Honolulu Nights

honolulu nights slot

Honolulu Nights: Slot Overview

Prepare for an absolute cheese-fest in this femme filled slot titled Honolulu Nights from duo Red Tiger/R7. Ramming in more thong bikinis than you can shake a stick at, the game makes the Playboy range seem like a high brow cultural experience. If the thought of using pixelated nubiles to distract from underperforming gaming is too much, it’s probably best to move on. Alternatively, if the idea of cartoon booties bouncing all over a subpar slot floats your boat (and we would never judge), read on.

Things start innocently enough, where a 3×3 grid – on which you have 5 paylines to land winners on – lies camped out on a golden sandy beach while waves lap gently along the shore. As well as capturing island life, an idyllic representation at least, the studios have crammed in a bunch of neon as well. It’s unclear why, it doesn’t gel with the island vibe, but it does match the ‘party girl’ approach once they start raining in. Until then, a strumming ukulele provides a final layer of chillaxation to the scene.

Players can spin Honolulu Nights on desktop, mobile or tablet where bets of 10 p/c to £/€100 are available. High roller friendly stakes in a Red Tiger game are often warning bells of poor potential, and Honolulu Nights is no exception. We’ll get to that shortly. For now, a look over the vital stats where RTP is a little down on 95.67%, coupled with low/medium volatility. Honolulu Nights is not exactly a high adrenaline ride; it’s more about the visuals, which are the very definition of skin deep.

There a lot of symbols showing up at various points, starting with nine regular pays made up of pineapples, leaves, flowers, shells, coconuts, and four Tiki masks. The masks actually offer pretty decent values when they land on a line of 20 to 100 times the stake. All regular pay symbols, may appear in a neon version in certain features, though their values remain the same.

Honolulu Nights: Slot Features

honolulu nights slot
Honolulu Nights – Ultimate Rush Spins

Honolulu Nights comes with a surprising number of features, including Respins, a Sunset Bonus, three Rush bonuses, and Nudges. Landing 3 respin symbols in a line is worth 1x the bet and also triggers a respin. Up to 4 consecutive respins can occur, increasing the chance of triggering a Rush Bonus as it progresses. On the final respin, only Bonus Symbols appear.

In the base game, landing 3 surfer girl bonus symbols triggers the Sunset Bonus and the Surf Roulette. Here you can win cash prizes of 5-50 times the bet or one of the three Rush Bonuses. Lights dance over a prize littered surfboard, where one is randomly awarded.

The three bonus game variations are an entry-level Rush, a Super Rush, and an Ultimate Rush. The first two are triggered from the Sunset Bonus, or when three Rush or Super Rush symbols land in a line.

Rush awards 8 free spins, where on the last spin, Rush or Super Rush symbols may land to retrigger 8 more free spins. Super Rush upgrades symbols, which just means they turn neon, they aren’t actually worth any extra. The feature may be retriggered on the last spin if 3 Super Rush symbols land in a line.

Ultimate Rush is a little different. It is triggered from the Sunset Bonus, or when Rush/Super Rush symbol are randomly upgraded on a final free spin. In this one, only three 1×3 Neon Girl symbols are used, worth 2 to 6 times the bet. There is no set number of free spins. The bonus continues as long as each spin produces a win. When there is no winner, the round ends and players return to the previous game mode.

Lastly, the nudge feature kicks in when there is no win on the final spin of any Rush bonus. If so happens, there is a chance a reel is nudged to make a win.

Honolulu Nights: Slot Verdict

Honolulu Nights is one of the slots you instantly either love or despise, there is very little middle ground here. It’s either juvenile exploitation, women as objects, or a celebration of the female form. Let’s leave this aspect of the game aside for players to make up their minds. What’s more objective is the examination of Honolulu Nights on a purely gameplay basis. In that area, it quickly falls flat, with few redeeming qualities.

Its main issue is its lightweight nature. Sure there are plenty of features, which do occasionally link to each other, building to some sort of bikini-clad crescendo. The issue is even making it all the way through the Rush bonuses; the rewards are small. Even the Ultimate Rush isn’t majorly ultimate. You do get wins on every spin until the non-winning one shuts the bonus down, but the top neon lady is only worth 6x the bet, and how many spins are you likely to get? During testing, it meant around 10, which didn’t add up to earth-shattering amounts of change. It is possible to cycle, seemingly endlessly, through a bunch of different Rush bonuses as they trigger one to the other. The record in test runs was no less than 174 consecutive free spins in various Rush bonuses for a total win of 345x the bet. It was exhausting. At full blast, Honolulu Nights is capable of producing wins of up to 1,025x the bet. No amount of flesh can pretty that up.

Then again, Honolulu Nights isn’t a game you play to score life-changing sums of money. For a virtual trip to a Pacific Island where the sun is always shining, the ‘babes’ are scantily clad, and the nights filled with neon parties, maybe it would be alright. Then again, you shouldn’t have to use so much imagination to look past a game’s shortcomings to enjoy. Based solely on its gaming merits, Honolulu Nights is as short of thrills as it is on respectable ladies you could take home to meet your parents.



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Honolulu Nights’ awkward gameplay, ridiculous potential, and run-of-the-mill presentation keep the game from succeeding on any level.

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