Hoard of Poseidon

Hoard of Poseidon: Slot Overview

Greek God slots are a dime a dozen, yet the lord of the deep is one of the lesser staring deities. The waterborne immortal gets a game all to himself in this collaboration between Red Tiger and partner studio R7 titled Hoard of Poseidon. The aim of the game isn’t just hanging with the salty guy, but getting your hands on his rich stuff. When you weigh it all up, despite the number of ships that have gone down, there isn’t quite as much rich stuff as you might expect.

As usual, players get a good looking game, though Hoard of Poseidon isn’t as striking as others we’ve seen from Red Tiger and partners recently. The action takes place on a 5 reel, 4 row grid, with about as many ways to win as there are prongs on Poseidon’s trident. Okay, an exaggeration, there are actually 30 fixed paylines which clank across the board when wins light them up in typical Red Tiger fashion. The surrounds are in theme, though not outrageously so. We get a bunch of coins, some clams, and more gold in what must be the big man’s cavernous digs. The graphics do the job, without inspiring major feelings either way. The same can be said for the soundtrack bubbling away in the background, not doing a whole lot.

Playable from 10 p/c on the low side to £/€20 for the higher rollers, it might seem like we copy and paste the statistical information. The default RTP sits slightly on the sad side of average at 95.72% to be precise; a common occurrence from these guys. It’s not outrageously low and not a deal breaker if you can find a place to play it on the default setting, though it would be nice to see the trend reverse occasionally. Volatility weighs in at a medium/high setting, so while the wild features trigger fairly regular, it’s a lot more often the less lucrative ones. Even when the big hitters come out, don’t expect miracles on the potential front.

A bunch of heavily pixelated symbols make up the paytable, 5 low pays joined by 4 high. Seriously, taking off your specs if you’re short-sighted might help bring them into focus. Symbols start with some standard 10 to A card royals, followed by a shell, a ship in a bottle, a book, and a gemmed ring. Premium values range from 2.4 to 15 times the stake for six of a kind.

Hoard of Poseidon: Slot Features

hoard of poseidon
Hoard of Poseidon – Poseidon strikes feature

Hopefully you’re into wilds because that’s most of what Hoard of Poseidon has to offer. There are no bonus games or free spins to unlock, it’s a lot simpler, though the wild rules have a touch of complexity about them. There are 4 wilds altogether – Chest, Kraken, Ink, and 1×2 sized Poseidon Wilds. Combinations of them trigger different effects. All can substitute for regular pay symbols, and each has the same value as the top premium.

  • When a Poseidon + Chest Wild land on the same spin, Poseidon unleashes sea monsters which clone a random number of the Chest Wilds.
  • A Kraken Wild at the same time as a Chest Wild locks the Chests to the reels with its tentacles. The locked Chest Wilds stay on the reels for one more spin.
  • If a Poseidon Wild and Kraken Wild are present at the same time, the Kraken is chased away by the sea monsters, leaving a trail of Ink Wilds along the row.
  • The most optimal is Poseidon’s Plunder where Poseidon + Chest Wilds + Kraken Wilds appear. When this happens, the game runs through the 3 modifiers mentioned above. That is, sea monsters clone the chests, which are then locked by tentacles, while the sea monsters create trails of Ink Wilds in their wake. A full-on wild fest.

The last feature is a random Stacking Multiplier. On any spin, a multiplier of up to x35 may appear, applying to the next line win.

Hoard of Poseidon: Slot Verdict

Players have no doubt noticed there’s a distinctive look that lets you know you’re on a game from Red Tiger, or partners. What is it? The UI is usually the same, and the big yellow spin button is a dead giveaway, but it’s something more intrinsic. There’s a quality about them which is unmistakable. A tried one – tried them all jaded feeling after you’ve played a few that is hard to shake off. For the sake of a balanced review, let’s try our best to do so.

Well, Hoard of Poseidon is alright, it has moments. It’s hard to get too excited about it though. Different wilds occasionally come together for an okay win. They pop up often enough to make things interesting for a while too. Since there are no free spins, you end up hanging on just to see what Poseidon’s Plunder will do. Once you have, the game deflates, there’s nothing else to stick around for – certainly not mega payouts.

The game can crack wins of up to 3,423 times the bet, but it’s hard to see it happening any time soon. Full screen wins top out at 450x, so you’ll need to be extraordinarily lucky, landing that in conjunction with a big Stacking Multiplier to boost the win. While it is nice to know Hoard of Poseidon can technically come raging together, most of the time you’re one arm doggy paddling in the same spot.

Hoard of Poseidon feels like another forgettable Red Tiger collaboration. It looks okay; the wild combos are interesting, but it lacks a knockout feature to give it longevity. Unless you’re mad for wilds or calamari, there are stronger options in the Greek God category.

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