’s not groundbreaking considering the graphics. The symbols on the 6X4 grid are easy to overlook, and the surrounding elements are nicely done. Considering Amun’s divine powers, there’s no surprise that the mask is the best paying symbol and that it lands in stacks. Maybe it should even be the wild symbol. We appreciate the 4096 ways to win, and we like the rich abundance of features that keeps this game entertaining for a long time.

The collect feature with both regular cash symbols and jackpot symbols is a good start, with the possibility of hitting nice wins if the collect symbol lands on the last reel. The jackpot of 2500X feels reachable even if you need a lot of luck to obtain it. It’s actually half of the game’s max win of 5000X, which isn’t super impressive considering the game’s high volatility. Fortune Factory Studios didn’t think it was enough to add one free spins feature to the mix, so they added two cool ones. The regular free spins give the player tons of fun with wilds multiplying all wins they’re part of. The Gold Blitz is a fun alternative free spins feature that gives you fewer spins but the possibility of winning a lot of money on each one. The hardest thing with the free spins features is probably which one to choose.

For the really eager player who wants to try out both free spins features is always the possibility to buy a passage to them. The Bonus Buy is neatly organized in three levels, costing between 75X to 150X the bet depending on if the player wants to activate the feature with 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols. The Bonus Buy also raises the RTP a bit to 96.25%. The regular RTP in the base game of 96.00% is average among casino slots.

Mask of Amun from Fortune Factory Studios is an Egyptian adventure packed with features such as a Mega Jackpot paying 2500X the bet and free spins with guaranteed wins on every spin.

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