Joker Super Reels

Joker Super Reels: Slot Overview

Aussie developer ReelPlay defies the lockdown rules by locating their slot Joker Super Reels smack bang in the middle of a swanky casino. Several developers have recreated the feel of playing on a physical cabinet, but few are as convincing as this. As well as the live gaming vibe, Joker Super Reels shakes up the fruit slot genre to a degree by offering two games in one, a base and a super version. Will it have you feel like you’re playing out, or pining for the real thing? Let’s see.

The first look is quite startling although the “cabinet” itself bears strong resemblance to NextGen’s Jackpot Jester 200,000 slot. ReelPlay has gone to town recreating a lavish casino, paying close attention to every detail. Behind the elaborate looking machine players spin on are rows of slot cabinets in a classy, purple lit establishment. Out the back, the columns and palm trees conjure up balmy Las Vegas nights. You can almost feel the contrast between the warm breeze and the air conditioning. Look closer at the games to the side to see they are all ReelPlay releases such as Hypernova Megaways, Buster Hammer, and El Dorado Infinity Reels. Even the screen displays are accurate. Occasionally you might even see Buster take a seat to try his luck. It’s a great scene for sure and sets a positive mood.

Hitting the red or green buttons in the lower-left allow players to set bets from 10 p/c per spin, up to £/€25. The game can be played on any device, but for the full effect, you can’t beat desktop to take it all in. Don’t expect flurries of frequent wins to occur due to this style of game’s mechanics, an effect exacerbated by the medium/high volatility. What’s also quite high is the RTP, fluctuating between 96.08% and 98.79% depending on how the Super Game aspect is played out as you will learn.

Base game rules are easy. Only Winning combinations of three of a kind is possible, spread over 5 default fixed paylines, althought his number can reach 64 with the Super Game engaged. There are five regular symbols in this phase of the game – cherries, lemons, plums, oranges, and stars, worth 2 to 20 times the stake. The sixth symbol is the jester which is wild, replacing any other symbol, also paying out 200x for a line of three.

During the Super Game phase (covered below), symbols are fairly similar, with the addition of watermelons, strawberries, bells, and sevens. Here, values increase to 2 to 50 times the stake for the regulars.

Joker Super Reels: Slot Features

joker super reels slot
Joker Super Reels – Super Meter engaged

When players get a win, instead of the credits going straight to their account they are stored in the Super Game meter. They can be collected, or, when enough have been built up, you can engage the Super Game mode. When activated, the lights go out of the 3×3 slot and attention turns to the larger, 3×4 grid. This one comes with 64 ways to win and a couple of extras, largely dependent on the bet size.

Betting 50 credits gets you a standard spin, 100 credits pays random prizes for jester symbols on reel 2, while 200 credits open up all three reels for random jester pays. On the two higher bet levels, whenever a jester symbol lands in the applicable reel, it awards a random prize of 100-2,000x.

A couple of house rules regarding the Super Game meter. One, the money there can be withdrawn at any time. Secondly, you cannot change the bet level while there is any money in the Super Game meter. Also, if you enter Super Game mode, you can only exit it if the balance runs out or you collect. Lastly, the maximum meter amount is 10,000 coins – hit that, and you must withdraw.

Joker Super Reels: Slot Verdict

Even if these physical cabinet experiences aren’t your preference, it’s hard not to be sucked into Joker Super Reels. ReelPlay has done such a convincing job with the surroundings it’s hard not to pretend you’re in some upmarket casino having a punt. All you need is a waiter or waitress to bring around the free drinks and you’d be set. Even small details like the sound that the buttons make when you press them are pleasing. The experience is lost a bit on a mobile, which is impossible to avoid due to the smaller screen, it’s nonetheless an enjoyable one. ReelPlay has done a commendable job of bringing the casino to you, especially in the current era of lockdowns and social distancing.

However, this format brings with it inherent downsides. Once the initial spike of amusement dies down, you realise you’re spending the bulk of your time staring at a tiny 3×3 slot – one that often produces no action due to the exceptionally low hit frequency. It can get extremely tedious if fruit slots aren’t your area of interest pretty fast although ReelPlay are not the ones to blame. This is simply the nature of this category of slots and Joker Super Reels stays true to the format.

However, to counter this, ReelPlay has cleverly added the Super Game reels where the action can heat up. Once you’ve built up a decent amount in the Super Meter, or just hammer away as soon as you get a win, Joker Super Reels steps it up. Jesters are the real magic of the game, and getting several can boost a bankroll. Landing several in a row is fun, but on the flip side, get a bunch of Super Game spins when it doesn’t show up, and you’re just playing an expensive fruit slot.

Max betting in the Super Game ups your chances of landing more jesters, though it can easily end up eating your Super Meter away. Speaking of potential, Joker Super Reels is quite good for what it is. For a ‘physical slot’ experience it doesn’t get much better than Joker Super Reels. It feels like ReelPlay had fun designing the location and adding on gameplay that is a little out of the norm due to the dual game concept. Despite this, Joker Super Reels remains a fairly basic fruit slot at its core, so there’s nothing hugely new on the table, although fans of this style should be all over it.

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