King Of Babylon

King of Babylon Slot: Overview

Shuffle Master, the company that began life making automated shuffling machines only to morph into SHFL entertainment for its online venture is the object of today’s review. Specifically, their latest slot, King of Babylon. Powered by SD Digital, the game is a ride back in time and uses a theme you don’t see that often. Since the title uses the word king in the singular and not ‘kings’, it must be referring to Nebuchadnezzar II. Not only did that guy have a boss name, but he ruled Babylon around 2,500 years ago and caused all sorts of trouble for his neighbors. This included the Egyptians especially, who had to down tools while building pyramids to stop the Babylonians from constantly hitting them. It was around that time the Babylonians got the gardens and rivers that would be immortalised millennia later in a disco track by 70s stars Boney M. On that note, let’s check out the game.

King of Babylon has that typical SG Digital look to it shared by many of its partnering studios, meaning, high-def background and symbols that manage to appear new and old at the same time. , Looking out over the plains of old Babylon, the setting has an almost biblical feel to it which is further enhanced by the epic soundtrack playing in the background. And if you are wondering, the gardens do make an appearance during the bonus round.

The game grid, meanwhile, is the most dated looking part of the game utilising 5 reels, 3 rows, crossed with 20 paylines. Most symbols need three of a kind to form a winner, except the top 4 which need only two. Travelers in this land start their journey by picking a bet from 20 p/c up to £/€100 – manual or up to 200 auto spins. Moreover, SHFL has built the math model with a medium/high variance which produces a soild RTP of 96.47%.

Turning to the paytable, J-A royals start things off on the low side followed by a dagger, a bull statue, a Pegasus thing, and a lion. Last but not least is the Ishtar Gate symbol which is the most valuable of the bunch at 12.5 times the stake for five of a kind. Incidentally, there is a sublime recreation of these gates in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. If you’re in the neighborhood then they’re definitely worth a look. What you quickly clock about the paytable is that the symbol values are a little off. Five of a kind is all good, but anything less than that and the rewards drop off a cliff real fast. This ties in with how the features tally up wins which we will look at in a moment.

King of Babylon Slot: Features

kings of babylon
Actions Spins Wheel in action

The features include a couple of wilds – a standard wild and a Golden Wild. They can appear on all but the first reel and substitute for any pay symbol. Moreover, the wilds can expand to cover a full reel or transform into a Golden Wild randomly. The thing that makes Golden Wilds desirable is that when they are part of a win line, they trigger the Action Spins feature.

When the Action Spins feature launches, the winning amount from the triggering spin is held in The Action Spin Pot whilst the Action Spins Wheel is spun 3 times. Rewards add up until the wheel runs out of spins after which point it’s back to the base game. There 7 different awards on offer:

  • Add 3 spins.
  • Pot x1.
  • Pot x5.
  • Total bet x25 + 1x the pot.
  • Total bet x100 + 1x the pot.
  • Total bet x250 + 1x the pot.
  • Total bet x1,000 + 1x the pot.

The Action Spins Pot gets a boost during the Free Spins which are triggered when 6 or more dice symbol land in view. During free spins, all wins are collected in the Action Spins Pot rather than paid out. If the Action Spins feature is won during the bonus game, it’s activated at the end when the free spins have finished. Only Golden Wilds appear on free spins so this increases the chance of that happening. The final point is that dice continue to land during the bonus game with 6 or more adding new free spins.

King of Babylon Slot: Verdict

King of Babylon undoubtedly has touches of originality in both theme and features, but after spending three nanoseconds admiring the Mesopotamian landscape, what else does it offer? Well, expanding wilds are nothing new, but the way the Golden Wilds deposit wins in a prize pot then trigger Action Spins to multiply it can be fun. Particularly hair raising is that 1,000x multiplier on the wheel, though the chance of triggering it is probably incredibly slim. Even more intriguing is the free spins feature – watching a juicy pot build up and knowing that it is going to get multiplied in some way at the end can be quite thrilling.

Overall, King of Babylon has a few enjoyable moments, though it often struggles to put its foot down and cut loose like the civilisation it’s based on. There’s nothing much to complain about here, but there’s also nothing that really stands out about it. As such, it’s a middle-of-the-road kind of game and one that you probably won’t remember once you’ve moved on to browse for something else to play in the casino lobby. Unlike the leading character, King of Babylon the slot is unlikely to dominate an empire any time soon.

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