Magnetz: Overview

Developer Relax Gaming expands its portfolio with a grid slot based around the power of magnetism. They’ve done it in an unusual way too, picking a layout you don’t see often, or ever really. Individuality is always a great place to start, so let’s look at what Magnetz has to offer.

With a distinct sci-fi feel, the action takes place in a sort of factory, the game area placed between four rocket booster type devices. Symbols are blasted onto the grid via these turbines in the hopes of landing winning clusters. Initially, Magnetz is quite relaxing, with a shooting downbeat ambient track. In time, there is a good chance a combination of niggles adds up, overriding the relaxing feeling as you descend into frustration. Another game that springs to mind with a very similar atmosphere is Flower Fortunes Megaways by Fantasma Games (also a Relax partner).

Magnetz is playable from 10 p/c to £/€50 per spin on any device. If you are playing on a mobile phone, flipping to landscape mode is best because then you get to see some of the background, adding to the atmosphere. The game comes with a rather good RTP rating of 96.6% – higher than many we’ve come across recently. The other crucial math model element is volatility weighing in at a medium/high setting. When combined with the way Magnetz forms clusters, it can lead to real peaks and troughs during a session. Respins draw out the action, leading to okay wins occasionally, but are balanced by a lot of downtime as well.

Time to look at Magnetz’ set up. Instead of one grid, players essentially get four of them during the base game; each one 3×4 in size. On every spin, 12 symbols appear on each mini-grid where the goal is to land clusters of 5 or more identical symbols. During features, the grids receive a couple of enhancements to the way they function in several key ways.

To form clusters, players make use of six regular pay symbols. They are pretty random too, with no obvious theme to give them meaning. From low to high are circles, crescent moons, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, and stars. Most of the time, clusters involve just five of these symbols for wins of 0.5 – 1x. However, during features when the mini-grids merge it becomes possible to land clusters of 20 which are worth from 15 to 200 times the stake.

The final symbol for this section is the wild. The wild appears anywhere to substitute for the pay symbols. Wilds also possess random multipliers of x1 to x5, and more than one wild in a winning cluster has their values multiplied.

Magnetz: Features

magnetz slot
Magnetz – free spins played on an expanded 9×3 grid

Due to the reduced size of the four grids, you need the features to step up if you want to get off the starting block. Fortunately, there are a few, including Flux Respins, Magnetic Merges, and Free Spins.

On every spin, the four centre magnet icons display 1 of the 6 symbols at random. If 5 or more symbols in a grid match the adjacent magnet, then a Flux Respin is awarded. Flux Respins continue as long as new matching symbols land, or a bonus symbol lands, or 5 symbols match another magnet – initiating a new Flux Respin sequence.

When 2 or more adjacent magnets reveal the same type of symbol, the Magnetic Merge feature comes into play. The respective grids become merged, making it easier to trigger the Flux Respin feature on the new expanded grid.

Running across the middle of the game area is the word BONUS. When bonus symbols land, each letter lights up, and if the whole word is lit, then 5 free spins are awarded. During free spins, the major change is that the action is played on 2 x 9×3 grids instead of the four mini-grids. This makes it possible to score larger combinations as well as hit Flux Respins more often.

Magnetz: Verdict

Magnetz doesn’t have an immediate fun, high energy factor many successful grid slots do. It takes times to develop an opinion about it, good or bad. There are positives – it’s different for one. Flux Respins land quite frequently giving you more bang for your coins. Yet there are several things about Magnetz which make it hard to fully enjoy the unique experience. The first is the tiny grids themselves. Landing clusters of 5 or more in a little 3×4 area can be tricky because there isn’t much space to work with. It means wins can be few and far between, plus when they land their size is more restricted than usual.

It can be a frustrating thing to watch. A lot of the time Magnetz feels much more constrained than many grid slots usually do. Flux Respins are on hand to build clusters, but again, the individual grids are so small that they don’t add up to much. Even filling a grid with the same symbol is only worth 4x to 20x the stake. Handy if you get the most valuable symbol, but something of an anti-climax when it happens.

Magnetz picks up the pace during free spins, opening the grid to more possibilities. Even then it still feels a little claustrophobic. Finally, Flux Respins get more room to breathe during free spins and the chance of getting some larger symbol wins in becomes a prospect. Landing 20 stars in conjunction with an x5 wild multiplier for an instant 1,000x is a positive end goal here. You might get extra if more than wild multiplier is used.

Well Magnetz is different, but not sure if it totally works. It’s not love at first sight, plus long runs of dead spins aren’t endearing. Players looking for an grid slot using an uncommon layout and features might be curious to give Magnetz a try. It does make you realise why developers typically stick to well-worn formulas though.

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