Golden Cryptex

Golden Cryptex Slot (Red Tiger): Overview

First thing’s first, what exactly is a Cryptex? It exists in real life, and is a relatively new idea that was made famous in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code. A Cryptex is a cylindrical device with rows of symbols that can be rotated and realigned. If the user twists the symbols into just the right combination, the Cryptex opens to reveal its hidden secrets. The device is quite clever, and you can even buy them online now. You could argue that the principle is similar to playing slots, with all that matching of symbols and what not. Red Tiger’s partner studio R7 has taken the concept and run with it in their new slot Golden Cryptex.

Give it a few spins and several slots instantly pop to mind such as NetEnt’s Cash O’ Matic and Grand Spinn. Another recent slot with a similar vibe is Crazy Tooth’s Seven 7s. Such flashbacks are inspired by the Art Deco/Victorian vibe that R7 has gone for. It’s quite inviting, with nice low lighting and a reel setup sitting before a wall covered in Da Vinci like notebook sketches. It’s not a slot that tries hard to build atmosphere, but what it does conjure up is warm and welcoming. To kick off the cryptic challenge, players first choose stakes from 10 p/c up to £/€60 per spin. Like its rewards, Golden Cryptex is not the most volatile game around with a medium/high setting whilst RTP hovers around average on 95.78%.

A Cryptex might be hard to crack, but the rules of Golden Cryptex are straightforward. The game uses 5 reels, 3 rows and just 3 paylines – one payline for each row. Winners are formed by landing combinations of 3 or more matching symbols from the first reel. The symbols available are a mix of silvery gold royals (10-A) and premium symbols. The premiums include a horseshoe, a star, a bell, and a ‘7’, all styled using precious gems and metals.

Symbols across the board offer quite high value, with three 10s, for example, returning 1x the stake. Due to symbol values and the low number of paylines, the hit frequency does not appear to be very high, although things do get rolling once winning combinations land. The most valuable in the game is the ‘7’ with five of them giving you 150 times the stake. When it comes to gameplay, the base game does have a tendency to get somewhat repetitive due to minimum extras, but there are a couple of features on hand to mix things up.

Golden Cryptex Slot (Red Tiger): Features

golden cryptex
Free spins round in action

Golden Cryptex’s features involve cracking a code, and it’s not exactly a hard code – just land five of the same matching symbols and the mechanical pieces start to twist and turn. How it works is that there are five symbols in a line above the three reels, which is called the Cryptex Code. During the base game, these symbols are aces, though they change for free spins. To the left of the reels is an arrow called the Golden Pointer, and during the base game, it points to the middle row. The goal is to get 5 Aces on the Golden Pointer row which results in a payout and also awards 10 Golden Spins.

A couple of additional rules here. If 3 or 4 aces land on the Golden Pointer row, there is a chance that the game will respin the rows that do not have aces. This is called the Second Chance feature. The second rule is if there are more Aces on the top or bottom row, the game may move the Golden Pointer to that row and trigger Second Chance respins.

Let’s look at the Golden Spins Bonus game. When it begins, the Cryptex Code gets upgraded from Aces to the lowest premium symbol. Now, instead of having to land the required symbols on one row, they can land on any of the three rows. So, as long as one symbol from the Code lands on each reel then players win the Cryptex Cash reward. Despite the special sounding name, the amount is the same as a normal line of 5 of a kind of that symbol.

When the code is cracked during the bonus game 3 more free spins and added to the round. Also, the Cryptex Code is upgraded to the next highest symbol. If the Code reaches the top symbol, it will stick with that for the remainder of the feature.

Golden Cryptex Slot (Red Tiger): Verdict

Golden Cryptex is quite a clever idea and has been executed to a good standard. Audio/visuals provide a pleasing gaming environment and the Cryptex device has been well presented. The game’s mysterious nature draws you in at the beginning, but it just doesn’t do enough with your attention. Due to the relatively high symbol values and low paylines, there can be a whole lot of dead spins. If you’ve got the patience to battle it out for the Golden Spins then great, if not, the game gets pretty repetitive. There is always a danger when going ultra-simplistic with just three paylines and no wild.

The respin feature ups the tension during the base game and this Second Chance feature is trigged a lot. It’s fun at first, but the amount of times you just miss out on 5 Aces gets excruciating after a while. When the bonus games did drop during testing, they were relatively satisfying. However, Golden Cryptex isn’t a high paying slot at all with a maximum potential of 1,525 times the stake possible so it isn’t exactly a game that has the capacity to dish out life-changing wins.

Rewards that low make it hard to find the motivation to solve puzzles. You might as well dust off the old Rubik’s Cube for some twisting action. On a more positive note, Golden Cryptex is quite unusual and worth a quick demo if you find the concept intriguing. It’s a nice idea, but the numbers aren’t attractive and will struggle to hold players’ interest after the novelty has worn off.

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