Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits: Slot Overview

If you are one of those people who wrenches the Christmas tree out of the attic mid-September, while others are making the most of the last of summer, Play’n GO might just have the slot for you. Getting in before the seasonal slot deluge begins in earnest is Holiday Spirits. Not only do we get plenty of festive cheer, but players are also treated to a rendition of Charles Dickens’ classic story A Christmas Carol.

holiday spirits slot

Holiday Spirits is laid out on a 3×3 grid, providing 5 paylines to land wins on. This isn’t the first time Scrooge and his three life-altering apparitions have appeared in a slot, though it is one of the more pleasant to look at. There’s a warm, homely feel, created by the roaring hearth, a richly decorated Christmas tree, and a smattering of snow on the window panes. Old Ebenezer was famous for being a tightwad, but he’s generously loosened the purse strings to brighten up this house in preparation for the silly season.

Holiday Spirits is playable on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device, offering bets from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin. The default math model is typically Play’n GO solid, though configurable, producing a default RTP of 96.54%. Don’t expect super frequent wins on what is basically a Christmas fruit slot, although the game is more forgiving than others in the Play’n GO fruit range. It won’t batter players like, say, Inferno Joker, thanks to less-lethal volatility, rated as 6/10. It’s not ultra-intense gaming, which might make it appeal to a broader audience looking for a Christmas punt.

All symbols included here are custom made for the game, consisting of snow globes, candy canes, bulging stockings, and wreaths. All heart-warming Christmas icons make up the low pays. From there, we move onto the four ghosts of the tale – the ghosts of past, present, future, and the last one is Jacob Marley. Marley was Scrooge’s dead business partner, doomed to shuffle through the afterlife in chains to atone for a life of greedy selfishness. Premium values range from 1.4x for the golden ghost up to 4x for three Jacobs on a line.

Scrooge appears sporting epic mutton chops as the game’s wild, on any reel. Not only does he replace all other symbols, he is also worth 16 times the stake in a line of three. Critically, all symbols can land stacked three high, including the wild.

Holiday Spirits: Slot Features

holiday spirits slot
Play’n GO’s Holiday Spirits slot

The gravy at this Christmas feast consists of helpings of Ebenezer’s Clock multipliers, Ebenezer’s Gift alongside a Win Spins feature.

Keep an eye on the clock sitting on top of the reels which may activate at any random moment in the base game or on Win Spins. When it does, a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10 is applied to any win. Next to the clock is Ebenezer’s Gift, increasing the effect. If it happens to light up at the same time as the clock, it doubles the multiplier up to x20 max.

Next is Win Spins, which is the principle feature of this game. When two reels are stacked in the same symbols on a non-winning spin at the same time as an active multiplier, Win Spins are triggered. The stacked reels are locked in place, while one of three types of Win Spins occur:

  • Win Spins of Christmas Future are activated by the x2 multiplier. Here, Respins continue to be awarded until a win hits. Each non-winning respin increases the multiplier through x2 to x3, x4, x5, maxing at x10. When reaching x10, a win is guaranteed.
  • Wins of Christmas Present are activated by an x3, x4, or x5 multiplier. A respin occurs guaranteeing a win at the present, unchanged multiplier.
  • Wins of Christmas Past are activated by the x10 multiplier. Respins occur until a win hits. On each non-winning spin, the multiplier decreases from x10 to x5, x4, x3, ending up on x2. A guaranteed win is awarded when the lowest multiplier is reached.

Holiday Spirits: Slot Verdict

Every year without fail hordes of people leave their shopping to the last minute. Then it’s a Christmas eve battle with the rest of the belated shoppers for the final dregs left on the shelves. Not so Play’n GO who is in quick smart. Yet, while Holiday Spirit is one of the earliest Christmas themed slots of the year, some could claim Play’n GO cheated by cloning Chronos Joker to short cut the production time. The math model and features are more or less identical, so all it took was a bit of Dickens inspired reskinning to complete the process. In fairness, this is an approach used by many providers.

The outer wrapper is an attractive one, rarely does Play’n GO release an outright ugly slot. Leaving the cloning issue aside for a moment, in some ways it’s clever the way Play’n GO has tied the past, present, and future features from the original game into the Christmas Carol version via the three respective ghosts.

Other highlights are Win Spins, a feature that has worked incredibly well in games like Pimped. They can be quite effective too when the right symbol/multiplier combo lands. The only real change, apart from looks, is branding Super Spins as Ebenezer’s gift. Like the rest of the game, it’s only a change in name really. The slight alteration doesn’t have an impact on the max win, which remains 1,600 times the stake.

If you’re after what is essentially a Christmas punch bowl of a fruit slot, with a dash of complexity, you might enjoy Holiday Spirits’ reworked gameplay. The bright seasonal veneer and excellent use of theme almost makes you forget you’re playing a clone.

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