Lady Earth

Lady Earth Slot: Overview

One of the burdens of having the word ‘crazy’ in your name is that people develop certain expectations. For the most part, Microgaming partners Crazy Tooth Studios usually live up to the moniker by turning out some rather wackily original titles. They can be a bit hit and miss though, with some games working out better than others. In the case of Lady Earth, they tone down the zaniness and comes across quite calm, relaxing even – at first. Set in space, the game drifts peacefully through the cosmos, with a mother nature figure at the helm. You can’t always depend on first impressions to give you the complete picture. So will players remain relaxed by the end of the journey, or will the ambitiously named Respins Insanity feature launch them into orbit?

Laying the scene is a semi-transparent game grid made up of 5 reels, 5 rows, and 51 paylines. Surrounding the grid we get a dark blue universe with a mystical lady watching proceedings. She has an expression not un-like the Mona Lisa’s where it’s hard to tell if she is smiling with us or at us. Time will tell. For now, let’s ante up – Lady Earth offers a wide array of bets starting at 20 p/c up to £/€300 per spin. RTP, meanwhile, is highly generous at 96.80% which is unusual to see these days. Coupled with a medium volatile math model it makes for some good value gameplay. The game’s hit rate, however, is on the lower end at 13.68%, but because respins trigger on every win you can understand why it might be low.

The symbols used throughout the game are all original and have an elemental, new age, runic feel to them. Starting things off are 4 low pays styled in stone – a lizard, a fish, a scorpion, and a rabbit. The high pays add a dash more colour and look like a purple mountain, green plant life, red fire, and a blue water symbol. The last two on the list are worth the most at 2.75 times the stake for five of a kind. All pay symbol values are low, due to the way features modify wins. There are no wilds, but there is a passive symbol which is a placeholder tile that has no value, or any special properties other than preventing wins.

Lady Earth Slot: Features

Free spins bonus

Lady Earth comes with two additional features, the Respin Insanity and Lady Earth Bonus. The Respin Insanity feature is triggered on any winning spin. When activated, all positions that contain the winning symbol are respun. If the respin lands and matches any new symbol outside the zone, those symbols are absorbed into the respin area, and another respin is triggered. This feature continues until no new symbols outside the zone can be added.

The second feature is the Lady Earth Bonus which is triggered when 3 scatter symbols land. When that happens the action shifts away from spinning reels to a 5 round Picking Game. Players choose manually, or automatically, from 9 options on a 3×3 grid. Each choice reveals either credits, skulls, x2 multipliers, or tokens. Credits are added to the bonus game total, and x2 multipliers double the current level win.

Tokens are saved, and when 4 are collected players move to the next level of the bonus game. Before starting the next level, a multiplier of x2, x3, or x4 is applied to the level win. The Lady Earth Bonus ends when 3 skulls are revealed, or players make it to the end of the fifth level.

Lady Earth Slot: Verdict

Lady Earth feels like somewhat of a missed opportunity for Crazy Tooth Studio. The graphics are good, the symbols are original, as are some aspects of the features. Lady Earth has a nice vibe in the beginning but goodwill starts to fade after a few spins and is obliterated after perusing the game’s stats.

First under the microscope is the Respin Insanity feature which promises more than it delivers. The game might hype the feature as a chance to ‘grow your win to galactic proportions!’ But, that pesky passive symbol pops up too often to destroy your chances. Occasionally, you can find yourself on an okay roll of respins if there aren’t too many passive symbols on screen. But most of the time, they’re just there, blocking combinations, and retarding the ability of the Respins Insanity from really cutting loose.

Moreover, they seem to be strategically placed to completely impede the action (and wins) from happening or put a damper on the party just when things start kicking off like a couple of killjoy parentals. The bonus picking game suffers a similar fate thanks to that annoying skull. Okay sure, these bonus games can’t run forever, they need limitations. It’s just that when you have irritating symbols in both the main and base game, their annoyances are amplified and become more apparent.

The final nail in the coffin for most players is the game’s potential. Crazy Tooth Studio has clocked max wins in the region of just 450 times your stake. That figure is bad enough on its own, but when you discover that it was generated after running 10 billion simulated spins the result is extra un-inspiring. What might save Lady Earth for certain casual players is the low key math model, a rather high RTP rating and a nice game world, perhaps, at a stretch. For those looking for something that will give them a bit extra play time, or those being smart and looking to complete wagering, Lady Earth might be a decent alternative.

It’s too bad because the overall concept isn’t awful and the features could have been more successful if Crazy Tooth hadn’t jammed the hand brake on them so hard. Ah well, when you add up the pointless passive symbols with the low potential, it is very hard to think of a reason to play Lady Earth.

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