Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Overview

Jurassic World is Microgaming’s second branded slot developed in conjunction with entertainment titan Universal Pictures. The first, if you missed it, was the hugely popular Jurassic Park based on the big-screen hit penned by author Michael Crichton. So far the books have become movies, and now slots, proving that the fascination with all things huge, dangerous, and dino-y is as strong as ever.

This brings us to the slot version of the movie Jurassic World, released in 2015. The big-budget film generated severely polarised views. Some loved the relentless pace, and the outrageous CGI, while others thought it utterly ridiculous. Whatever your views, it generated a ton of cash from the box office, making it ripe for a slot conversion. So, is it any good?

Well, the first impressions are positive, thanks to the high-quality graphics, featuring plenty of imagery from the film. Microgaming has used a simply styled 5×3 grid located inside the theme park on Isla Nubar. Players are comforted by high-security bars keeping the dangerous creatures at bay – for now at least. Along with the genetically modified lizards making up the six low pay symbols, are four characters making up the premiums – Vic Hoskins, Simon Masrani, Claire Dearing, and Owen Brady. Premium values range from 3.16 to 6.66 times the stake for five a kind.

When it comes to stakes, Jurassic World isn’t exactly a high roller paradise since the max bet allowed is £/€18. Lower rollers will be more satisfied with minimum bets of 30 p/c per spin, but all gamblers will be able to appreciate the overall potential, which is high indeed. The math model is something of a disappointment, producing an RTP of 95.45%, which is coupled with medium volatility. Hit rate no doubt helps hold player interest thanks to a win rate of around 31%.

Three matching symbols landing consecutively in any row from the first reel makes a winner, providing 243 ways to win. Like anti-dino fencing, the logo wild comes in useful here substituting for any regular pay symbol to help create more winning combos. Wilds are stacked ten high while returning 8.33 times the stake for a line of five on the grid.

Jurassic World: Features

jurassic world slot
Jurassic World – free spins

Jurassic World’s features are something of a Microgaming melting pot, offering recognisable features from a bunch of their other slots. Players can look forward to plenty of extras such as scatter to wilds transformations, three different rounds of free spins, and the mighty Indominus Rex who stars in his very own feature.

Let’s start with the least exciting, but still useful extra, the Scatter feature. Simply put, 2 scatters in view are not enough to kick off free spins, but they produce a consolation prize, in that they turn wild to help pull together the odd win.

Should 3 or more scatters land though, then free spins are triggered. At first, players are taken to one of three random locations on the island, each one offering a different type of bonus round. After the feature has been triggered 15 times, free spins are no longer random, so players are free to choose their favourite one. The three available are:

  • Gyrosphere Valley – awards players 10 free spins using an increasing multiplier trail. The trail begins at x2, and increases by +1 on each non-winning spinning up to a maximum of x7. The feature cannot end on a non-winning spin, so free spins will continue to roll until a win is finally hit.
  • Creation Lab – again, players get 10 free spins, this time with a Rolling Reels feature. Each winning combination is removed from the reels to let new symbols take the empty positions, for chains of possible wins. The Creation Lab also uses new Cryo wilds which remain frozen in place for three wins.
  • Raptor Den – comes with 10 free spins using wild scatters. During this feature, scatters act as wilds and collecting 3 of them awards 5 more free spins.

Lastly, the one you really don’t want to run into when the security fences fail – the Indominus feature. This feature may trigger on any spin that has resulted in a win of 3x to 50x the bet. If activated, the mighty beast appears on screen to boost the win up to 1,000 times the total bet.

Jurassic World: Verdict

Jurassic World the movie might have smashed the box office becoming one of the largest grossing films of all time, but that didn’t stop it garnering some pretty scathing reviews. The film has its fair share of thrills, but the main criticism is it just wasn’t up to the standard of Jurassic Park.

You get a similar feel when playing the slot version. Microgaming has also designed a solid slot, but it doesn’t quite live up to the hype of the original. Jurassic Park holds the slightly higher RTP, has a few more features, so it can be a tough job outshining the original when it set such a high bar.

However, the Jurassic World slot is certainly no write off. For one, it looks great, stacking on plenty of atmosphere. Excellent graphics, sounds, and animations bring Isla Nubar roaring back to life (literally) on whatever device you use.

Jurassic World might suffer from sequel-itis to an extent, but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent slot all the same. For some dino-filled action, packing copious features, alongside big potential, it’s worth a rampage.

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