Legendary Excalibur

Legendary Excalibur (Red Tiger): Overview

Legendary Excalibur is the latest fantasy-themed slot brought to us by NetEnt owned Red Tiger. Well, we say fantasy but Arthur and many of his stories were actual historical events. You can even see his infamous round table hanging in the Great Hall at Winchester Castle in the UK. It’s a fantastic piece of history that has a beautifully painted design featuring a portrait of Arthur on it. It has been separated into green and white segments with each knight’s name written on it, so they knew where to sit. From a gaming standpoint, it looks like a prize wheel you’d spin during a bonus round. That brings us back to today’s slot in which Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur plays the central role.

Some decent visuals greet you when Legendary Excalibur loads up. The game is set in a castle, or a church, or abbey hall, it’s hard to tell exactly, but it looks suitably mystical. Light filters in and trees can be seen through the window. The effect is pleasantly medieval, with a touch of the magical to it. The landing page turns out to also be the paytable with not a whole lot to it. RTP is slightly below average on 95.66% and matched with a medium volatility. Testing sessions consisted of frequent wins, on the small side as you’d expect, which kept the game moving. In fact, it’s this pace that Red Tiger was possibly aiming for when they designed the game. There are no bonus symbols or scatters, so the base game with a couple of wilds is more or less all there is to it. This is a game relatively heavy on theme and atmosphere, but light on features and potential.

The UI is classic Red Tiger and is easy to navigate. As we mentioned, the paytable doubles as the landing page and consist of 9 base game symbols. Four are 10 – Ace theme-free card royals. The upper four are made up of a rose, a helmet, a goblet, and Arthur at the top. Five of him are worth 50 times the stake – the same as 5 wilds. Bet levels range from 10 p/c to £/€200 per spin, and the action happens on a classic 5-reel, 3-row grid with 10 paylines. Ten’s not many, but the game is set up so that winning combinations can be formed from left to right and right to left. That effectively doubles paylines and works well with the extra features.

Legendary Excalibur (Red Tiger): Features

excalibur slot
Respin feature in action

There isn’t much going on when it comes to features, so this section will be brief. Legendary Excalibur is all about wilds. There are two in the game, 1×3 Wild Super Symbol, and 1×1 standard wilds which only show up during respins. Both are able to substitute for any of the base game pay symbols.

The 1×3 symbol is adorned with the mighty Excalibur, and when it lands in full view, it triggers a Respin. When the reels respin, they come with a whole bunch of standard 1×1 wilds that can come raining into play. If three standard wilds land stacked on a reel, they become an Excalibur wild, and trigger another respin. This process is accompanied by some rousing lightning animations and can be quite effective at producing winning combinations.

Legendary Excalibur (Red Tiger): Verdict

What Legendary Excalibur does is alright, but it’s a slot that is crying out for at least one more feature to make it a more enticing prospect. The 1×3 wild is great when it turns up, and is capable of pulling a bunch of wilds in and creating some juicy forward and back winners. That’s about it though. The electrifying feature is quite exciting at first but loses its novelty after seeing it a few times in action. Slots without proper free spin features rarely do anything for us and Legendary Excalibur is no exception. As it is, something feels missing. It can be frustratingly hard landing scatters and triggering free spins in most games, but getting rid of the opportunity altogether prevents Legendary Excalibur being anything more than mediocre.

Still, the small number of features means the game flows quite fast, and it is capable of frequent wins. During testing, we scored a few quick payouts, and the account pretty much stayed in positive territory with a bit of back and forward. We might have caught it on a good day, but even if you catch Legendary Excalibur on its best day, potential-wise it’s not that legendary. Symbols land stacked and a full grid of Arthur’s will get you 500 times the stake. That is low by Red Tiger standards, or anyone’s really. With no chance of scoring massive wins, the math model and hit rate suit casual players with a less vested interest in results. Dedicated players are just going to be irritated by it.

Factor in the short list of features and you are unlikely to get much satisfaction from Legendary Excalibur. Red Tiger went for simplicity and pace here, but the end result feels unfinished rather than racy. The legend of Arthur is one of the high watermarks in European history and culture, inspiring countless stories, legends, and spinoffs. It deserves better.

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