Fortress Charge

Fortress Charge: Overview

Crazy by name, crazy by nature. It’s always a curious time when Reno-based developer Crazy Tooth Studio releases a new slot. Just what is it going to be? Unlike some developers who claim to offer unique gaming experiences and pump out fruit slots with different colour schemes, Crazy Tooth produces something unusual pretty much every time. Fans of offbeat slots will be pleased to know that Fortress Charge is another one-off head-scratcher from the daring team. It is also probably going to make absolutely no sense in text, but that’s okay, we’ll do our best to make it as clear as possible.

Set in a fantasy world, Fortress Charge utilises a 6 reel, 3 row grid made out of a three-level castle type structure. It looks almost more like a side-scrolling video game than an actual slot and it doesn’t take many spins to realize that the developers likely have taken inspiration from Big Time Gaming’s Holy Diver slot. In any case, even in action the game retains its fantasy game dynamic full of castles, adventures, monsters, battles, and magic.

Taking part in the quest comes with spin costs of 10 p/c on the lower end of the spectrum up to £/€15 at the higher to get going. Hit spin and one or more heroes may land on the leftmost reel, while 3 fortresses with various prizes appear on the rightmost reel. That might not make sense for now, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

The first things to cover are the icons that appear in the game. There are five heroes – a beast, a dragon, an elf, a dwarf, and a knight. Each position between the hero reel and the fortress reel may be empty or filled by a villain, an accessory, a multiplier, or a chest. Villains include ogres, scorpions, spikes, boulders, and snakes. Items in the accessories category include potions, spears, wooden shields, metal shields, and magic wands.

Now, if one or more heroes do appear on the first reel, they move one space to the right. If heroes encounter a villain, they may be able to defeat them, though sometimes they cannot. If heroes move onto an accessory, it is collected and can be used to defeat specific villains. Chests are opened to reveal instant wins and multipliers are collected and applied against the total reward for that spin.

If the heroes win a battle or collect something, they move another space to the right and continue to do so until they are defeated or they make it to the fortress where the final prize is awarded along with any wins collected along the way. Villains payout from 0.75x to 1.35x, multiplied by the reel number they are on. Chests are worth 4.5x to 15x, while the fortresses can dole out 15x – 1,500x the stake. Multipliers come in x2 size only and up to 4 can be collected for a total of x16.

It is kind of amusing when you go through the whole paytable with its pages of rules and then read that there are just 3 paylines involved. Other technical information includes the RTP, which is decent at 96.45%, and a relatively low hit rate of 12.32%. In other words, don’t expect a hero to land on every spin, nor expect them to win the majority of their battles. The result is a very highly volatile slot which is technically able to hit substantial wins if heroes can do their job.

Fortress Charge: Features

fortress charge
Fortress Charge – Castle Win

Without wilds or free spins, there aren’t any further features to go over as such. Instead, let’s park a few more rules here to either complicate or clear up the picture a little bit more.

Heroes are up, and the beast defeats the ogre, the dragon defeats the ogre and the spikes, the elf defeats the scorpion, the dwarf defeats the boulder, and the knight defeats the scorpion as well as the snake. As mentioned, accessories assist the heroes, and the potion can be used against the boulder, the spear against the ogre, the wooden shield against the scorpion, the shiny shield against the scorpion and the snake.

Lastly, the wand can defeat any of the villains, which is handy. On top of this, fireballs can occasionally rain down from the sky and defeat any obstacle in a hero’s way. More than one fireball can appear on a single spin.

Fortress Charge: Verdict

Crystal clear now right? Okay, maybe not, but in action, the game is pretty easy to pick up. Basically, it boils down to first landing a hero, secondly defeating everything in its path with accessories or not, and hopefully making it to the end of the row to collect the fortress’ prize. If that sounds like fun, you’ll probably love Fortress Charge. If not, well, it’s certainly not a typical game. In that regard, it’s another classic Crazy Tooth ‘slot’ that pushes the boundaries and isn’t afraid to be different.

Then there are the rewards which might be enough to tempt those wavering on the fence to give Fortress Charge a crack. Get your guy to make it from one side of the grid to the other, and the prizes can potentially be quite good. The best-case scenario is the 1,500x fortress with a multiplier or two picked up along the way. The developer states wins of up to 16,000 times your stake are possible, but that’s the absolute maximum that’s been observed over billions of spins during testing. Nonetheless, there’s great potential in this game.

Keep in mind, Fortress Charge is highly volatile though, so when heroes aren’t storming fortresses, there can be times when not a whole lot is happening. Patches of dead spins go by, or heroes getting beaten on the first position repeatedly, can get frustrating, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Fortress Charge is another Crazy Tooth release so far out there it has to be played first hand to get a real feel for it. You might love it; you might hate it, you can’t deny it is different though if you’re after something novel.

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