Giza Infinity Reels

Giza Infinity Reels: Overview

Ah, that age-old question which came first – ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels or NetEnt’s Infinireels? As we’ve discovered, NetEnt actually trademarked their version a couple of months before ReelPlay released their game. Whatever the case, it’s not really the place to get all philosophical so let’s leave answering riddles up to those with more heavily vested interests. Namely, the two companies directly involved.

For now, let’s concentrate in the more enjoyable task of putting ReelPlay’s second Infinity Reels slot through its paces. In their first one, El Dorado Infinity Reels, ReelPlay set the action in the steamy South American jungle. The Australian developer must like hot weather because the sequel is located in the equally steamy desert of Ancient Egypt. Along with the change in scenery, ReelPlay has also made enhancements to the bonus game that might appeal to hardcore gamers looking to go large.

Before getting to that, the desert plateau of Giza is where we lay our scene. The game starts with a view of columns, palm trees, and the Nile. As reels are loaded onto to its default 3×4 grid, the screen scrolls to the right, revealing more of the dusty valley. The scene is completed by a soundtrack that sounds like a mix of traditional Egyptian flutists jamming with Kenny G. If the great pyramids could whisk people up and down in elevators, then this is the music they would travel to.

The symbols making up the paytable are all custom made and in theme. There are 6 on the low side which are all Egyptian icons such as Ankhs, eyes, and lotuses. Higher paying symbols are the ancient deities Horus, Maahes, Sobek, and Anubis who are capped off with the Pyramids. Winning clusters are formed by 5 or more matching symbols, but understanding how much they pay is a little confusing at first. However, it makes perfect sense once you’ve figured it out. Basically, the value of the symbol is multiplied by how many symbols are in the cluster, multiplied by the coin value, and multiplied by any win multiplier. Simple right…? Okay, maybe not so much on paper, but hit a few winners in the game and it will become clear.

Bets are more straightforward thankfully and allow players to have a punt from as low as 20 p/c per spin or raise that to £/€25. When it comes to the RTP, the first Infinite Reels slot let players collect free spins which could affect the RTP. The collection option has been removed for Giza Infinite Reels which instead comes with a flat RTP of 96.45%. Even so, the new Gamble feature could very well affect things as you will see below. Volatility, meanwhile, has been rated medium-high with a free spins hit rate that appears to be on the lower side yet not awful.

Giza Infinity Reels: Features

giza infinity reels
Gamble feature

The most frequent extra is the Infinity Reels themselves. When a winner lands, a new reel is added to the right of the grid and continues to do so as long as new winning symbols land. As well as increasing the size of a winning cluster, each new reel increases the win multiplier by +1. This resets back to x1 with fresh spins. One final sweetener is that should you reach 15 reels, then a jackpot of 888 times the stake is added to any reel wins already achieved.

The base game has its moments when it comes to potential, but better returns are possible from the bonus game. Any win that involves the Pyramid symbols triggers the Free Spins game which comes with 10 spins. One benefit is that the win multiplier does not reset between spins but only stays the same or increases. Also, consecutive wins can boost the rate that the win multiplier increases by up to a maximum of +5.

Now, when free spins finish, players get a chance to Gamble the amount that was won. Gambles can be repeated up to a maximum of 5x the total win amount. One good thing about this feature is that you can’t lose all of your winnings as you’re always guaranteed to walk away with between x0.5-x1 of your total winnings.

Lastly, where available, players may also get the option of skipping the main game by activating the Bonus Buy feature. It costs 75 times the stake to do so and guarantees a Pyramid win on the next spin to trigger the Bonus Game.

Giza Infinity Reels: Verdict

ReelPlay has done a good job with their second Infinity Reels release. If you liked the first, then you will most probably like the second as well. The key feature, the Infinity Reels, is just as effective the second time around and ReelPlay hasn’t done anything annoying like remove the 15 reel jackpot. The choice of collecting free spins might be gone, but the changes they have made make the two slots feel like quite distinctive choices.

For the question of potential, ReelPlay is crystal clear here. During the base game, wins of up to 1,245 times the stake are possible while in the bonus game this improves to up to a whopping 10,000 times the bet. Keep in mind that in both of those figures, winning the 888x jackpot has been factored in.

So why play this one over the first? There are a couple of reasons why you might want to do so. Graphically the game is an improvement, but more importantly, the gameplay offers different possibilities. The newly introduced gamble feature, for example, is likely to appeal to the hardcore audience in particular who will see some crazy swings should the mood to go large arise. On the whole, Giza Infinity Reels is a satisfying sequel and another powerful demonstration of what can be achieved with the Infinity Reels mechanic.

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