Lucky Riches Hyperspins

Lucky Riches Hyperspins: Overview

One of the godfathers of slot development, Microgaming, has burst out of hibernation to bestow a new release on the gaming public. Instead of outsourcing the work to a partner studio, they have upped tools to craft Lucky Riches Hyperspins on their own time. The result is a mix of old and new(ish) bits and oozes Microgaming from every pore and feature. The result is a well-made slot, for what it is, with not much that players won’t have seen dozens of times before. The clincher is the game’s math model though, which is squarely aimed at a specific segment of the market.

First impressions are of a retro slot that has been ground through a modern filter to update the aesthetics. The background is a blurred cityscape that looks like Las Vegas lit up at night and lays a nice scene. Animations are as smooth as they get, and a funky house track finishes off the vibe. As far as basic Vegas-style gaming goes, Microgaming has nailed the look and vibe. The UI is minuscule and tucked unobtrusively away below the reels to give the grid maximum space. Hit the coin icon to choose your desired bet from 25 p/c up to £/€125 per spin and it’s off to Vegas. Well, virtual-Vegas, if you squint and use your imagination.

On to the game rules and the setup is classic Microgaming with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win. This format pays out as long as three or more matching symbols land on consecutive reels from left to right. It makes no difference which row they land on. The math model provides a few clues as to who the game is aimed at, and apart from low volatility, the stats are quite high. Starting with RTP, which is 96.52% without the Hyperspins feature involved, or 97.49% when it’s activated. Hit frequency is also on the high side, clocking in at 37.22% which keeps the wins ticking over.

In keeping with the Vegas-y casino vibe, all symbols are classics of the genre. Most of them have been rolled out a thousand times before, starting with the low pays, which are a bunch of bright but plain 9-A card royals. Following these are icons of the gaming floor such as dice, bells, BARs, casino chips, and triple 7s. All need at least 3 to line up for a win, except the chips and ‘7s’ that only require 2 to cause a payout. The best-case scenario is 5 of the ‘7s’ which is worth 160 times the stake, so not a bad haul. The final symbol for this section is the game’s logo which is wild. It appears on reels 2 and 4 only, and substitutes for all symbols except the scatter.

Lucky Riches Hyperspins: Features

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Free spins feature

Lucky Riches Hyperspins keeps things simple and that approach spills over to its two only features. The first to look out for is the Hyperspins feature which becomes available after every base game spin. When the grid comes to a rest, players can choose to respin individual reels. For example, if you have bell symbols on reels 1, 2, and 4, you can respin reel 3 in the hope of landing another bell to make a combo.

Respins are unlimited, but each one has a cost. The amount varies depending on how much the potential win would be. So higher value spins come with a higher price tag. Another thing to be aware of is that you can’t land a potential combo, then jack up the bet level to cash in on it. To close this loophole, respins are deactivated whenever there is a bet change.

The highlight of the game is the Free Spins bonus which is triggered by landing 3 or more diamond scatters anywhere in view – this awards 15 spins. As well as providing free spins, scatters payout 1x, 2x, 10x, or 100x when 2, 3, 4, or 5 are in view. True to form, what makes free spins special is that each win is multiplied by x3 and that there’s a chance to land unlimited retriggers.

Lucky Riches Hyperspins: Verdict

Lucky Riches Hyperspins is a decent example of this type of game and will appeal to certain players while completely turning off others. Casual gamers looking for a classically themed slot with a more modern look and a new feature will likely be intrigued to explore what it has to offer. Its high hit rate, low variance combo will suit them like an absolute charm.

It’s quite good looking too, for what it is. Meaning, there is nothing flashy about the appearance, but there it has a gloss and the animations are silky smooth. The build quality is high and what you’d expect from a developer who has been in the game for decades. Aside from Hyperspins, the bonus game is a classic as well and has appeared in Microgaming slots since they first started filling up online casinos.

Lucky Riches Hyperspins is a game that might also suit a mood as much as the market. Those looking for laid back gaming, with little thrills, little danger, in a jazzy environment will probably find that here. Perhaps even players pining for some old fashioned Microgaming action could satiate their nostalgic yearnings. For anyone else, it’s a pass. The math model chugs away in low gear although it does possess huge potential for low rollers. High rollers, meanwhile, will likely be put off by the £60,000 cap which means a 480x max payout at max bet.

Overall, Lucky Riches Hyperspins will probably find an audience, but it is completely unoriginal and void of much excitement. Other than serving as a quick and easy way of fleshing out the Hyperspins range, there is little reason to justify the game’s existence. There are a ton of slots like Lucky Riches Hyperspins and for a company doing this for so long you expect more from them. Then again, to last so long in the business Microgaming clearly know their audience and there are bound to be plenty of punters who will lap this sort of low key gaming up.

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