Knockout Diamonds

Knockout Diamonds: Slot Overview

The ELK Classic Series rumbles on, with rumble being an appropriate word here. For the 8th instalment in the popular range of old-school styled games, the studio steps inside the squared circle to make use of a boxing theme. They’ve also styled the game to look a lot like a physical cabinet, albeit one that is sitting ringside and boasts several newer features. Despite all the trimmings, this is retro gaming with a modern twist, which should be positive news for fans of the range.

knockout diamonds

Throughout the series, ELK Studios has shown a knack for making games which look old and new at the same time. The old here is the way the 3-reel grid has been presented to look like a physical machine, displaying the scatter prize amounts above a list of symbol values. Adding to the gaming experience of yesteryear, there is just one single solitary payline to land wins on. Aside from that, audio is another area ELK excels in, as are visuals where we get a spotlighted arena full of cheering hordes of onlookers. So far, ELK has done a great job of conjuring up something different each time, an expectation the eighth slot in the range manages to live up to as well.

Contenders get it on by selecting a stake from 25 p/c to £/€100 per spin, on any device. A bit of a shame we don’t get penny options to go with the single payline, but maybe another time perhaps. As to the math model, expect the odd jab or uppercut from the game’s high volatility, rated 8 out of 10. Hit rate is low, so there is plenty of time to duck and weave, though the official frequency of 12.8% is somewhat typical for fruit slots of this type. The RTP on the other hand sits firmly on average with a value of 96%.

The ‘classic’ part of the deal is also expressed loud and clear on the paytable. Here we find, from low to high, icons of a bygone era such as cherries, single bars, double bars, triple bars, bells and lucky 7s. Values aren’t bad either, a line of 7s, for example, will net you 75x your stake. The wild is even better at 100x the bet when a line of three land, though most of the time it will be replacing other regular pay symbols to complete a win.

Knockout Diamonds: Slot Features

knockout diamonds
Knockout Diamonds – splash screen

Here’s where the gloves come off, with Knockout Diamonds serving up several features, including a Ringside Rumble, Multiplier Wilds, plus Knockout Spins.

Ringside Rumble is the name given to the feature which comes into play when you land identical hits on reels 1 and 2. When so happens, the first two reels lock as reel 3 respins three times. This provides the chance for linking up the third required symbol to make a winning combination or a wild.

The game also comes with Multiplier Wilds, being exactly what you might suspect them to be. From time to time, wilds may land to multiply the value of a line win by x2 or x3.

The headlining event in Knockout Diamonds is Knockout Spins, triggered when 3 bonus symbols appear on the payline. The bonus game starts with 3 free spins, where any win or additional bonus symbol on the payline resets them back to 3. During free spins, bonus symbols are collected whenever they land, and are paid out at the end of the feature according to the Knockout Spins paytable at the top of the cabinet. Collecting 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 scatters awards a payout of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 2,500 times the stake. Another way of triggering the 2,500x jackpot is by landing 3 scatters in one single spin.

Knockout Diamonds: Slot Verdict

Knockout Diamonds has the goods to entertain players after a retro one-liner, though boxing fans might not be so fulfilled. Aside from the background image and a few feature names, the game itself has very little to do with boxing. It’s certainly not one of those sports slots that have action shots on the symbols or offer custom made features to match the theme. Admittedly, this observation is more of a nit-pick than a major piece of criticism. The under-utilisation of the theme makes no real difference to the action taking place on the reels. There, ELK has stuck to the spirit of the Classic Series, with Knockout Diamonds certainly serving up a stack of what the series is famous for.

Making it eight slots deep means ELK is obviously striking the right note with a significant number of players. If you’ve been entertained by what ELK has done in the previous seven, then there is an excellent chance so will Knockout Diamonds. Another attraction could be the fact Knockout Diamonds uses only one payline, an option which doesn’t come around every day. Its simple design could be a perfect antidote for those exhausted by the arms race in pay ways and reels going on. Since there is just one payline, the name of the game is bashing the play button to trigger Knockout Spins in hopes of KO’ing the game’s max potential of 2,500x the bet.

All up, the potential isn’t massive, though it fits the format, and its gameplay is pretty basic. So, players who appreciate a bit of depth, huge wins, or innovation will probably feel they’ve been low blowed. For the rest, Knockout Diamonds is another well-made classically styled slot that should delight players into basic gaming.

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